First Friday is FREE! at wortheffort woodworking school. Come make a squirrel feeder and check out the school.
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Studio Tour and Magazine...

May is our biggest marketing push since opening. I encourage you to come visit during our participation in the West Austin Studio Tour May 9 & 10th, 16 & 17th. Not only will you be able to tour the school and see live demonstrations but also talk with some of Central Texas's premier woodworkers as we'll have Craig Timmerman, Leslie Webb, Jack Graham (Dad), and A&K Woodworking.

We also are mentioned as one of seven "Fun Arts & Craft" things to do in Austin Monthly Magazine.

You will also see a huge push in our online media production as we attempt to transition our Teen Woodworking Education to YouTube. So if you haven't subscribed yet now would be the time so you can get the latest updates. Just visit

The school has also started contributing to Popular Woodworkings online efforts to market the school and position us as woodworking educators. You can read our first few contributions here.

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Changing Up Course Scheduling:
In our ever evolving effort to find the right balance between course offerings and income development to keep the school opening we are making an adjustments to when courses will be offered. 

All of our classes are shifting to the weekend and Thursday Nights (with the exception of popular Free First Friday's). This will open up a normal work week for me to focus on media and merchandise production or outside work. 

It also forces the elimination of all the Free Open Shop time we've been offering with our Thursday 'After Lunch Bunch' and Sunday Afternoons. Those offerings weren't being utilized but I'm always willing to work with individual who need to 'catch up' on classes so there will be time for past and future students to finish up a project with my help.

See what's coming in May and June below

Small Proj. Sat. Nights
  • 3 legged Stool
  • English Square
  • Sliding LId Box
  • Tool Tote
  • French Square
  • Book/Tablet Stand
  • Shooting Board
  • Bench Hook
Saturday Day Classes
  • Bowl Turning
  • Morovian Stool
  • Dovetail Desk Box
  • Intro to Joinery
  • End Grain Box Turning
  • Shaker Peg Shelf
  • Sitting Bench
Sunday Afternoon's
  • Making Drawers
  • G&G style Box
  • Frame/Panel Box
  • Hall Mirror
  • Forstner Bit Box

"Tools-n-Techniques" now on Sunday TOO!

A new semester of our popular 'TnT' series is starting on Sunday nights in May with classes on: chiselssawswoodplanes. So now you have two chances a week to catch one of our most popular classes.

Thursday classes in May cover: Lap Joints, Mortise & Tenon, Finger Bridle, and The Dovetail.

Most ONLY $40 (materials included)

Absolutely one of the best values in WW'n education.

New Online Video Series starts in May!

In an attempt to leverage the schools unique curriculum and our current online YouTube following we are going to develop a series of educational online videos that will be suitable for public school consumption. Material a teacher could use to teach a class, course, or semester in a public school utilizing woodworking to reinforce academia. Just as we've been doing at the school for live classes.

Past experience has shown me that most of these video's will require 40-60 hours of work but we are also going to try to provide ancillary material including powerpoint presentation, pdf support, reviews and worksheets. By providing the material in this manner hopefully average woodworkers could also benefit or parents (and homeschoolers) could take advantage of the material to help in educating their own kids.

The big risk for the school is that we will not be able to 'monetize' our work. (FYI we've never earned a penny from all our past YouTube effort). But we have to have faith that something will develop. There are many more individuals earning a living in the woodworking realm than there are teaching actual students in a brick and mortar school. The hope is this'll somehow help subsidize our real school.

You will be getting 3 styles of educational videos from us.

  1. Artsy Fartsy silent films such as: Making a Groove Plane, Seared Turned Bowl, & Try Square
  2. Stand Alone Lessons such as: Leverage & Newton, Turning Demystified, Dovetailes Demystified, Zombies in Wood but with a more academic bent.
  3. Sequential Lessons. This is what I'm most excited about as it will be digitizing the equivalent of a text book complete with educational asides, exercises, and assessment.
Starting in May you will see at least a weekly upload starting with a stand alone analysis of 'design' then progressing into a chapter one series introducing the craft of woodworking.

So if you aren't subscribed now join the other 10k individuals who've watched approximately a million videos from wortheffort on our YouTube Channel.


If you'd like to take a free class and check out the school just send me an email so I'll know how many to prepare for. We have lots of room.

Warning - You'll have to endure lame jokes, sometimes strange music (who knows whats in the playlist), and a generally light hearted atmosphere. But you will learn and have fun.

Ever wanted a workbench?

A workbench is the absolute best clamp you'll ever own. Making it easy to stabilize your work thus safer, faster and more precise. The best kinds of workbench is one that you never have to think about because it just fits into your workflow seamlessly. Finding one that hasn't been compromised by required manufacturing processes or the need to ship means either building one yourself or commissioning one from an expert.

That is until now.

We are offering two of our schools workbenches for sale at rock bottom prices. Designed for both left and right handed people with leg vises that can either be moved to any (or all) of the four corners. These are definitely benches you'll be passing down thru the generations.

Visit our online store for more details.


If you are an experienced woodworking who'd like to utilize the school to teach a class, lead a boy/girl scout event, organize a homeschool group, or host a business event give us a call and lets see if we can work something out to better utilize this school and it's assets.
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