June 2016 News and Events
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June 2016
NWFN Members!
Wow, when summer starts, it REALLY STARTS! NWFN has two great series starting this month, our summer member party is on June 10, and there are all kinds of movies, plays, and reading programs to enjoy throughout the entire summer! Enjoy!
  • You should have already received an invitation to our Friday, June 10 Member Party with all the details. We would love to get RSVPs by Saturday, June 4 so we have enough of everything. Check your spam or contact Sarah at sryzner@nearwestfamilynetwork.org  (The original invitation was sent on May 23rd).  RSVPs can also be sent to Sarah.
  • The NWFN Playground Crawl starts on Friday, June 10 at Herman Park 
    Our Playground Crawl with Near West Rec will be on FRIDAYS every week through the summer June 10 - August 12.  We will travel to a different near west playground each week. Little ones meet at 10 am and then at 11 am organized games with Near West Recreation start for the slightly older kids (think 7 -12).  It is a great opportunity to find new parks and meet new families in our neighborhood. Click on the flyer or check our website calendar 
  • The Fairview Park Ice Cream Social series starts up on Thursday, June 16! 
    • This annual Fairview Park Ice Cream Social series returns with cool treats and awesome programming every Thursday at 7 pm June 16 - August 4. The kick off week is sponsored by Mitchell's Ice Cream again and Mason's Creamery will sponsor our closing social on August 4. Thank you to our neighborhood ice cream shops and a BIG thank you to LAND Studio for helping to keep this tradition going!
      • We are still looking for volunteers to help pick up and handout ice cream. If you are able to help on any one of the following Thursdays, please email Amy at akulisheck@nearwestfamilynetwork.org.
        July 14
        July 21
        July 28
Everything we are able to accomplish is due to the dedication and financial and hand-on support from our volunteer board, members, and partners. This past month we would like to thank the following individuals and organizations:
  • Our super fantastic and overwhelmingly successful Kids Dance Party on May 6th would not have been possible without a long list of volunteers and supporters.
    NONE of it would have been possible without the leadership, vision, patience, and organization of Katie Zucca! She brought together all our volunteers including: Christine and Will Eadie for all their help with set up (and emceeing) DJ- Jazzy Chris Garland kept everyone moving on the dance floor, Ann Garland for help with set up, logistics, sanity and all the rest, Steve Kachmyers and Perrin Hedderson for donating and setting up our sound system, Amy Kulisheck, Norma Polanco-Boyd, Sarah and Ryan Rzyner, Katherine Readey, Lee Chilcote, and Greg Zucca and many many more helped with set up, clean up and generally making the event a success. Thanks also to Ohio City Incorporated for helping us with insurance and St. Patrick's Parish for donating the space. It truly did take a village!

  • On May 22nd a great group met for a Scavenger Hunt and Nature Walk starting and finishing at the Centennial Trail Head. The success of that fun event is all due to Norma Polanco-Boyd, Steve Kachmyers, and Mother Nature! Thanks also to Mitchell's Ice Cream for donating free scoop coupons to all who finished the scavenger hunt! Check out more great pics on our Facebook Page.
  • Fun at Parks
    • NWFN Park Crawl: Fridays, June 10 - August 12 at 10 am & 11 am
      Each week is a different park on the near west side. Parents and little ones meet at 10am. Activities organized by Near West Rec start at 11am! Click here for the schedule of parks and 11 am activities. 
    • NWFN Fairview Park Ice Cream Socials: Thursdays, June 16 - August 4 at 7 pm Cool off on a summer evening with a frozen treat and fun programming at Fairview Park. Thanks to LAND Studios and additional sponsors who help make this summer tradition alive!
  • At The Carnegie West Library
    • Free Summer Lunches: Monday-Friday, 11:30 am All CPL branches will have free lunches for kids up to age 18 throughout the entire summer.
    • Read to the Beat: Tuesdays, 10:15 am June 14 - July 19
      For children ages 3-5, Books and story-telling, musical instrument playing, singing, listening, and movement experiences capture children’s imaginations while aiding in the development and strengthening of important literacy skills. This program is provided by The Music Settlement.
    • Read Up! Rise Up! CLE!: Thursdays, 1:30 pm
      Children of all ages are encouraged to join the summer reading program. The City of Cleveland is the topic throughout the summer. See specific topics on our website calendar.
  • Entertainment
    • $1 Family Movies at Capitol Theatre Wednesdays at 10 am Each week starting June 22nd enjoy a $1 movie. See movie schedule and details on our website calendar 
    • Talespinner Theatre's The Crocodile, The Cobra, & The Girld Down the Well (a Tale of India)  The show runs June 4 - June 26. Visit the Talespinner website for tickets and more information.
  • See NFP!
    • La Placita June 11, 1 pm - 6 pm.
      Live entertainment, traditional food, and artisan vendors 
    • Kamm's Corners Farmer's Market June 12, 10 am - 1 pm.
    • World Refugee Day Community Picnic June 18 at Edgewater Park
    • 1st Annual Community Outreach “Together We Can” event June 25, 11:30 am - 3:30 pm at Jefferson Park 
      Show the Westpark community the love!
    • Tremont Moves! June 26, 10 am - 2 pm in Lincoln Park
    • NFP Summer Healthy Cooking Class, 3 pm at NFP. 
      Space is limited. Call Megan at 216-281-0872 sxt. 391 to RSVP
    • Summer in the City: Hot Time Cool Cause - a benefit to support Neighborhood Family Practice and honor Denise San Antonio Zeman, Retired President & CEO, Saint Luke's Foundation. Saturday, August 27. Click here for more information and tickets.

On the Horizon
  • Cooking with Kids (Date TBD)
  • September 25: Apple Picking and Fall Fest with NWFN at Pattersons
The On the Horizon events are still in the works. If you have ideas and energy to help us move these events forward, please contact Amy at akulisheck@nearwestfamilynetwork.org
New events are added to our calendar as we learn about them. Also be sure to watch for announcements via Facebook page and Twitter throughout the month!
If you have an upcoming event you'd like us to include, please email all the pertinent infomraiton (title, date, time, location, description) to information@nearwestfamilynetwork.org
June 2016
Muscle vs. Fat
Muscle vs Fat: What’s the Difference?
Weight is weight, right? Does what makes up the weight actually make a difference? Surely a pound of muscle is the same as a pound of fat, right?

Well, it’s not that simple.

What makes up the weight you carry can have an impact on your health, appearance, physical abilities, and general well-being. 

Muscle and fat could not be more different in terms of both structure and role

Let’s Talk About Muscle:
Some muscles attach to your skeletal system. Others are key to the circulatory and digestive systems. Your heart is a muscle, and so is your bicep. Muscles are vital to the way your body runs!

Muscles use up calories in order to function, and they generally use up more calories than fat does (1). According to a paper published in the Exercise and Sport Sciences Review, “exercise improves the capacity of muscle to oxidize fat” (2). Since “reduced rates of fat oxidation […] have been shown to predict weight gain” (2), regular exercise can give muscles a boost in their fat oxidation, making it easier for you to control your weight.

Muscle is also denser than fat, which means that a pound of it will take up less space than a pound of fat. This can impact your physical appearance. 

Let’s Talk About Fat:
Your body does need some fat, but it doesn’t need a ton of it. Fat helps store energy, insulate organs, and can even help the messenger systems in your body function. It also stores some nutrients, like vitamins A, D, E, and K. 

Fat doesn’t use up as many calories as muscle does. Meanwhile, fat cells store more calories than muscle cells do (1). In terms of appearance, a person with a higher body fat percentage will appear larger than a person with a lower percentage, even though they weigh the same.

1. “Muscle cells vs fat cells” Medline Plus http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency/imagepages/19495.htm.
2. “Exercise improves fat metabolism in muscle but does not increase 24-h fatoxidation” Exercise and Sport Sciences Review http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2885974/.

(c) Food and Health Communications, Inc www.foodandhealth.com

Stay Well,
Cheryl Sara
Wellness Program
Neighborhood Family Practice

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