This week's grand rounds

August 24 @ 8:00-9:00 am

Immunotherapy for Cancer Comes of Age

Presenter: Ron Levy, MD

Our Latest News

New issue of Stanford Medicine magazine examines well-being

The summer issue of the magazine delves into the question of how people thrive. It also includes a Q&A with author Laura Hillenbrand, who copes with chronic fatigue syndrome, on how she is leaving frailty behind.

Employee of the Month - Lisa McPherson

The story about Lisa McPherson that’s shared again and again is how she helped a new member of her lab cope with a sudden illness.

Heart muscle made from stem cells aids precision cardiovascular medicine

Heart muscle cells made from induced pluripotent stem cells share gene expression patterns with native donor tissue, researchers discovered. These cells can be used to indicate people who should avoid certain medications that could damage their hearts.

Faculty members appointed to endowed professorships

Victor Carrion and Kari Nadeau have been appointed to endowed professorships at the School of Medicine.

American India Foundation Symposium on maternal and newborn health to be held at Stanford

In India, women die in childbirth from preventable complications regularly, and infants there often fail to receive care that can keep them healthy. The San Francisco Bay Area is home to thousands of Indian expatriates, top biomedical researchers and leading tech companies, all of whom could help improve the outlook for women and babies in India. Why not bring them together?

Commentary expresses “building resentment against the shackles” of electronic health records

Current electronic health records, also known as EHRs, have many failings. That’s according to a commentary written by Stanford faculty members Donna Zulman, MD; Abraham Verghese, MD; and Nigam Shah, MBBS, PhD, that appears today in JAMA.

Department Events

August 23 @ 8:00-9:00 am

ASCO Updates: Gynecological; CNS Malignancies

Cancer Education Seminar

August 24 @ 4:30-6:00 pm

Overview of Constipation

Digestive Disease Clinical Conference

August 17 @ 12:00-1:00 pm

Probing Early Events in Cancer through Host Response: Insights from Monoclonal Gammopathies

Hematology Town Hall

August 26 @ 1:00-2:00 pm

Didactic Lecture


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In the News

“Paying smokers to quit may pay off, study finds” - Researchers found that financial incentives may help low-income smokers quit smoking. Judith Prochaska is quoted.

Chicago Tribune

“4 remarkable South Asian-American medical writers you need to know” - This piece highlights work by Abraham Verghese.

“JAMA: EHRs aren’t keeping up with evolution of other technologies” - This article highlights a recent commentary by Donna Zulman, Abraham Verghese, and Nigam Shah on electronic health records.

Healthcare IT News

“Heart muscle grown from stem cells ma help doctors test treatments” - A new study found heart muscle cells made from stem cells express key genes in patterns similar to cells from a donor’s native heart tissue. Senior author Joseph Wu and lead author Elena Matsa are quoted.

United Press International

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