The NEW wortheffort is opening in November.New Classes, New Teachers, New Learning Experiences. Registration is open, spots are limited.
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Class Enrollment is now OPEN!

visit for class descriptions, schedule, and registration.


Most of the classes will be limited to 6 students ,or 6 student/guardian teams, because the smaller facility limits us to six workbenches. Though at 2'x7' they are more than big enough for two people to work on small projects at opposite corners.  So some of the project based classes might fill up fast.Not to worry though. The project based classes are in rotation so that one class you want to take will return.

On the bright side, smaller class sizes insures much more one-on-one instruction with the handsome teacher!

FREE Classes are Returning!

One of this schools biggest goals is to bring as many of the next generation into this craft as possible so all our popular free classes from the San Marcos school are returning. 

  • First Fridays make the perfect family outing, date night, escape from kids
  • our "Introduction to Woodworking" class on Thursday nights focuses on the foundation tool of woodworking, sharpening, and quick tour of the school
  • "The After Lunch Bunch" meets every Thursday after lunch. 
visit our course description page at for more information.

And Something Totally Different

We are starting two new series of collaborative learning at wortheffort. "The Box Masters" series is for experienced woodworkers who want to take their skill to the next level. The "Women-N-WW'n" is for those lacking the Y-Chromosome who'd appreciate learning in a more collaborative social environment. Each of these series will have a teacher present to help and provide knowledge but the courses themselves will be lead by the group.

visit our course description page at for more information.

Open Lab and Football? Impossible...

Y'all have asked for open lab time at the school and while our free "After Lunch Bunch" does have aspects to that what you've really wanted is time to come in, work on projects, ask questions, and learn about tools. So Monday nights we will be offering you individuals a "Support Group" of your own. Also, if we can swing it... there might be a game on in the background.


And as always, here at wortheffort... PARENTS LEARN FREE!

You can visit the "Parents Learn Free" page at wortheffort for all the details.

Women-N-Woodworking November Poll

Each month the women who are interested in working with the Women-N-WW'n group choose the project they'll be collaborating and creating in their class via the poll in the prior months newsletter. This time y'all get to select the project for Novembers class. The choice with the highest votes is our project. If something receives a lot of votes but doesn't win it'll be back next month. Those with few votes will never be seen again! This class is open to Teens too.
  • choose '2' if you'd like to build a "Arts & Craft" inspired pet bed
  • choose '4' if you'd like to build a Wall Mirror/Hat Rack
  • choose '6' if you'd like to build a Small Table Top Chest with Drawer
  • choose '8' if you'd like to build a Floating Top Hall Table
If you choose another number besides these well... ya... vote won't count.

Vote Here

lowest 1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10   highest
Sorry, voting is closed.

Perk Delay:

There has been a short delay in finishing the perks of the Indiegogo Campaign. I still anticipate beating the stated goals but just not by as much as I'd previously implied.

This idiot actually got his rump kicked by allergies. To the tune of torn muscles and a cracked rib (coughing to hard). So I haven't been in the shop much this week. Most everything but the planes and saws just need a few touches and finish before mailing so hopefully next week they'll be in the mail with the tools a few weeks later.

Sorry for the delay.
School Library:

Schools typically have a library and it's been my desire for a long time to have a public library at our school dedicated to woodworking. I have a huge collection of woodworking DVD's, books (many out of print), and decades of back issues of magazines that for a year now I've wanted to use for the schools library. Somewhere people could come in, have a seat on the couch, and read during events such as the After Lunch Bunch, 1st Fridays, or free times. Or even plug into the DVD to watch.  I'd even be willing to set up a free check out program for past students.

Unfortunately things just keep coming up that I need to do to pay the bills. So I haven't been able to build adequate freestanding book shelves. It's on the list but there are lots of things ahead of it.

If any of y'all have some freestanding bookshelves you could loan or donate to the school I'll be happy to open up the library at the school as soon as we open. And as soon as I get around to building the library I've envisioned I could return them or donate em to someone else.

Upcoming Demos:

In anticipation of the relaunch of the school we are ramping up our demonstrations. It's also a chance for you to see some of the items we will be teaching students to make. (Psst... they're also for sale. Early gift buying?)

Check our website for dates and times.

We'll be at these places in Sept/Oct/Nov:
  • Triangle Art Market
  • Art Squared in San Marcos
  • Sunset Valley Farmers Market
  • Muellers Farmers Market
  • Bluebonnet Farmers Market
  • Barton Creek Farmers Market
  • Austin East Artist Market
  • Chalk Walk in Round Rock
  • Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event Austin
  • working on a few more...
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