We released new versions of the Firecracker apps to Android and iOS last month!  To make sure you understand how to use the new apps and see where Firecracker is headed, we put together a list of these FAQs. 

1. Can I start a quiz from any topic? 
You can now start a quiz from any subject or topic, at any time! Just click the questions button in the bottom navigation bar, and navigate to the subject or topic of your choice, then click the questions icon in the upper left corner to start a quiz.

2. Can I take a quiz based on past ratings? If I only want to do questions I have rated a 1, how do I do that? 
You can create quizzes based on questions you've taken in the past and how you rated them the last time you saw the question. Simply click the "Avg score" icon and can start a quiz by rating from any level of the tree.

3. Do my question responses sync between devices? 
Yes! Any question you answer on one device will be saved to all other devices. To force an update between devices, just close the mobile app. 

The mobile apps are running a brand-new algorithm that has launched exclusively on our mobile devices. This algorithm comes from research into how students use Firecracker and how our most successful students performed on the USMLE. 

You may be getting different questions on the mobile apps than on the web app. If you do questions on the mobile app or the web, they may not be the same questions so your question count may be unaffected on the opposite platform. This is not a result of syncing.

4. If the algorithm is different on the web and mobile, which should I use going forward?
We recommend using the mobile platform. Mobile includes new features, such as quizzing by recall or topic, that are not available on the web. A beta version of the new web app, including a new algorithm and these new features, will launch in December. 

Your answers will be saved regardless of what platform you use to answer them.

5. Will this affect my progress? I've got finals coming up and I'm taking step in just a few months.
The new algorithm has many advantages over the previous iteration, so you'll get more out of the mobile apps and the new web app. But if you'd like to stay with the current version for a little while longer, we're going to leave the previous web app for a smoother transition.

Read about the new algorithm here.

6. How do I flag topics? 
Starting a quiz now flags a topic. Navigate to the topic you'd like to add and start a quiz. At every level you can answer incomplete questions by clicking the "Percent Completed" icon.

6. Can I do more than 80 questions a day?
Yes! If you go past 80 questions, the algorithm will continue to keep your deck in prioritized order so that you're getting the best questions.

For those who want a daily recommended count, the app will soon include a feature to load your test date, which will generate an intelligent and live-updating recommended count of questions. 

7. Is Firecracker running a holiday deal?
Why yes we are.

If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to email us and ask! 

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