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Laurence Katznelson receives Endocrine Teaching Award. »

Celebrate International Clinical Trials Day on May 20. »

Blocking a metabolic pathway may shrink aggressive form of kidney cancer. »

Tool for assessing neighborhood health wins international award. »

Scientists find genetic signature enabling early, accurate sepsis diagnosis. »

Each spring, Stanford residents head to Fogarty Winery in Santa Cruz to enjoy a day of team-building activities and wine tasting. »

New from the Stanford 25 blog: Can you diagnose this common rash in young adults? »

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In the News

"Stanford Medicine 25 Skills Symposium to focus on building leaders for the bedside medicine movement" - The first-ever Stanford Medicine 25 Skills Symposium on Sept. 28-29 will focus on building leaders for the bedside medicine movement.

Scope Blog

"Prominent Harvard cardiologist moves to Google X to head large study" - Harvard cardiologist Jessica Mega is joining Google X’s Baseline Study. Bob Harrington is quoted.

"Hildner Lecture - The future of clinical research in interventional cardiology" - In this video, Bob Harrington recaps his SCAI lecture and outlines five ways to improve the future of clinical research.

SCAI 2015

"The Bob Harrington Show: Patient-knows-best research trials" - In the latest episode of “The Bob Harrington Show,” Bob Harrington and Adrian Fernandez discuss the limitations of randomized trials and the upcoming adaptable trial on aspirin dosing.


"California should end the misuse of antibiotics in farm animals" - This opinion piece co-written by David Relman calls on California to end antibiotic use in farm animals to promote faster growth with less feed.

Sacramento Bee

"Medicine's big data revolution" - Vinod Khosla, founder of Khosla Ventures, references the work of John Ioannidis in this Q&A.

Washington Post

"The certainty of uncertainty in medicine" - This opinion piece cites the work of John Ioannidis, and includes his recommendations for improving research.


"Science is often flawed. It’s time we embrace that" - This article quotes John Ioannidis and Daniele Fanelli.

"Triglycerides are dropping among adults" - New data from the CDC shows that the average levels of triglycerides among US adults have been dropping over the past decade. Stanley Rockson provides comment.

"Asian American Awards presented to faculty, staff, students" - Mindie Nguyen received a 2015 Stanford Asian American Award. The awards recognize exceptional service, achievement and dedication.

The Stanford Daily

"New drug being tested helps lower cholesterol in hardest to treat patients" - This piece highlights a new class of drugs, called a PCSK9 inhibitor that appears to lower LDL cholesterol by 50 to 60 percent in reported studies. Josh Knowles is quoted.

CBS Bay Area

"The transformation of US physicians" - In this JAMA perspective piece, Mark Cullen and Victor Fuchs discuss the transformation of US physicians.

JAMA Current

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