First Friday is FREE! at wortheffort woodworking school. Come make something, have some fun, and learn a little. Just don't take it too seriously because it's just woodworking.
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New Categories of Classes & Tools

Wortheffort is beginning it's second season in Austin, TX. We made investment and took the risk to relocated from San Marcos in November to become more convenient to future woodworkers and hopefully reach a larger home-school and after-school market. While a community service business like this can't be expected to turn profits easily or quickly it does need to cover it's own cost to stay open.

So in an effort to reach that goal and find our little niche in the community we are running some experimental classes and scheduling in March and April to offer more options to more people.

The school will also be expanding it's line of shop made tools, items easily shipped around the country, to offset our current losses. This month we are adding grooving planes to complement our Krenov style hand planes, English and French squares, osage orange mallets and marking gauges. In March our production of coping and bow saws will be ready for release. (store)

You could greatly help us out by spreading the word about the school and it's upcoming classes. Word of mouth advertising is all we can afford at the moment and it is the most effective at any price.

Thanks, and remember... its always 'worth the effort' to learn, create, and share with others.

Shawn Graham - teacher

Small Project Mondays:
Open to teens and adults. Small projects that we can completed or come close enough that they can be easily finished as homework. 6:30-9/10pm

Turning Tuesdays:
We'll cover one subject such as tools like the spindle/skew/bowl gouge or technique such as finials, bowls, surface decorations, etc... This class is structured like our popular "TnT" class but for turning. 7-9/10pm (limited to 2 students but if you can provide your own tools we can offer a discount to the class)

Wednesday's Monthly Big Project:
Every month we'll offer one big project for the more ambitious newbie or experienced woodworker wanting to expand their skills. 6:30-9/10pm

"TnT" Thursdays:
Our ever popular hand tool series. March includes classes on dovetails, cutting curves. dado's, rabbets, and grooves. The series starts anew in April. 7-9/10pm

Family Fridays:
Light-hearted classes perfect for the whole family or those wanting to make interesting something interesting. Projects will range from Bird/Bat houses to desktop catapults. 7-9/10pm

Weekend Classes:
Large project 1 or 2 day classes that can be completed to at least a state to be assemble at home. Projects will be newbie friendly but offer opportunities for more experienced woodworkers to grow. 9:30am-6/7pm

see our website for details or register online 
classes and schedules will be fully updated later tonight.
Featured Art of Month:

This pecan bowl has some of the best spalting we've ever come across. The colors are so consistent throughout they truly mimic marble. This one you are buying the wood as art, it just happens to be shaped as a bowl.

10 1/4' wide and 4 1/4' high.

$260 (domestic shipping included)

see it on our online store.

We have lots of other artwork, bowls, accessories, boxes and tools available for sale on our online store and in the studio gallery (open after noon almost every day).
FREE! First Fridays:

We will continue to offer the popular First Friday event at wortheffort. The free monthly class for the local community.

This past month while making a little shelf visitors learned to sharpen a chisel, hand cut perfectly fitted dado's without measuring, and to mix milk paint while enduring corny jokes and hocky music.

What will we learn next month? You'll have to show to find out!

See website for more info. 

Monthly Big Project

Every month we will offer one weekly big project class for the local community. Think of it as taking a dance class. But instead of knowing to cha-cha at the end of the month you'll have a piece of furniture.

In March we will be working on a Medicine Cabinet which you'll be able to configure it's interior any way you wish.

In April a Dovetail Chest suitable as a tool chest, blanket chest, or hope chest.

These classes are suitable for new and learning woodworkers.

Introductory Price - ONLY IN FEBRUARY!

'wortheffort' is proud to announce it's latest product, a shop made grooving plane. These are an improvement of the planes I and my students have been using for years now. You can see the originals in motion at the beginning of our video on Making Grooves and more in-depth towards it's end.

Designed after a traditional moulding plane but with the unique purpose of making dedicated size grooves. As a furniture maker and knock around woodworker this has become one of my most used specialty planes. Perfect for boxes, drawers, picture frames, panels, sliding tops or anywhere I can design around a 1/4" groove at a fixed depth and distance from the edge.

We are offering them in cherry or maple in both left and right hand versions. Or you can get both so you'll always have the option of going with the grain. We have a half dozen available for immediate delivery and another dozen ready once blades have arrived and can be heat treated and fitted (expect 2 weeks to delivery). This is a product that we plan to regularly produce for inventory.

Only $160  for the rest of February!

includes shipping
online store
If you are an experienced woodworking who'd like to utilize the school to teach a class, lead a boy/girl scout event, organize a homeschool group, or host a business event give us a call and lets see if we can work something out to better utilize this school and it's assets.
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