Spring Workshops, Data Nudge, Regression and Other Stories 
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UVA Library Research Data Services

More Spring Workshops Added!

We've just added more RDS workshops to the calendar; take a look at the entire list of upcoming RDS workshops. Our colleagues in the Scholars' Lab are offering a series of GIS workshops or see a full listing of all Scholars' Lab events.

Data Nudge: Quick Documentation

We're nudging you to take a little bit of time to review and wrap up your work by focusing on your data documentation.

Documentation content

Documentation should be:

  • Enough information,
  • about the project, methods, and materials
  • such that the information is maintainable over time,
  • in an accessible format,
  • and valuable for those who need it.

Two common documentation formats

  • README files provide basic information about a dataset.
  • Data Dictionaries/Codebooks provide a detailed description of each element or variable in a dataset.

Ready for some quick documentation?

We like this data documentation README template from Cornell University to get you started. Take just 3 minutes and fill out as much as possible for a project that you consider important (e.g. supports a recent publication, your thesis, a grant application, etc.). If you're on a roll, keep adding more! Your future self will be grateful for your documentation file.

Adapted from University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Research Data Services, "Data Nudge: Lightning documentation," CC BY 4.0.

Regression and Other Stories

The authors of Regression and Other Stories (Andrew Gelman, Jennifer Hill, and Aki Vehtari) have released a free PDF version of their book. The authors describe Regression and Other Stories as “a book about how to use regression to solve real problems of comparison, estimation, prediction, and causal inference. It focuses on practical issues such as sample size and missing data and a wide range of goals and techniques. It jumps right in to methods and computer code you can use fresh out of the box.” This PDF is free to view and download for personal use only. Visit the book’s website to download the book, access data used in the book, and see fully worked examples using R.

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