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Dean Winslow to lead ValleyCare site. »

Randall Araquistain is the Employee of the Month. »

Exploring the link between patient-record fees and doctor switching. »

Students arrive on campus to attend Stanford Clinical Summer Internship, a summer program designed to help teens learn about medicine. »

Health aid may be allocated efficiently, but not always optimally. »

What is big data? »

Stanford Cardiovascular Institute’s Summer Quarterly highlights the clinical and research activities of CVI members. Look for an update about SCCR on page 12. »

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July 22.
July 29.

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Fellows Didactic Lecture

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In the News

"A mother hen, early Stanford kidney donor dies at 99" - Inga Goodnight, one of Stanford’s first living kidney donors, died in April. Jane Tan is quoted.

Inside Stanford Medicine

"A Stanford dietician talks food sensitivities" - In this vide, Neha Shah explains the difference between food allergies food sensitivities.

Scope Blog

"Telemedicine puts a doctor virtually at your bedside" - This piece examines how telemedicine may impact the doctor-patient relationship. Abraham Verghese is quoted.

PBS NewsHour

"Even people with low risk of heart attack, stroke can benefit from taking statins, study says" - The work of John Ioannidis is referenced in this article.

Los Angeles Times

"Let people make their own end-of-life decisions" - This opinion piece, co-written by Karl Lorenz, discusses Medicare’s decision to cover end-of-life counseling.


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