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Edward Sheen on his experience as a White House Fellow. »

Software will help researchers manage, track clinical trials. »

Exploring electronic health reminders’ effect on quality of care. »

Precision health: Predicting and preventing disease – not just treating it. »

New from the Stanford Medicine 25 blog: What’s the specific cause of this patient’s clubbing?. »

A few photos from the Stanford Cardiovascular Institute’s Second Annual Tissue Engineering Symposium. »

Meet the three fellows who received the Stanford Cardiovascular Institute’s Tissue Engineering Research Prize. »

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In the News

"Your fitness tracker’s stats – explained" - Alistair Aaronson is quoted in this article, which discusses how to put health stats from fitness trackers into perspective.


"Google is using apps to find out what makes a person perfectly healthy" - Google is currently testing a health software suite it calls the "Study Kit" in the pilot for its Baseline Study.

The Verge

"Advice from a geriatrician on seniors and medications" - In this radio segment, Mehrdad Ayati discusses seniors and medications.


"Why medication dosages change as we age" - AARP radio talks with geriatrician Mehrdad Ayati about his new book: Paths to Healthy Aging.


"Sometimes one med leads to another – what to do" - Mehrdad Ayati discusses medication side effects and a problem called the cascade effect.


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