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Experts at Big Data in Biomedicine: Bigger, better datasets and technology will benefit patients. »

Garry Fathman delivers Washington University School of Medicine Commencement Speech. »

Henry Kuo is the Department of Medicine’s Employee of the Month. »

Big Data in Biomedicine panelists: Genomics’ future is bright, thanks to data-science tools. »

Women’s health expert: When it comes to prevention, diet and exercise are key. »

Advice for clinicians on addressing gender-and sex-related issues. »

The Department of Medicine’s International Clinical Trials Day celebration, in pictures. »

Published in Nature Communications: Alternate activated macrophages promote pancreatic fibrosis in chronic pancreatitis. »

New from the Stanford 25 blog: What’s the mass in the neck? »

Meet the Stanford CIGH’s 2015-2016 global health scholars. »

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June 3.
June 10.

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Frontiers in Cardiovascular Science

Digestive Diseases Clinical Conference

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In the News

"Are super athletes the secret to health?" - Studying top athletes may offer insights into health. This article discusses research led by Euan Ashley and Mikael Mattsson.

Daily Beast

"Take off that Fitbit. Exercise alone won’t make you lose weight" - This article cites research by Sanjay Basu that examined the amount of sugar in the food supply of 175 countries.

Washington Post

"TEDxStanford presenters tell tales of past ‘turning points’ and future opportunities" - This article mentions Abraham Verghese’s recent talk at TEDxStanford.

Stanford News

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