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Dear Friend,

Lisa and I hope your 2017 is off to a good start. We’ve had an eventful time since our last newsletter. In a general sense we are settling into our new life here in Scotland very nicely.

Chris & Lisa CreeOur days are getting noticably longer.

The days are already noticeably longer than they were when we first arrived. The shortest days here in Dumfries in the depth of winter have just over 8 hours of sunlight. Of course, in the summer we’ll see nearly 18 hours of sunlight per day. That large variation in the length of our days is a whole new experience for Lisa and I.

One thing we have found amusing is how many people here ask us how we’re coping with the cold. It’s like they automatically assume everyone from America lives in Florida or something.

Now Lisa and I have lived in Florida. But we moved here from Colorado. So to us this doesn’t feel very cold. Granted we’ve had a very mild winter, even by the local standards. But I guess cold is a relative thing. So far it hasn’t been an issue for us.

O Canada!

Charis Toronto mission teamWith the mission team from Charis Toronto.

We were blessed to connect with a mission team from Charis Bible College Toronto during their stay here in Dumfries. They had already been to Belfast, and then caught the ferry across the Irish Sea to Scotland. We caught up with them on the Sunday evening as the team ministered at Lighthouse Church here in town. There the team members shared some testimonies and prayed with folks.

The next day we joined them as they went up to see Stirling Castle. Stirling is one of the more well known, and best preserved of the many castles here in Scotland. And it was home to several of the Scottish kings and queens of old. It was good to see some of the history of this great land we are called to serve.

Then we joined the team for some street outreach back in Dumfries on our High Street. The team members were able to pray with some folks and encourage them by sharing the love of God with them.

Ministering in Glen Aros Church

We were not able to join the mission team from Canada on Sunday morning because we were ministering at our home church, Glen Aros. Pastor John Donnelly asked if we would share a bit about how finances work in the Kingdom of God. Originally we planned for two Sundays. However, the first message was so well received that Pastor John asked if I could do a third week as well.

We talked about how there are two systems. On the one hand there is the cursed Babylonian mammon system. This is the system the world uses.

Then there is the financial system found in the Kingdom of God. This is the mechanism God intends believers to tap into so that we can gain access to the provision we need to accomplish the things God has assigned us to do.

Unfortunately far too many of God’s people don’t know how the Kingdom of God works. As a result they are stuck in the cursed mammon system. Because of this lack of knowledge and understanding believers end up despising the things of God where finances are concerned without even realizing it.

The feedback at the church was so positive that we decided to bundle up this teaching and make it available on our website. That meant adding a whole eCommerce section to the site, which took some time to sort out.

If you are frustrated with the lack of results from your giving then I encourage you to get this teaching: Rejecting Mammon - How to See Results From Your Giving

Charis Colorado Missions Team

sheep in fieldAll he Biblical references to sheep really come alive here in Scotland.

Later this week we have a missions team arriving from Charis Bible College Colorado. One of the highlights of their visit is that Glen Aros Church is hosting a ceilidh (pronounced KAY-lee) on Saturday evening. A ceilidh is a traditional Scottish dance. The closest American comparison I can think of is square dancing.

Glen Aros hosts the event along with a silent auction as a fund raiser for their own missions work in Cambodia, India, and Uganda.

And before you email me asking... yes, I will be in a kilt. And yes, I’m sure there will be photos. So you’ll want to be sure and open our next newsletter to see that!

Driving Progress

Scottish CountrysideScotland is a gorgeous country!

Lisa and I are both progressing well with driving here in Scotland. As I’m sure you know the UK drives on the left side of the road, which has been an adjustment for us.

We need to get UK drivers licenses within the first year we are here to be in compliance with the law. So we have taken some driving lessons to learn how to do things the right way (but on the left side of the road). Our goal is to pass the test the first time around.

It’s good that we’re getting the driving instruction now because we have some trips coming up. In addition to everything else, we went down to the ministry headquarters here in the UK that we work for in January for a couple days of meetings.

More Travel Coming

Later this month we will spend some time doing some training at the Charis location in Dewsbury, England. In the middle of that time we well go down to Walsall England for the event celebrating 20 years of Charis Bible College here in the UK. Yes, we’re launching the first Scottish location on the 20th anniversary of the school here in the British Isles.

River Nith in DumfriesFor the kingdom of God is not in word but in power. (1 Cor 4:20)

Then at the end of March we will have Mike & Carrie Pickett here in the UK. The Picketts live in Colorado and oversee all of the Charis Bible College locations outside of the United States. I’m not sure the exact numbers. But I think there are more than 30 Charis locations and 13 ministry offices of Andrew Wommack Ministries around the world that they are responsible for.

It’s a big honor to have them spend some time in Dumfries. Lisa and I will be accompanying them to the Dewsbury and Walsall locations as well.

Then later in the summer Lisa and I need to head back to Colorado for a couple weeks for some meetings.

So as you can see, there is plenty to keep us busy. And we’re still a long way from opening the Bible college!!

We speak a blessing over your life over the next month. We sincerely believe that you will be growing more prosperous by every measure – in your health, in your relationships, in your finances, and in the personal freedom and peace you experience as you move deeper in your relationship with God.


Chris & Lisa Cree

P.S. Friend, you have an opportunity to actively participate in what God is doing in Scotland as we establish the Bible college and see hearts transformed. The top ways to help are: prayer, monthly financial support, annual gifts or a one-time contribution. There's no gift too small. All are welcomed and appreciated.

Right now we are at the two-third mark in our goal for monthly partners. In addition to our regular living expenses here in Scotland we have some significant costs approaching as we travel for training at the other Charis Bible Locations in England and Belfast, Northern Ireland. Also, as mentioned above, we must go back to Colorado in June for the Charis Bible College Directors meeting. NewCREEations is good, fertile, well-tilled soil that you can plant your seed in. Thank you for taking a moment to prayerfully consider being part of our support team. We covet your continued prayers as we continue to move forward with what God has called us to do.

We are equipped to receive multiple currencies in addition to US Dollars. You can donate securely online, just CLICK HERE. If you prefer to use a local currency other than US Dollars then click the appropriate flag on at that link. Or in the USA you can mail checks to NewCREEations Ministries, 120 N. Elm Street, Woodland Park, Colorado, 80863. NewCREEations is a 501(c)3 approved ministry and all US partnerships are tax deductible.


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