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Faculty Spotlight: Shivaani Kummar. »

Patient-doctor ethnic differences thwart conversations on end-of-life care, study finds. »

Scientists detect lymphoma relapse by monitoring cell-free tumor DNA. »

Pilot project aims to help heart-failure patients self-manage. »

Can a single drug outsmart many kinds of viral invaders? »

On April 20, the Department held an Administrative Professionals Appreciation Breakfast to thank support staff for their hard work and dedication. »

In the latest installment of “The Bob Harrington Show,” Bob Harrington spoke with Euan Ashley about the impact of Big Data on medicine. »

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In the News

"Stanford bioengineer discusses mining social media and smartphone data for biomedical research" - In this blog post, Russ Altman discusses using social media and smartphone data in biomedical research.


"We need a role-reversal in the conversation on dying" - In this op-ed piece, VJ Periyakoil urges patients to communicate their end-of-life wishes to caregivers.

New York Times

"Ethnicity complicates patient-doctor discussion of death" - Many doctors have trouble talking to their patients about death, and these conversations are more difficult when the patient’s ethnicity is different from the physician’s, according to a study led by VJ Periyakoil.

Washington Post

KQED: "Ethnic differences thwart end-of-life conversations"
Medical Daily: "Patients must begin end-of-life conversations because doctors often fail to communicate"
Pacific Standard: "Death and dying, lost in translation"

"The medical research revolution: It’s in your hands!" - This article mentions Stanford’s MyHeart Counts iPhone app and quotes Alan Yeung.

Arizona Daily Star

"Identifying relapse in lymphoma patients with circulating tumor DNA" - Ash Alizadeh and David Kurtz have developed a new technique that can better detect relapse in lymphoma patients.


"Buttered coffee could make you invincible, and this man very rich" - This article profiles a self-described “biohacker,” and quotes Christopher Gardner.


"Why almost everything Dean Ornish says about nutrition is wrong" - This article challenges Dean Ornish’s claims that high-protein and high-fat diets are to blame for America’s growing waistline and incidence of chronic disease. This article quotes Christopher Gardner and cites his research.

Scientific American

"Physician-author Abraham Verghese encourages journalists to tell the powerful stories of medicine" - Abraham Verghese gave a talk at the Association of Health Care Journalists 2015 conference about the power of storytelling in medicine.


Job Opportunities

Google Search Health Editorial Committee: Member

The Google Search Health Editorial Committee is looking for physicians to assist with compiling, curating, and reviewing medical information in their free time. In addition to ensuring accuracy, physicians would help make technical information more accessible to a general audience. The position is remote, and requires a minimum time commitment of 2 hours/week for 10 weeks, with the option to increase involvement if desired. If interested, fill out the application form and submit your CV to

National Institutes of Health: Medical Officer (Clinical)

The NIH is seeking a full-time medical officer in their Clinical Applications and Prevention Branch. Duties include: Administering extramural research grants, planning and coordinating programs and initiatives, and administering clinical and basic research projects. View the full job description here.

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