May You Enjoy PDF (play time, down time and family time) this Holiday Season!
As we wind up our 10th year of working with schools and families from across the United States and Canada, and from as far away as Brazil, we are encouraged by what we have accomplished and by what we see ahead. We have worked with over 100 member schools to make real, sustainable reforms that improve student health and well-being without sacrificing outcomes.

We started Challenge Success because, as mental health and education-reform experts, we knew we had to speak out against an increasingly fast-paced world that can rob our children of their childhood and harm them physically and mentally. As more attention has been brought to this issue nationally, awareness of our work has spread, and we are able to spend more time focusing on solutions so that all kids can find their own paths to success.

Over the past ten years we’ve learned that by focusing on what works, like hands-on learning and alternative assessments rather than just test scores, we can further improve schools. The teachers we meet care about their students and want to do better—and they can with targeted professional development. We also know that whether kids come from under-served neighborhoods or our most affluent communities, they worry about disappointing their parents and about their futures. We know that the level of stress they feel can be overwhelming and may inhibit their learning—and that kids handle stress differently from adults. We work with schools and families to teach positive coping strategies for kids and promote changes that increase their well-being and motivation in school. Over the next year we will continue to publish our findings so that more schools and families can incorporate all that we have learned into their daily “best practices.”

We need your help to continue the work we have begun. We know that you have many choices to consider in making charitable contributions and we hope you will consider supporting us at Challenge Success. Your gift will allow us to continue our work with schools, pursue further research and expand our parent education events to more communities. While Stanford generously houses our group, we raise all of our own funds each year. We are very grateful for all of our current supporters — we simply cannot do what we do without you — and we ask others to join us in our efforts so together we can ensure that all children can achieve their personal best and that no child is over-looked, undervalued or marginalized.

Thank you for your consideration of a year end gift to Challenge Success, and we wish you and your families a fun-filled holiday season.

Denise Pope, Madeline Levine and Jim Lobdell
Challenge Success Co-Founders

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