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Summer Review 2014

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Above Photo: Guests attend the August 2, Farm to Fork to Cork Dinner on Bainbridge Vineyards. Thank you to our many supporters and partners who made this evening possible.

In this Summer Review, we feature news and programs from this past season at EduCulture.  We hope you enjoy this update!

Summer Reflections

Hello Friends of EduCulture,
This summer has been filled with engaging programs involving students, educators and the community. The bounty of this season was reflected in the rich array of learning experiences with diverse groups of people from throughout the Puget Sound region. 
It was a wonderful opportunity to engage with stakeholders across the support networks needed to deliver authentic and meaningful edible and heritage education.  Our summer programs attracted formal and informal educators, parent volunteers, community docents, secondary and graduate students, and others serving pre-K, elementary and secondary education.  Thank you to all who participated in our professional education programs this summer.  We so appreciate the good work you are doing to support education in the field.  We also want to thank the teachers, students and parents from our partner schools who volunteered their time this summer to help out at our instructional plots.
This season was also an ideal time to celebrate the relationship between place and taste, to know where our food comes from.  I am so proud of the authentic Farm to Fork to Cork Dinner & Farmraiser we hosted in the fields of historic Suyematsu & Bentryn Family Farms.  Thank you to our staff, Bainbridge Vineyards, The Food Shed, and many volunteers who created this special event, and especially to the guests and donors who made such a welcome table.
I continue to be humbled by the support our work receives from so many different individuals, families, foundations, and businesses, in our local community and beyond. I would like to highlight two gestures of philanthropy we received this summer.
Long time friend of EduCulture and current Board member Ed Mikel set up a scholarship fund in honor of his late wife Gail DiBerardo to assist practicing educators and Antioch University graduate students in attending our professional education programs.  We are deeply saddened by Gail’s passing this year, and deeply honored to have this teacher scholarship fund established in her memory. 
During July and August, Sunshine Frozen Yogurt & Smoothies, a locally owned Bainbridge Island business, made EduCulture their featured local non-profit and will be donating a portion of their profits this summer to support our 2014-15 programs.
These are the kinds of gestures of philanthropy that serve as sources of inspiration and community capital to help ground and grow our work bridging schools and communities towards greater scholarship, stewardship, citizenship and sustainability.  For these and so many gestures like them, we are grateful.
I hope you will enjoy reading more of our Summer Review.  Thank you to Cindy Vandersluis for editing this fine edition.
With Deep Appreciation and Gratitude,
Jon Garfunkel
Founder and Managing Director
PS. We have also been spending time this summer preparing for the upcoming school year. Coming soon, look for our Fall Preview of edible and heritage education programs.

Student Centered Programs

Youth from WA Heritage Preservation Program Study Historic Suyematsu Farm

In mid July, EduCulture's Only What We Can Carry Project joined other Island organizations in hosting a group of 40 middle school and high school students from across Washington state.  The students were part of a Youth Heritage Project, organized by the Washington Trust for Historic Preservation.  They visited several sites on Bainbridge Island that memorialize Japanese American stories in different ways, including historic Suyematsu Farm.

EduCulture's Jon Garfunkel collaborated to lead the tour of Suyematsu Farm with Gary Sakuma, who grew up on Bainbridge Island and knew the Suyematsu family well. The students evaluated the original farm buildings and property, dating back to 1928, and were asked to consider whether the site meets the criteria for listing in the National Register of Historic Places. They were given an overview of the property's history as they viewed and discussed buildings of historic significance, from the original home and barn to buildings that housed migrant laborers.  Students were asked how best to convey and balance the historical and contemporary uses of the farm, along with the farm's relationship to other heritage sites they would be studying, from the Port Blakely Mill to the Bainbridge Island Japanese American Exclusion Memorial.

It was exciting to see young people from across the state engaged in learning how to preserve and conserve local and regional heritage sites. "Thank you for sharing your passion and enthusiasm and asking the students such thought-provoking questions," said Executive Director Chris Moore. "And thank you for all the work you do to preserve important pieces of Washington's history."

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Island Heritage Strawberry Program Continues to Take Root and Produces its First Fruit

Katy Curtis of Bainbridge Island Historical Museum and
OWWCC Co-Director, with OWWCC Advisor and long-time supporter Kay Nakao.

This summer, work party volunteers came out to help maintain our Island Heritage Strawberry plot with Butler Green Farms, situated on historic Suyematsu Farm.  Here students are repatriating the historic Marshall Strawberry and other varieties that through the decades have been popular production strawberries on Bainbridge Island. The plot also includes Shuksans, Rainiers, and Albions. Part of the Heritage Project includes Island elders, whose families were some of the original berry farmers, assisting with the program. 

Island Coop Preschool teacher Ellen Carlson, Sakai student
Henry Vandersluis and Wilkes teacher Bill Covert assisting at a summer work party.


Student Sown Berries and Peas offer a Summer Taste of Bainbridge to the Local Community

After the close of the school year, surplus produce raised on our instructional plots through our edible education programs with Butler Green Farms made their way to the local food community throughout this summer.  Food from these plots were used in our summer programs to feed visiting students, educators, and work party volunteers.  We also had the opportunity to contribute surplus produce to the larger Island community.

From our instructional plot at Morales Farm, we exchanged a few flats of fresh Shuksan strawberries with Harbor Public House, which Chef Jeff McClelland served with his strawberry shortcake. We donated about 30 pounds of sugar snap peas seeded by students from Wilkes Elementary and Island Coop Preschool to the food bank at Helpline House. 

From our instructional plot at historic Suyematsu Farm, we donated a few pints of heritage strawberries seeded by students from Wilkes and Ordway Elementary to Sunshine Frozen Yogurt and Smoothies, to use as a summer topping. This Bainbridge Island shop featured the work of EduCulture during the months of July and August and will be donating a portion of their proceeds to support our student programs (read more in the Community section).

Professional Education

Summer Courses in Approaching Edible Education

Participants in our "Approaching Edible Education I" class taking time to reflect and write.

In late July, teachers, parent volunteers and graduate students from across the Puget Sound region attended a series of summer classes on Approaching Edible Education designed and facilitated by EduCulture, and hosted at partner farms and schools on Bainbridge Island.

Approaching Edible Education I explored the Why's of Edible Edible Education and helped participants ground their own rationale for this field of study in Pre-K-12. Approaching Edible Education II explored curricular pathways that tie edible education with best practices in teaching and learning, and integrate working and instructional farms, school gardens, and other food related sites within the culture of schooling.

"I really appreciated the craftsmanship that went into the workshop," said Callie Martin, a participant from Anacortes. "I came away with new ideas and a heart full of inspiration to move the edible education curriculum forward in the school gardens I work in."

Click Here to Read More

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Summer Workshop for Formal and Non-Formal Educators on Approaching the Study of Japanese American Exclusion

Carol Hille, board member of the Bainbridge Island Japanese American Exclusion Memorial, and Bainbridge High School teacher Tracy Shulman, learning on the porch of the original Suyematsu Home.

In early August, classroom teachers, National Park Service staff, and heritage site docents attended a day-long workshop  on Approaching the Study of Japanese American Exclusion in Elementary and Secondary Education. Part of the Only What We Can Carry project (OWWCC), the class was led by Jon Garfunkel and Katy Curtis, co-director of OWWCC and Education Outreach for BI History Museum.

The class was situated at the EduCulture home base on Historic Suyematsu Farm and included site visits to the Bainbridge Island Historical Museum and the BI Japanese American Exclusion Memorial.

Participants in dialogue with Bainbridge Island Elders at the Bainbridge Island Historical Museum.

Click here to read more

EduCulture & Community


Summer Personified in EduCulture's Farm to Fork to Cork Dinner & Farmraiser

Volunteers Pamela Bartha and Emily Garfunkel assist The Food Shed team of Leslee Dixon and Pam Buitenveld as they plate entrees in the field at our August 2 Farm to Table Dinner.

A beautiful setting and delicious food and wine were the hallmarks of our August 2, farm to table dinner and farmraiser, hosted on Bainbridge Vineyards at Suyematsu & Bentryn Family Farms. Glasses bearing wine from the vineyard next to us were raised in good cheer and guests enjoyed a delicious meal sourced and prepared by The Food Shed of Poulsbo. This Farm to Fork to Cork experience gave guests the opportunity to dine among the very fields where the ingredients of the meal were produced, from Laughing Crow Farms, Butler Green Farms, Bainbridge Island Farms and others.

Chef John Delp prepares salmon cakes on the field grill.

The experience began with appetizers at the winery, then guests took a leisurely walk to the scene of the starter course, amidst the fields. Next, diners took a short walk up the hill to a lovely table situated near the vineyard, with a panoramic view of the farm. There they enjoyed a salad and dinner course, with dessert back at the winery. It was a unique opportunity to have a truly authentic farm to table experience.

Donations from this "farm-raiser" will benefit our 2014-15 Edible Education programs.  This was the second in a series of community foodshed dinners hosted by EduCulture - we hope to share this experience with you at the next!  Please keep an eye on our online calendar for future events.

See the complete menu and more about the dinner here.


EduCulture on Bainbridge Community Broadcasting

EduCulture was featured on a Bainbridge Community Broadcasting podcast aired July 25, 2014. The show, "What's Up Bainbridge," is hosted by Ellen Miyasato. We were grateful to have the opportunity to discuss the EduCulture mission as well as describe behind-the-scenes preparations for special events such as the Farm to Table Dinner Series. Listen to the podcast here.


Spotlight on Edible Education at Sunshine Frozen Yogurt

Our organization has been honored this summer to be the featured nonprofit during July and August at Sunshine Frozen Yogurt and Smoothies on Bainbridge. The EduCulture story was displayed on the shop's bulletin board, and 10% of proceeds from sales during those months will be generously donated to EduCulture, as well as all proceeds from the tip jar.


At EduCulture, our programs thrive on a strong network of valued relationships, from the farm to the school to the community. The bridges we help to build are only as strong as these pillars of support. We are grateful to so many people who make our work at EduCulture possible.

We want to extend our gratitude to those who contributed to the work of EduCulture this Summer:

Bill & Claudia Anderson
Keith & Susan Bass
Gerard & Jo Ann Bentryn
Robin Bodony, Bainbridge Vineyards
Barbara Bolles
Pam Buitenveld, The Food Shed
Katy Curtis
Leslee Dixon, The Food Shed
Shari & Sam Evans
Doug & Della Ferguson
Emily Garfunkel
Maddy Garfunkel
Jan Jeffcoat
Lilly & Joe Kodama
Brian MacWhorter, Butler Green Farms
Moira McDonough
Ed Mikel
Andy & Lisa Miller
Jim and Susan Morss
Kay Nakao
Vern Nakata
Fernando Palacio
Matt & Mary Rain
Gary Sakuma
Gloria Sayler
Brad Schabert
Karen Selvar, Bainbridge Island Farms
Eiko Shibayama
Signe Sterner, Owner, & Staff, Sunshine Yogurt
Dan Stratton
Victor & Lilly Takemoto
Madi Taylor
Cindy & Robert Vandersluis
Wertheimer Fund
Betsey Wittick, Bainbridge Vineyards
Mary Woodward
Judith & Dick Wyman

Bainbridge Island Farms
Bainbridge Island Historic Museum
Bainbridge Island Japanese American Exclusion Memorial
Bainbridge Island One Call for All
Butler Green Farms
The Food Shed
Harbour Public House
Laughing Crow Farm
Sunshine Yogurt & Smoothies
WA State Historic Preservation Commission


Site Partners
(In Memoriam) Suyematsu Farms, Akio Suyematsu
Bainbridge Island Farms, Karen Selvar & Staff
Bainbridge Island Historical Museum, Staff & Docents
Bainbridge Island Japanese American Exclusion Memorial, Docents
Butler Green Farms, Brian MacWhorter & Staff
Heyday Farm, Craig & Alice Skipton, Steve Romein & Ty Cramer & Staff
Laughing Crow Farm & Bainbridge Vineyards, Betsey Wittick & Staff
Paulson Farms, Mike Paulson & Carol Rolph
Perennial Vintners, Mike Lempriere
Suyematsu & Bentryn Family Farmers Guild

School Partners, Teacher Partners, Staff, Students and Parent Volunteers
Antioch University Seattle
Bainbridge Island School District
BISD Food & Nutrition Services
Blakely Elementary
Island Coop Preschool
Ordway Elementary
Wilkes Elementary

Community Partners & Supporters
Bainbridge Island Japanese American Community
Bainbridge Island One Call for All
Bay Hay & Feed
City of Bainbridge Island
The Food Shed
Friends of the Farms
Harbour Public House

Our Team
Jon Garfunkel, Managing Director
Heidi Urish, Lead Instructor, Island Coop Preschool Farm-School Program
Cindy Vandersluis, Office Manager
Katy Curtis, OWWCC Program Co-Director

...And countless others. Thank you!

In Special Memory of Some Dear Friends of EduCulture:
Kim Bush
Frank Kitamoto
Akio Suyematsu

A spectacular mid-summer sunset over Bainbridge Vineyards helped to close our Farm to Fork to Cork Dinner.

Opportunities to Get Involved and Support the Work of EduCulture

Make a Gift Directly to EduCulture 
We are deeply grateful for the generous donations our supporters make directly to EduCulture. Donate directly by check or Paypal through our website.  Checks can be made payable to Global Source Education, and mailed to EduCulture at Global Source, PO Box 11316, Bainbridge Island, WA, 98110.  
Contribute through our Website Here

Bainbridge One Call for All - An Island Tradition

One Call for All is a vital source of underwriting for our edible and heritage education programs. We are honored to be part of this important Island institution of giving and encourage you to support it. Click here to read about the success of our fall campaign.

It's never too late to give to One Call for All. It is a great way to help EduCulture seed our 2014 programs! To contribute to OCFA online, please follow this link; EduCulture is listed under Youth Services and Organizations.
Docent Program
Do you have an enthusiasm for teaching and sharing through edible education and heritage education? EduCulture is building a parent docent program to support our farm-school partnership programs.  Contact us for more information.
Be a Volunteer
Volunteer opportunities are ongoing. We have several exciting projects cooking for next season that we need assistance in establishing and building. Contact us for more information.

The day is coming when a single carrot,
freshly observed, will set off a revolution.
- Paul Cezanne 

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