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New Video Series...

We’re excited to present a new video series on the schools YouTube Channel ( The idea is to digitize the “Tools-n-Technique” series for teens that we never got to teach and giving it away for free. Conceptually it’ll be like starting a MS/HS woodworking class and progressing thru a semester of curriculum. Basically it’s a lesson by lesson video textbook that’ll include 12 chapters (lessons), each made of several episodes with exercises that can be completed in a double block class period. It’s being written and filmed as if a teacher will be showing the video in the classroom but the desired purpose would be as a prompt to help teachers, homeschoolers, and parents introduce woodworking to teens even if they themselves don’t have a lot of woodworking experience. And yes, we’re incorporating as much academia from other subjects as integrated side lessons so don’t be surprised when we includes mathematics, history, physics, chemistry, mathematics, science, biology and even foreign language into a woodworking lesson.

The first lesson is made up of three episodes, the last of which will be published this week, going over grain and cutting edges. Each episode takes me between 30-40 hours to write, film, edit, process, and then upload. If we can find corporate support for the project we should be able to finish the entire series by the end of October. 
1-01a: Into to WW'n
  • strength
  • weaknew
  • safety
  • wedge & edge
  • reflection
  • power tools
  • hand tools
  • sharpening
  • geometry
  • genetics
1-01b: Chisels & Grain
  • Grain Direction
  • Safety
  • Elements
  • Cutting Edge
  • Metalurgy
  • Ergonomics
  • Chisel Selection
  • anatomy
  • geometry
  • biology

1-01c: Basic Joinery
  • Rabets
  • Mortise
  • Tenons
  • Miters
  • Measurement
  • History
  • Biology

"Tools-n-Techniques"  Thursday & Sunday

  • 101 - Chisels
  • 102 - Saws
  • 103 - Wood
  • 104 - Planes
  • 105 - Miter/Butt Joints
  • 106 - Lap Joints
  • 107 - Mortise/Tenon
  • 108 - Finger/Bridle
  • 109 - Dovetails
  • 110 - Dado, Rabbet, & Groove
  • 111 - Advanced Dovetails
  • 112 - Curves
Learn at your own pace. Pick and choose what you want to learn. Very Skills based 

Most ONLY $40 (materials included)

Absolutely one of the best values in WW'n education.

Liquidating Assets before closing...

In the month of May wortheffort was featured in a well-read regional magazine, local newspaper, had three live on location TV spots, participated in the second largest studio tour in Austin (over two weekends), did live demos, held 5 free classes, and kept up with all our normal  social media, video, board flyers, and word of mouth communication. The end result of all that marketing was… 2 inquiries and 0 new students. And I’m at a loss to explain why.  

But those results do tell us one big thing. While a little woodworking school that picks up the slack of our school system and is a convenient resource for area hobbyist is conceptually viable and seemingly needed service an art focused community, it isn’t necessarily something the community wants to spend discretionary income on. While I’m quite confident we’re going to get some flak due to the name of our school our problem is landlords, bankers, insurance agents, and the utilities don’t really care how much effort you put into a business.

So the decision has been made to shut the doors of the school. Our lease isn’t up until the end of October so we will continue to have a few classes on weeknights and every few weekends for the individuals who want to take advantage while they can. But our effort now is shifting from school marketing, building a student base, networking & course prep towards exiting as financially responsibly as possible. We’re going to leave in debt but with a change of focus hopefully not overwhelming debt.

I have about 3 more weeks of work to finish up the schools outstanding commitments (Indiegogo) after which most of my effort will switch to finding full-time work either as a production woodworker, public school teacher (highly competitive field right now in Texas), or just waiting tables. There’s also an outside hope of finding some corporate sponsorship to complete a new series of classroom based videos which would get us at least to the end of our lease.

There is hope that in the future we’ll be able to reopen the school, maybe as a hobby or second job for me. So most of the hand tools will be oiled and stored. But all the items that are too bulky to store in a few plastic tubs will be liquidated because storage fees would be much more than replacement costs. We are going to start offering items up for sale as they become ‘excess’. So keep your ears open for some really great deals. Starting with a few of the schools work benches.

REDUCED TO $950 for a limited time

I’m putting up the first two of our six benches up for sale now. These are a good value at $1600 but in order to make rent I’ve discounted them down to $950. So if you’re interested in a great deal just contact me and we’ll make arrangements.

A workbench is the absolute best clamp you'll ever own. Making it easy to stabilize your work thus safer, faster and more precise. The best kinds of workbench is one that you never have to think about because it just fits into your workflow seamlessly. Finding one that hasn't been compromised by required manufacturing processes or the need to ship means either building one yourself or commissioning one from an expert.

Visit our online store for more details.


New Online Store  40-50% Off Tools

We've updated our online store with some of our latest pieces and now have much more in our brick and mortar gallery. So if you are looking for the perfect wedding, holiday, business, or occasion gift made by a local artist from local material visit either of our new stores.

If you'd like to take a free class and check out the school just send me an email so I'll know how many to prepare for. We have lots of room.

Warning - You'll have to endure lame jokes, sometimes strange music (who knows whats in the playlist), and a generally light hearted atmosphere. But you will learn and have fun.
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