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Notes from the Chair

As we rush headlong into the busy holiday season, I want to pause and take a moment to thank you for your contributions. I’m grateful for your passion and commitment, which makes the Department of Medicine such a special place. I wish you and your loved ones a very happy Thanksgiving.

This week's grand rounds

There are no Grand Rounds this week.

Our Latest News

How to combine anesthesiology, internal medicine and rock climbing

I’ll admit it: I’m in awe of, and a little intimidated by, medical residents.

“Dear Future Doctor, here’s a few things you’ll need to know”: Med students release parody video

Ready for the first-ever musical parody produced by Stanford medical students?

Study shows ethnicity does not predict type of end-of-life care patients want

Financial and communication barriers are prime roadblocks to quality end-of-life care for ethnic minorities with the least amount of education, according to a multilingual study.

“We need a breakthrough”: Cancer researchers call for more effective, lower cost therapies

Cancer is wily. Although drug developers are continually crafting hard-hitting drugs, a variety of factors, such as a tumor’s genetic heterogeneity, mean that cancer usually comes out on top.

Using social media in clinical research: Case studies address ethical gray areas

If a public-health researcher is reviewing Facebook profiles of 14-year-old males for firearm references and discovers photos or words referencing a potentially threatening situation, should the researcher intervene?

Researchers receive outstanding investigator awards from National Cancer Institute

Steven Artandi, Laura Attardi and Amato Giaccia will receive up to $600,000 annually for seven years to study cancer processes.

Vantage Point: It’s time to talk honestly about dying

A Stanford palliative-care expert urges better, higher-quality communication between patients and physicians regarding end-of-life care.

Watch Research Corner with Ken Mahaffey and Manisha Desai

In this interview, Dr. Mahaffey sits down with Dr. Manisha Desai to discuss her work at Stanford.

Upcoming Grand Rounds

December 9 @ 8:00-9:00 am

The Science of the Art of Medicine

Dr. John Brush graduated from Hampden-Sydney College in 1976 and earned his medical degree from the University of Virginia in 1980.

December 16 @ 8:00-9:00 am

Perspectives on Being a Great Teacher

Dr. Skeff is co-director and founder of the Stanford Faculty Development Center for Medical Teachers that has trained more than 240 medical faculty from over 118 institutions.

Department Events

November 24 @ 8:00-9:00 am

Survivorship and Surveillance for NSCLC

Cancer Education Seminar

Funding and Fellowship Opportunities
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In the News

“Pitfalls for proxies” - In this opinion piece, VJ Periyakoil writes about three common traps that the proxy decision-makers should be aware of.

New York Times

“Robert Califf, FDA nominee, queried on industry ties” - Robert Califf testified this week during his FDA nomination hearing. Bob Harrington provides comment.

New York Times

“Why doctors are performing fewer angioplasties” - Fewer angioplasties are being done as organizations review their safety and efficacy. Bob Harrington authored an accompanying editorial in JAMA and is quoted in this article.


“Google and AHA announce a five-year, $50 million collaboration” - Bob Harrington discusses a new $50 million partnership between Google Life Sciences and the AHA.

MedPage Today

“PSA screening rates decline after USPSTF says ‘no’” - Prostate cancer screening and the incidence of early-stage disease have declined since the USPSTF recommended against routine PSA tests. Doug Owens is quoted.

MedPage Today

“Scientists looking at nature, not the lab, for new cancer treatments” - A medical task force has released a list of natural substances that should be studied as possible cancer treatments. Dean Felsher is quoted.


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