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Dear Colleagues & Friends, 

For those who have recently visited our edible education plots, the bare ground has begun to flourish with our spring seedings. We celebrated the end of Spring seeding and the beginning of Summer with a picnic and work party at Morales Farm. Teachers and families hunted ripe Shuksan strawberries, helped weed and seed some new beds of honey flowers. To the children's delight, we visited with our heritage chicks and worker rabbits. Guests enjoyed delicious treats sourced from our partner farms and  catered by  the Food Shed.  A big thank you to all who helped out that day!

As we get into the summer season, we need the continued support from our learning community in caring for these plots. We encourage all of our  farm-school partner teachers and families to make it to at least one work party this summer.  There is much joy in spending a summer day with your hands in rich soil tending to shining sunflowers, growing potatoes and ripening pumpkins.

As you know, we have launched a new website <> that features our EduCulture and Only What We Can Carry Projects.  We are also transitioning to new email addresses.  There still some communication glitches we are working out, so if you have had trouble contacting us at our new e-mail <>, please let us know via our old email <>.  Your patience and understanding is much appreciated.

There is more to more to read about our summer programs:
-    Recently, we had the honor of leading a series of tours of historic Suyematsu Farm for about 150 mostly Japanese-Americans visiting from around the US.  
-  Attention local educators, its not too late to sign up for our inaugural Specialization in Edible Education course, a three day program starting on July 25, in partnership with Antioch University Seattle.   

Hope to see you this summer!



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Summer Work Parties

The sunflowers are growing tall, pumpkin vines are stretching out, the potatoes are in need of mounding. We need your help maintaining our locally grown-student sown plots at Morales and Heyday Farms.  As part of our farm-school partnerships with Wilkes, Ordway and Blakely Schools and Island Coop Pre-School, we expect teachers and families to volunteer for at least one summer work party at their partner farm.

Please join us for a morning on the farm this summer, weeding and watering, and feeding our chickens and rabbits. Bring your work gloves, water, and sunscreen.
  • Tuesday mornings 10-12 at Morales Farm (Hwy 305 & Lovgreen Road):
    July 16 & 30       August 13 & 27
  • Saturday mornings 10-12 at Morales Farm: 
    July 27   &   August 24
  • Monday mornings 10-12 at Heyday Farm  (5145 McDonald Rd)
    July 15 & 29     August  12 & 26

Specialization in Edible Education Course
July 25, August 8 & 22

A partnership program with Antioch University Seattle situated in three Central Puget Sound locations.

This summer, EduCulture is helping to launch a ground breaking, university based, professional development program specializing in edible education for PreK-12 schools.  This pilot series of courses will become the foundation for the first ever Edible Education Certificate Program we are developing with our colleagues in the graduate education programs at Antioch University Seattle.

Join us this summer for a three day course situated in Suquamish, Bainbridge Island and Seattle.  This program is open to formal and informal educators currently or interested in serving K-12 schools, and is offered for clock hours or graduate degree credit.  

Aims of this Pilot Course:
  • Understanding food in context
  • Learning about our Northwest Foodshed through three local food communities
  • Examining the role and place of food in our schools
  • Developing a better understanding of edible education in theory and practice
  • Understanding theories and practices that inform Edible Education curriculum and link to what children are already learning
  • Delving into the world of Food Justice and edible democracy
  • Build your professional repertoire in bridging classroom and communities
  • Calling upon the emerging expertise of participants to help advance the professional specialization of Edible Education. 

Farm-School Partnerships:
Summertime Responsibilities

"Summer makes a silence after spring."  -   Vita Sackville-We

While students and teachers are on vacation, the seeds they sowed this past spring are silently growing, blooming, spreading wide across the fields. The sunflower house at Morales Farm is beginning to tower, heirloom potatoes at Heyday Farm are green and flowering, and our young worker rabbits have grown as big as their mother. 

Continued support is needed over the summer from our learning community in caring for our plots at Morales and Heyday Farms. We request all of our  farm-school partner teachers and families to make it to at least one work party this summer.  There is much joy in spending a summer day with your hands in rich soil tending to shining sunflowers, growing potatoes and ripening pumpkins.  Students and teachers, we encourage you to come to a work party this summer. Help us maintain your hard work and see these plants through to harvest.

Work parties are scheduled throughout the summer. Check our calendar for dates  or call us to schedule your own time.  We need your help!

EduCulture & Community

Only What We Can Carry Project Helps Host
National Tour of Historic Suyematsu Farm

Photo by Ray Tabata

On July 7, about 150 visitors from around the US toured Bainbridge Island as part of a National Convention hosted by the Japanese American National Museum.   Our Only What We Can Carry project was honored to be involved in this special event. 

OWWCC's Jon Garfunkel organized the historic tours of Suyematsu Farm, accompanied by members of the Suyematsu family and farmers from Suyematsu & Bentryn Family Farmers Guild.  Visitors were treated to a locally grown lunch featuring greens, potatoes and raspberries from the farm.

Along with visiting the farm, these visitors also toured Bainbridge Gardens, Sakai School, and the BI Japanese American Exclusion Memorial.

There were almost as many docents hosting the event as guest visitors.  It was a special day that made one feel proud to be a part of our Island Community.

More info...

Summer Camp with BI History Museum

Once again, EduCulture and Only What We Can Carry will be partnering with the Bainbridge Island History Museum for their annual History's Mysteries Camp.  
Young people and old, come spend a morning uncovering the past on historic Suyematsu Farm and getting a taste of what is currently growing on these working landscapes. 

Would you like to bring your summer camp or youth group to the farm for some summer fun?  For more information, please contact us. 

Mark your Calendar!
August 19th is Akio Suyematsu Day

We will be working with the Suyematsu & Bentryn Family Farmers Guild and others to host this special day set aside by the City of Bainbridge Island to honor our locally grown hero, a year following his passing at age 91.  Stay tuned for more information. 

Other EduCulture Projects

Only What We Can Carry
uses the study of WWII, Japanese American Exclusion, and its impact on Bainbridge Island, to foster learning experiences about exclusion, inclusion and citizenship. An educational and community development project, OWWCC was founded to provide educators and citizens experiences that can inform a more lived curriculum for students, build bridges across generations, and enrich communities. Read more... 

The Puget Sound Edible Democracy Project seeks to produce an Inter-Cultural & Inter-Food Community Edible Education Exchange Project among late elementary students (3rd or 4th Graders) from three communities (urban, suburban-rural, and tribal) in the Central Puget Sound Foodshed. We hope to begin to pilot this program in 2013.

This Inter-Cultural & Inter-Community Edible Education Pilot Project is an educational experiment in cultural democracy surrounding our local food communities and common foodshed, representing a new frontier in the Puget Sound Region and beyond. Read more... 

We invite you to help support our work this Summer!

High School interns wanted! 

Get your volunteer hours in this summer or start your Senior project. We have ongoing positions open for bright and earnest high school interns.

  • One position available for the archiving and cataloguing of historic Suyematsu farm tools and artifacts. Applicant must demonstrate an interest in social studies, with strong organizational skills.
  • One position available to help launch our preserving the Marshall strawberry project. Get in on the ground floor of this exciting and historic project. 
  • Several positions are open at our demonstration plot involving the maintenance of crops and animals,  small construction projects, and research & writing.
             More on internships... 

Be an Edible Education Program Docent
Enthusiastic about farming, sustainable agriculture, edible education, Bainbridge Island history? Want to share your knowledge and enthusiasm with Bainbridge Island students? Volunteer to be a program docent, assisting with farm school programs throughout the next school year. We are training interested docents throughout July and August.  Contact us for training information.

Volunteer on the farm!
Love working with plants, chickens, and rabbits? Do you have building skills? Just want to lend  hand on the farm? We can use your help with our outdoor learning centers.  Small construction projects and farm maintenance are ongoing. Contact us for more details.  

We are deeply grateful for the generous donations that fund our education programs. Donations can be made by check (Educulture at Global Source Education, PO Box 11316, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110, through Paypal, or through our partner program One Call for All.  

Material Donations
Currently we are looking for donations of:
  - plants for our growing orchard
  - lidded one gallon containers (like large yogurt containers).
  - lumber for raised beds
  Contact us for more details. 

"That beautiful season the Summer! 
Filled was the air with a dreamy and magical light; 
and the landscape 
Lay as if new created in all the freshness of childhood." 
-   Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
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