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June 8 @ 8:00-9:00 am

Reimagining Medical Education

Presenter: Charles Prober, MD

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Chertow’s JAMA editorial challenges nephrologists

A randomized clinical trial designed to compare the effects of shorter and longer times to initiating dialysis in critically ill hospitalized patients with AKI was just published in the Journal of the American Medical Association and was accompanied by an editorial by Glenn Chertow.

NIH Grants Rita Hamad a K08 and Four Years of Support

Rita Hamad is using an NIH grant to study the relationship between social and economic circumstances during childhood and the effects they have on health outcomes.

Reproducible research: A hunt for the truth

Researchers write that “reproducibility,” “replicability” and several other terms are not used consistently in scientific communication.

To Fight Superbugs, Fight Poverty

On May 26, 2016, researchers at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center reported the first case of what they called a “truly pan-drug resistant bacteria."

Sugar baddy

Hyperaggressive immune cells parked in arterial plaque and feasting on glucose appear to spur coronary artery disease, according to senior author Cornelia Weyand, MD, Stanford professor and chief of immunology and rheumatology, in research published in February in the Journal of Experimental Medicine.

The School of Medicine has launched the Tech Bar to service smartphones and laptops

The School of Medicine has launched the Tech Bar — its own version of the Apple Genius Bar — to service smartphones, tablets and laptops on a drop-in basis.

Stanford Health Care and Irvine Company open unique health care clinic inside River View Apartment Homes in San Jose

Seeking to bring health care directly to where people live and work, the Irvine Company and Stanford Health Care today opened an Express Care Clinic at River View Apartment Homes in San Jose.

Translational Investigator Program Spotlight: Chaitan Khosla

The goal of Stanford’s Translational Investigator Program (TIP) is to provide unparalleled training and mentorship for individuals planning research-intensive careers. The TIP guarantees a fellowship slot for all participants contingent on a solid clinical performance during residency. Applicants are also free to apply to other fellowship programs if they wish.

Upcoming Grand Rounds

June 15 @ 8:00-9:00 am

Cardiac Evaluation of Patients Undergoing Non-Cardiac Surgery: A Piece of My Mind

June 22 @ 8:00-9:00 am

Medicine is a Performance Art: Reframing the Medical Encounter through the Lens of Magic and Performance Studies

Department Events

May 31 @ 12:00-1:00 pm

Aging and Longevity Genes and Cardiovascular Disease

Frontiers in Cardiovascular Science

June 8 @ 1:00-2:00 pm

Joint Chest Conference

PCCM Clinical Conference

June 10 @ 1:00-2:00 pm

Identifying the Organizational and Process Factors Driving Treatment Intensity and End of Life Within and Upstream of the Intensive Care Unit

PCCM Grand Rounds

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In the News

“Palliative, hospice care not used enough for cancer patients, study says” - A new study found that only half of veterans receive palliative care and the use of hospice is dependent on the care environment. Lead author Risha Gidwani is quoted.

United Press International

“To fight superbugs, fight poverty” - This article highlights the relationship between socioeconomic disparities and infectious diseases. Marcella Alsan is quoted.

Huffington Post

“British biobank underused in the United States” - Panelists at Big Data in Biomedicine said a U.K. biobank with data on 500,000 people is an underused resource. Erik Ingelsson provides comment.


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