February 2016 News and Events
from the Near West Family Network!

February 2016
After a couple months where our own programming slowed down a bit - we have several upcoming events we want you to know about. We are trying to remember to create Facebook events for things we plan, so be sure to "like" Near West Family Network to learn more about what we are doing!
  • Kids' Learn to Knit Session- "SOLD" OUT! -  Saturday, Feb 13
    This free event was in demand! Don't be surprised if we hold another session for your kids to learn to knit! 

  • NWFN Adult Night Out at Parkview Nite Club, Thursday, February 18 8pm
    Tuck your kids in and join us for some adult conversation. No RSVP necessary, but check out the Facebook event and spread the word!

  • Family Ice Skating with NFP and NWFN at Halloran Rec Center, Friday, February 19, 5-7pm
    Neighborhood Family Practice is hosting an evening of free family ice skating. Admission and rentals are included, snacks and crafts will be provided. Check out our Facebook event and join us, bring friends!

  • NWFN Movie Meet up for "Balto" at Capitol Theatre, Saturday, February 27, 10am
    Tickets on us! Do you know the story of Balto? That heroic dog on display at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History? The animated movie is showing at the Capital (rated G). NWFN will cover the price of admission for the first 25 members and their families. We will meet in the lobby at the Capital at 9:50am. RSVP to sryzner@nearwestfamilynetwork.org or meet us there! Check out our Facebook event, share, like, tell your friends!

  • The NWFN Easter Egg Hunt at Fairview Park,  Saturday, March 19, 10am
    Put this annual community event on your calendar today! Stay tuned for more details - contact amgarland@nearwestfamilynetwork.org if you are able to help!
As a reminder, Gym Days at Franklin Circle Church are back! This year, we meet EVERY TUESDAY 9:30 - 11:30 am. As always we will have a few toys/balls and we will provide snacks and hot coffee. Bring a toy to share if you wish. The suggested $1/child donation goes to Franklin Circle Church.  Thanks also to Near West Rec for your support of this weekly activity!
Studies show that babies in the womb respond to music!
and caregivers of very young children can see responses to music from baby's first days.

Music Play is a music and movement class for young children are their caregivers. It is offered at Urban Community School on Saturday mornings for children ages 6 months-3 years old.
Children learn to recognize musical phrases and develop body coordination through a diverse collection of songs, chants and movement activities based on Edwin Gordon's Music Learning Theory (MLT.)  Classes are 45 minutes in length and last for 9 weeks starting  2/13/16-4/23/16. 
Click here for the Flyer/Registration Form

Any questions can be directed to Mrs. Catherine McGlaughlin, Urban Community School's music teacher and early childhood music specialist.  cmcglaughlin@urbancommunityschool.org or 216-939-8330, extension #254.  Financial assistance is available if needed.
In General and Recurring....
  • NWFN Gym Days are EVERY TUESDAY at Franklin Circle Church from 9:30 - 11:30 am
  • Kids' Cafe at Carnegie West Library is back! Monday-Fridays from 3:30 - 4:30 pm
  • Openhouses and Parent Information Sessions at Near West Intergenerational School: Feb 3 & 18; March 2 & 10 - times vary, check our website for more details.
In February....
  • Feb. 6th: Super Saturday EITC Tax Prep at St. Ignatius,  9:00 am - 3:00 pm 
    Free tax preparation assistance, call 211 to schedule an appt.
  • Feb 12th:Museum Science: Color Mixing with the Children's Museum at Carnegie West Library, 4:00 - 5:00 pm
  • Feb 13th: 
    • Tails Waggin Tutors returns to Carnegie West Library,  11:00 am - 12:30 pm
    • NWFN Kids Knitting Workshop - Event Filled! Stay tuned for another session
  • Feb 18th: NWFN Adult Night Out! at Parkview Nite Club, 8pm
  • Feb 19th: Free Ice Skating with NFP & NWFN at Halloran Rec Center, 5-7pm
  • Feb 20th: Les Delices' Free Family Concert, "Flying High-Landing Hard" at the Bob Stop, 3pm  - (register at www.lesdelices.org)
  • Feb 26th: Museum Science: Toothpick Architecture with the Children's Museum at Carnegie West Library, 4:00 - 5:00 pm
  • Feb 27th: NWFN Movie Meet Up for Balto! at the Capitol Theatre, 10am
In March....
  • March 2 & 10 - Near West InteOpen Houses
  • March 5 -  Transformation Alliance & PRE$CLE's School Quality Fair
  • March 19 - NWFN Annual Easter Egg Hunt at Fairview Park!

Further on the Horizon... (email akulisheck@nearwestfamilynetwork if you'd like to help with these or any other upcoming events!
  • Cooking with Kids
  • Kids Dance Party
  • Upcycle Crafting Meet Up 
  • Spring Clothing swap
New events are added to our calendar as we learn about them. Also be sure to watch for announcements via Facebook page and Twitter throughout the month!
If you have an upcoming event you'd like us to include, please email all the pertinent infomraiton (title, date, time, location, description) to information@nearwestfamilynetwork.org
February 2016
10 Things to Do INSTEAD of Stress Eating
Knowing that you want to eat less or eat healthier is one thing. Figuring out how NOT to overeat when you’re overloaded, overwhelmed, and just-plain-stressed-out is another. Here’s my emergency cheat sheet to use for a quick reference ahead.
  1. Blow off steam.
    If stress is pressure, don’t be the pressure cooker. Create (even a tiny) stress release. Yell or play loud music in your car; run, walk or dance; knead some bread dough or shred some papers. Scribble on paper or vent.
  2. Phone a friend.
    Whether you want someone to advise, distract, make you laugh, or just listen, connect with someone who knows you and cares. If you don’t have time to talk now, make a date to talk in the future.
  3. Change your scenery.
    Get a new mental and physical perspective – even if only temporarily. Leave the room. Sit in a different chair. If you have stress eating rituals (like visiting the vending machine at a certain time), shake things up – take a different route and avoid the familiar (and habit-filled) routine if you can.
  4. Relax and Switch
    Stress builds up in your body and then creates more stress and discomfort. If you can’t change your life (or the next hour), you can still be kind to yourself and stretch out your neck or back. Try to create comfort in your body in ways that don’t involve eating.
  5. Escape
    Sometimes stress and overload lead to the belief that you can’t “afford” to stop and that you need to keep working harder and harder. This is a recipe for stress eating. Give yourself permission to take a break – even if it’s just a minute or two. If you can’t go for a walk, go to the bathroom. Google images of tropical beaches, get a glass of water or brew some tea.
  6. Journal.
    Untangle your feelings, check in with yourself, and decompress. Try writing for ten minutes before you eat. You’ll be less likely to overeat when you take time to understand what’s driving your hunger and to think about what you might do instead.
  7. Rant.
    Give yourself permission to throw some reason, logic, and good manners out the wind. Go someplace private (cars are good for this) and let loose. Get mad, be frustrated, stop being reasonable. Have a tantrum or a good cleansing cry. Put words to your feelings instead of trying to bury them with food.
  8. Sleep.
    Stress is exhausting. Getting at least 7.5 hours of sleep a night will decrease your appetite and your cravings. You’ll be more productive and better able to focus. Successful women guard their sleep!
  9. Make a list.
    Instead of stress eating, boost your effectiveness. Identify your top three priorities or action items for the day and one lovely or kind thing you will do just for you. If you’re making the list later in the day, start with the one lovely thing. Hint: it might just be one of the things on the list you reading now.
  10. Breathe Deep.
    You can’t physically grow more stressed and more relaxed at the same time. When you start relaxing – even just a tad – you reverse the cycle of growing more and more stressed or anxious. Focus on your breath for just 60 seconds or put your hand on your heart and breath and focus on your heartbeat. Super-short centering breaks like this can help your break vicious cycles and be more mindful and relaxed.
Dr. Melissa McCreery focuses on the three Os that ambush successful, high-performing women – overwhelm, overload and overeating.
Visit https://TooMuchOnHerPlate.com for more smart resources, tips, and strategies, and to take the FREE Hidden Hungers Quiz and find out what you’re craving (it’s probably not food!).
Stay Well,
Cheryl Sara
Wellness Program
Neighborhood Family Practice

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