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2015 is here!

So the new year is here and lots of us are committing, temporarily at least, to the idea of becoming better in some manner or another. In past years I’ve done the overly ambitious, “I’m gonna bike an off-road endurance race” to the ludicrous, “I’m gonna learn to salsa dance”. Invariable by the end of January those resolutions have been stored in the memory vault for good.

This year I’d like to offer you a suggestion based on our collective past performance in this resolution arena. Commit to ‘trying’ a craft. Don’t resolutely say “I’m going to learn this”. Instead adjust it to say, “I’m going to try this at least once this year.” If you’re interested in knitting then one Saturday night go buy a couple packages of yarn and head to a retirement community and ask if anyone could show you how to knit a hat? Want to learn to cook, then how about just ‘trying’ one of those cooking classes at your local food coop?

Here’s the kicker though… commit to trying such an adventure in January. Give yourself a fairly quick time deadline. Look for a class today. Look for a group today. Maybe schedule a time to learn but do it today. That way if you discover you didn’t enjoy the craft as much as you like then you still have the good feeling that you’ve already accomplished your resolution for the year. And if you did enjoy it you’ll have a whole 11 more months to ‘try it’ once again.

Now if you think that woodworking might be a craft for you, or your resolution is to get better at it, then let me give you our commercial pitch. But if you’re not in the Austin, TX area I’m sure there’s a local club, community college, woodworking store, or neighbor that can help you meet your  ‘try it once’ goal.

There is still time to sign up for classes in January at wortheffort such as this weekend’s Dovetailed Wall Cabinet class or next weekend’s class on making a bow saw. We also have a multitude of classes on table making, clock making, display shelves, box construction, benches building, bowl & box turning. And if nothing else our ‘Tools-n-Techniques’ series starts a new semester in January with Thursday night classes on: the chisel, saw, planes, and wood. You can learn more at our website.

The bonus benefit of a craft class as your ‘try it once’ resolution is that no matter how it goes you’ll likely end up with something you can use for your lifetime. I can’t say the same about those Salsa lessons I took in 2009.

We'll be making little cell phone stands. So if you'd like to take a free class and check out the school just send me an email so I'll know how many to prepare for. We have room for about 6 more. 

Warning - You'll have to endure lame jokes, sometimes strange music (the Bee Gees came on the playlist last time), and a generally light hearted atmosphere.
Project Class to Start the Year:

Have you wanted to learn how to build a tool, blanket, or hope chest? Or a means to display your work on the walls. Perhaps a cool place to store you're movie collection? Well the first weekend of the year we are offering a Dovetail Display Case class which will encompass most of the technical information you would need to build all of those! Plus the confidence to know you can complete them. The class is all day Saturday and Sunday afternoon until you're tired. Get that all for only $175 (materials included!)
Box Makers Series:

We are starting a new series of classes here targeting those woodworkers wishing to push their skills beyond basic woodworking. If most of our other classes target white thru green belt woodworkers then this class if for blue and above. Those who aren’t quite woodworking ninja’s but understand which end of a sword is sharp. We will be utilizing whatever tools available in the school that will most effectively accomplish any given task including hand tools, power tools, & maybe the occasional voodoo.

It’s an instructor lead cooperative class where each week every student will build a box. Every class is independent of the others so you can learn and practice something new every week. The classes are random and unique as it’s doubtful any single class will ever be repeated. Some weeks it’ll be all about joinery, the next carving embellishments or maybe working finish. You’ll never know until you show up. The class will utilize higher quality lumber and material compared to our beginner level classes with the goal that our projects can be displayed, sold, or gifted.

NOTE: This class is open to guest lecturers. So if you’re up for preparing and teaching some unique woodworking technique via a box build please send us an email.

Learn more at
Upcoming Classes:

See website for more info. Teens and Adults

Every Month
  • Cooperative WW'n (weekly, T 7-9/10pm)
  • New: The Box Maker Series (weekly, M 6-9/10pm)
  • WW'r Support Group (moved to Sunday Nights)
  • Intro to WW'n
  • Tools-n-Techniques (TnT) New Semester Starts 1-8-15
January -
  • Bow/Coping Saw Build
  • Wall Display
  • Trestle Table
  • End Grain Box Turning
  • Bowl Turning
  • Saw Bench
  • Hanging Shelf
  • Mantel Clock
  • Wall Clock
February -
  • 'Every Month' classes plus
  • Moravian Style Stool
  • Dovetail Box
  • Traditional Side Table
  • Kitchen Stool
  • more listed soon
Have an idea for a class? Send us an email.
Woodworker Support Group:

This 'open lab' time has been shifted to Sundays from 6:30-10pm to better take advantage of the weekend open time and allow us to introduce a regular weekly class on Monday nights (Box Making Series).


A new semester of our popular 'TnT' series starts in January with classes on: chisels, saws, wood, planes. These are twelve totally independent classes that repeat every season that are a wonder foundation to any woodworker getting into the hobby or wishing to refine their skills.

ONLY $40 (materials included) Absolutely one of the best values in WW'n education.
Dear Central Texas,
In short order we are going to have all the perks for our Indiegogo campaign fulfilled  These perks included many hand made woodworking tools. While building these I've also been making extras since batch production seems to help my quality and efficiency. 

I've made a lot of the tools we use here at the school so there's been quite a few who've asked to purchase them or get on a waiting list / leave deposit's for ones I'll make in the future but I've declined to start such policies for the reason of timeliness. Running a woodworking school single-handed isn't like a normal production shop where you can dedicate a certain number of hours to accomplish a task. It's more like a convenience store where you attempt to get work done in between helping walk in clients, preparing for classes, cleaning, maintenance, and actually running the classes. I will always prioritize students so this means all build scheduling really just flies out the window.

I hate missing deadlines with a passion. If this Indiegogo campaign has taught me anything it's that. Lesson learned. So I've just decided I'll make what I can and sell first come first served when posted online.

I'll be utilizing social media (Facebook, Twitter, & YouTube) to advertise when these items will be posted to our Etsy page. So if you want 1st dibs you might want to subscribe to them. I know no easier or fairer way.

So over the next couple months expect to see these coming to our store:
  • bow saws
  • coping saws
  • brad awls
  • krenov style planes
  • traditional coffin smoothers (some will be decoratively carved)
  • toted wooden planes
  • carving and joinery mallets
  • English and French Squares
  • dovetail markers
  • traditional marking & panel guages
I'll also be selling much or our higher end art pieces such as bowls, cabinets, boxes, vases, sculptures and such.

In order to survive this school really needs to make about $1000/week. So that's our goal in 2015. Which if you  do the math in your head of what you think a school costs to run I think you'll see this goal doesn't even get us into the poverty level of income. It's a slim margin slow growth kind of business and we no longer have a choice anymore. That goal just has to be met. So if you are kind enough to patronize our online store I do want you to know that every dollar really will be helping to keep this school open for the next generation and letting me work towards improving the education of today's youth.


Shawn Graham
If you are an experienced woodworking who'd like to utilize the school to teach a class, lead a boy/girl scout event, organize a homeschool group, or host a business event give us a call and lets see if we can work something out to better utilize this school and it's assets.
Indiegogo Supporters:

For the next few weeks we are working on completing all 'perks' exclusively during our free time so you should expect all by the end of the year. Thanks for all your support.
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