Change of focus at wortheffort woodworking school. Lots of new smaller project classes teaching traditional techniques.
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Eliminating some classes/good news?

As you know wortheffort is just a little one room (warehouse) school. Originally I saw it as a way to continue teaching teens and young adults in my unique manner utilizing one interesting, subject such as woodworking (in my HS days it was multimedia design), to reinforce traditional academia such as science, mathematics, social studies, literature and such. When marketed there really did seem to be a lot of interest in such programs especially among the home school community. Also with parents dissatisfied about options in the public school sector being eliminated.

It was a gamble to focus so hard on this niche market simply because, it hadn't been done before as a private business. But I figured kids take league sports, martial arts, music, ballet, scouts, etc... in theory 'woodworking' could be just another after school activity. 

We're at a point where we are going to have to back away from focusing on this teen market. Designing, preparing, scheduling, and marketing 2-3 classes a month of the academic quality I deemed important was taking up half my efforts as well as limited allotment of calendar spots. Despite insultingly low pricing structure, the "Parents learn Free" program, and even relocating the business to home-school friendly Austin TX we haven't gotten a single student (or inquiry) about the classes in the last 5 months. In my mind this is a failure in marketing not purpose. 

I say this to explain why you are about to see a big shift in classes we are offering at the school. Wortheffort is going to start offering a lot more small project based classes for adults over an evening or two. Classes that'll teach a lot of traditional techniques quickly, offer enough practice to reassure me you've learned the lesson, and still let you leave with a finished item or close enough to be finished at home.

Plus we are transitioning into teaching a full curriculum of turning classes in addition to our woodworking courses.

We'll still try to offer 1 class a month suitable for a 'Teen/Guardian' team such as February's Morovian Stool Class. I'll also try to sneak in something that's family friendly too, such as our Forstner Bit class. But first we need to figure out a way to survive financially before we can offer the more altruistic academic and woodworking curriculum.

So below is a quick description of some of the different classes we are offering in February. I'm holding off on scheduling much in March for a few weeks to see how things progress but I do have some really cool ideas in mind!


8000 Subscirbers!

We reached the 8000 subscriber mark on YouTube today! I looked at the analytics and it's shocking the number of lifetimes (hours viewing) people have spent listening to my Texas drawl and watching me fumble around.

With stepping back from the teen class arena at the brick and mortar school I hope in the coming months to digitize all the work I put into designing cool lessons for the kids into a video series suitable for parents to use teaching their own kids or school teachers to show in the classroom.

That's the goal. Working on the time and funding requirements with the current change in curriculum structure.

All project classes earn students a FREE pass

to one Woodworkers Support Group Session
just in case you don't finish and need time and instruction to complete your work.

That's like getting two classes for the price of one! (sorta)
Dovetail Step-stool:

An intensive hybrid woodworking class that emphasis hand joinery and design.

These are incredibly handy and good looking appliances for around the house and shop, making great gifts.

Intro to Joinery in March:

A great class that'll teach you most of the foundation joints while building an overly complex tool tote.

Greene & Greene Style:

Make a unique little box in one of our Monday night classes. Intense learning but also fun and you end up with something cool.

Bowl Turning:

Stretch you woodworking skills into this popular and addicting niche. Only 2 spots open in February. You'll make one bowl via instruction and a second on your own. Unbelievable value for practically one on one instruction.
Upcoming "T-n-T's" $40:

February -
  • 105: Miter (make a miter block)
  • 106: Lap Joints (make a frame)
  • 107: Mortise/Tenon (make mallet)
  • 108: Finger/Bridle (French Square)

March -
  • 109: Thru Dovetail (DT marker)
  • 110:Groove/Rabbet/Dado (shelf)
  • 111: Advanced Dovetails
  • 112: Cutting Curves (Birdcage)

Frame & Pane Box:

Learn to embed lots of different media as a panel such as glass, tile, wood, fabric, etc... Just another evening class at wortheffort.
Trestle Hall Table Build:

Over the course of two Saturdays we'll learn a classic table design in the form of a small trestle table suitable for use in a hall, living room, or shop.

Make an English Square:

Come spend an evening learning some fine layout, joinery, design, and execution tricks while building a traditional English Square.
First Friday's FREE!:

As always the first friday of the month is a free class here at wortheffort. 7-9pm We'll likely be making a little nic nac shelf using dado's and mixing up some milk paint this month. Email me to attend. Please remember I have to prep for every attendee. Space is limited.

Family Friendly:

I'll try to offer a few teen friendly short classes a month like this little class on a Monday night building a forstner bit box.

Traditional Side Table:

Build this classic hand tool project in February. A month long course that meets weekly so at the end of the month you'll have this heirloom table along with a wealth of information and new skills.
Classic Drawers:

Learn the finer points of building a classic half blind dovetailed drawer as seen above. While we'll just end up with a small tray you will learn to avoid the pitfalls and traps while absorbing lots of little tricks to making a tight fitting drawer.

Lots & Lots of other classes are now scheduled.
Check for all the details!

Quick Notes

We're having issues with servers. Detailed course descriptions at and our Etsy store will be updated shortly as the problems are resolved. I'm told by late the 28th.

Workbench for Sale $550

The workbench I've been using in live demos for the past three years is up for sale. It's made of Southern Yellow pine and includes a leg vise, Moxon Twin Screw, two Gramercy hold fasts, lower shelf, and really thick top. I've built lots of projects on it and still use it today. It'd be perfect for an apartment, porch, or used as a joinery bench along side a bigger.

We're selling it because of space needs in our new smaller school and we could use the rent money.


Tools in Inventory!

Follow us on Twitter & Facebook to get first notice on new postings.

The first of our shop made tools will be available in the next few days. All indications are these will be what keeps this little business afloat during our start-up years.

Included will be a limited supply of the wooden hand planes so many have been questioning us about after seeing me use them in our YouTube videos, live demonstrations or classes. I've made some improvements based upon using mine for the past 5 years and am most proud of the pin design which corrects some issues I've had with both Krenov's style and the more modern metal pin. They use a wider than traditional 2" Hock blade (O1) that's the longer 4". This allows for a more gradual camber and in my opinion smoother finish. The shape I styled first for comfort and secondly after my vision of an old craftsman wooden power boat.

As of publishing this newsletter I have 2 in hard maple, 2 in cherry and 1 'tuxedo' cherry/maple. The introductory price to get us established in the plane making market is only $250. If wortheffort's Etsy page isn't up by the time you read this you can email me to reserve one if any are left.

Also ready for immediate delivery are our Dovetail Markers, French Squares, English Squares, and mallets. Coming next week will be grooving planes and the following week a new coping/bow saw.

If you are an experienced woodworking who'd like to utilize the school to teach a class, lead a boy/girl scout event, organize a homeschool group, or host a business event give us a call and lets see if we can work something out to better utilize this school and it's assets.
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