We are now proud suppliers of the wonderful Neal's Yard Organic Range and it's already proving a massive favourite of our lovely customers!  We now have taster products for you to try in reception and you can order from our webpage...just follow this link to browse range or why not pop in and try some out?  We guarantee you'll be hooked!

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Feeling Pampered!

After the cold days and dark nights, the perfect thing to help get you in the mood for spring is a pamper session!  Come and join us on Friday 20th March at another of our sell-out pamper evenings here at The Centre.  Or why not treat your mum this Mothers day to some luxurious 'her' time - just remember not to tell her it's discounted!
£13 per 25 minute treatment.

Free spinal checks!

Homeopathy Works!
Fabulous Course being run by our consultant homeopath Wenda Holland...

Our Homeopath Wenda is running a course on homeopathic first aid in the home.  For more info, you can see Wenda's leaflet below...

Reserve your place!
Book onto the course today - spaces limited

Allergy Testing!
Introducing Victoria Shorland

Allergy Testing and Food Intolerance Consultant Nutritionist Victoria Shorland is a BANT Registered practitioner, with 10 years experience.  She also works at BUPA St Saviours Hospital with Gastroenterologists and Bariatric Patients.
She will be running Allergy Testing Clinics, IBS Specialist Clinics, Weight Loss Programme and General Nutritionist Clinics.

Patients booking an Allergy test before the 28 February will receive a £5.00 discount.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Do I need to bring anything with me for an appointment ?
You will be asked to provide a food diary showing what you eat and drink over a 5 day period. Also, information about medications/supplements will need to be provided.
What happens in the appointment and how long will it take ?
During a consultation I cover the clients complete case history, going right back to birth, and then through to the current day. This gives the client time to discuss personal and physical problems, which are all very relevant. I am then able to discuss their diet in relation to supporting health, and a way forward. The first appointment can take up to 1 hour and reviews take a little less time at 45 minutes.
Do I get leaflets or printed information ?

A diet programme is given which introduces foods which support optimal health. Supporting information can also be emailed.  If someone is under a GP or Consultant, they can be kept informed on request and with the patient’s permission.  Always consult your GP if you are unsure, and never stop any existing medications/treatments without their consent.

How does the Intolerance Testing Equipment work ?

The equipment measures changes in the body’s resistance to problem allergens.  All that is required is for a small sensor to touch the end of your finger.  The experience is similar to touching your finger with a ballpoint pen.  The Allergy Therapist uses the equipment to pinpoint the foods which may be causing you difficulties.  
The procedure is quick and non-invasive, painless and provides instant results.
Following the test, I will advise you on how to eliminate harmful food from your diet and will provide you with information on safe nutritional alternatives whilst following an elimination programme.

Do you want to be in control of your life, your loves & everything?
Including eating, weight & fitness?

Of course we are always in control.  We make mini choices every day, but are those choices informed by our conscious, sensible selves, or our inner selves that have a slightly different agenda?

Find out more about the course with Helen Craven and learn how to put yourself back in charge of your life.

Our inner selves are the really powerful ones.  They are the part of us that say eating those delicious chocolate biscuits will make us feel better and therefore if we eat the whole packet, we'll feel really good!!  We probably don't even know those inner thoughts are happening, we just find our hands lifting up the biscuit and putting it in our mouths.

Our conscious thoughts are telling us that we don't need that biscuit and what we really want is to eat healthily so we can fit into those skinny jeans or look good on the beach in a few months time, but no, we're already chewing that delicious biscuit and reaching for 'just one more'.

Zoom out to the bigger picture.  Do you find yourself agreeing to do something when inside part of you is groaning and telling yourself that you really want to say NO?  We often become programmed to 'people please' and say things that we think others want to hear.  Now there's nothing wrong with being kind and helpful, unless it's making your life unhappy, harder and less fulfilling.

Taking control of those inner thoughts and instant responses - that are so powerful and often not consciously aware of - is the key to really being in control.

Learning how to access and become aware of the inner machinations of our minds is possible.  Learning how to re-programme those responses to get our lives where we want them to be is possible.

You can - by having 3 workshops and a book AN INSIDE JOB, with the author Helen Craven

3 x 1.5 hour evening workshops, including the book and audio CD

Monday evenings course 6:30 - 8:00 pm
16th, 23rd & 30th March.

Put yourself back in charge of your life.

Phone Helen on 07930 323157
or email

Love your feet!

Mr McNamara offers a professional, friendly, affordable and comprehensive range of podiatric/chiropody treatments for lower limb ailments. These include routine care such as nail conditions, corns and callus to verrucae treatments, fungal conditions, diabetic and biomechanical assessments etc.  He provides essential assessments, evaluation, foot care and advice for a wide range of pathological conditions. 

Routine appointments generally last approximately 25-30 minutes but can be slightly longer for the first appointment in order to obtain all of the clients details as well as a full and comprehensive medical history and incorporate vascular and neurological assessments. The podiatrist aims to provide the best possible advice and treatment to help you get back on your feet again as quickly as possible.  Mr McNamara is a HCPC registered Chiropodist as well as a member of The Society of Chiropodists & Podiatrists (MChS). He treats patients of all ages with varying conditions and promotes podiatry as a means to maintain general foot health as well as a preventative measure against future problems related to the lower limbs.  Mr McNamara is clinic based but home visits can be arranged for clients if

Specialising In Pain

Abigail Winstanley is a highly trained and qualified Sports and Clinical Massage Therapist, in a number of different techniques, such as Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Orthopedic Assessment and Rehabilitation to treat acute injuries and chronic pain.  Every Thursday and Friday, Abigail runs a pain clinic to treat conditions such as back pain, neck pain, Plantar Fascitis, Sciatica, Tennis/Golfers Elbow, Carpal Tunnel, knee pain and Frozen Shoulder.

Each treatment is tailored to the specific needs of individual clients and she will work with the tissues to ensure that the treatment will be carried within a comfortable pain threshold to ensure the best outcome and to get you out of pain and back to full mobility.

Yes to Yoga!

With health-related stress issues high on the agenda, yoga is becoming a more and more popular option to increase our health and well-being.  People who practice yoga regularly experience reduced stress levels, increased productivity, are more relaxed and clear-headed and cite improved flexibility and fitness levels.

Practicing yoga regularly can help to reduce back pain, improve balance and muscle strength.  Studies have shown that it can also decrease anxiety and depression and improve the symptoms of arthritis and menopause.

It is an overall comprehensive system of self-care that can provide an engaging practice for a lifetime.

With over 15 years teaching experience Kyra is now offering small, bespoke classes based at The Osteopathy Centre.  Tailored to groups of two or possibly three students and scheduled at a mutually convenient time, these classes are perfect for those who like 100% attention and dislike large, impersonal classes.

Why not build your own group, with your friends and/or family and make an evening of it, it’s great for morale and can be a great confidence booster!

The classes are £40 per 1.15min class (split between two or three students), and after the initial first class are payable 4 weeks in advance.

Kyra is a certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher since 2004 but has been teaching yoga since 1999.  She traveled to India regularly to study with her teachers in the Himalayers and has also been lucky enough to study at the Iyengar Institute in Pune.  She continues to study with senior teachers in the UK.

Please contact Kyra directly with any questions and to book your bespoke yoga class., 07905 267 736 or find he on FaceBook, Linkedn & Twitter:  KyraYoga  

Sidney Visits!

Would you like a visit to your school? Contact Kate 
or Wayne on 01303 230300 or

Goodbye Anna!

We want to say a big goodbye to Anna Williams, our Remedial and Neuromuscular Massage Therapist. Over the last few years Anna has contributed a lot to the Centre. As well as building a good client base Anna has organised many fundraising events for many charities. We want to wish her all the best for the future in London.)
Good Luck Anna!

Mothers Day!

Why not spoil your mum this Mothers Day with some vouchers to relax and unwind.  Kate is offering a special treatment package -
- £30 (usually £38) for a Neck, Back & Shoulder Hot stone massage (60 mins)
- £40 (usually £50) for a Full Body Hot Stone Massage                    (90 mins)

Pamper Session!

FREE £5 voucher off any treatment when you use this voucher code valid till 31st April
Just quote code when booking:

Code:  freevoucher0415
Note. offer only valid once per Patient through this period. 


Love fresh juices?
If you are a fan of all things fruity then you'll love the Juice Executive fresh pressed drinks range.  We now work in association with the Juice Exec so if you'd like fresh juice delivered straight to your door, just visit their website and place your order - enter HYTHECENTRE at the checkout for an amazing 10% discount!

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New Counselling Service at The Centre
(Saturday morning appointments)

Wendy Watkins MBACP(Accred)
Integrative Counsellor

I would like to offer support to you or someone you know who may be struggling with any of the following issues:

Low mood
Low self esteem

Call reception for more details...


As always, we're participating in this great cause so watch out for Sidney antics!  Want to join us?  Get a photo with Sidney and post it on Facebook.  The best snap wins a voucher!


Late evening Treatments at The Centre for Osteopathy fortnightly as from Friday 10th October. Reception will be open. Aurelien will be available for Osteopathy Kate will also be available for reflexology or hot stone massage by appointment.

New Osteo!

One of our Osteopaths, Aurelien, will be reducing his clinic here to 1 per month from April there will be more details nearer the time.  Tamsin will be our latest osteopathic recruit to The Centre and will be here on Fridays and Saturdays.

Are you insured?

We often have patients/clients coming to The Centre who are unaware that osteopathy and many other therapies are covered by health insurance packages as a part of their employment contract. Are you one of them? Your health matters - prevention is better cure! Check out what your covered for and give us a call !!

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