First Friday is FREE! at wortheffort woodworking school. Come make a squirrel feeder and check out the school.
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December's First Friday is here!

The First Friday of every month at 'wortheffort' is a free woodworking class to the local community. Just a fun outing for people to collaborate on some silly woodworking project, learn a little, and have a laugh.

Plus it'll give you a chance to check out the school to see what and how we teach.

This month the big lesson will be cutting to a line, making a dovetail joint, and mixing milk paint. The small lesson is, 'it's just woodworking, a learned skill, anybody can do it!'. 

The silly project is a squirrel feeder.

So whether it be: an end of week activity, first date, 50th anniversary, mother/daughter outing, college buddy reunion, or just a chance to learn... come on by.

Please tell your friends and come on out yourself to share a fun night making sawdust. And don't worry, you'll be done in time to still raid Austin's night life or get to bed in time for an early Saturday morning.

All I ask is you contact us ahead of time so I can prepare properly.

Our email is sg at or call us at 512-969-0200.

2015 is almost here and like every year we make commitments to ourselves in the form of resolutions and such. This year why not commit to learning something new. 
Woodworking is a fun, engaging, activity that doesn't take much effort to learn to do well but can take a lifetime to master. Once proficient it's one of those activities that requires just enough concentration to make life's struggles abate to the background letting you calm down at the end of a stressful day. A rewarding activity on the weekend that you'll find enjoy in the form of immediate satisfaction and years of service from what you make.

So this year take a chance, try a class, make some sawdust, workout your dexterity and imagination. This year, try woodworking.
Gift Certificates to our popular 'TnT' series are now available! Give your WW'r the gift of a little education! 

Classes cover: dovetails, mortise & tenons, rabbets, dado's, chisels, planes, saws, grooves, wood, and much much more...

Purchase them at our store for only $40!
Cooperative WW'n:

We are going to make a change to the Women-n-Woodworking class by opening it up to the Y-Chromosomes.

In actuality the unique feature of the class was the collaborative nature so to help boost enrollment (we haven't had a person sign up for the Women's class since starting) we're opening it up to all including teens and adults.

If you'd like to build something with your specific style in mind then this is the class for you.

Learn more at
Upcoming Classes:

See website for more info. Teens and Adults

Every Month
  • Cooperative WW'n (weekly, T 7-9/10pm)
  • The Box Master
  • WW'r Support Group
  • Intro to WW'n
  • Tools-n-Techniques (TnT)
January -
  • 'Every Month' classes plus
  • Wall Display
  • Trestle Table
  • End Grain Box Turning
  • Bowl Turning
  • Saw Bench
  • Hanging Shelf
  • Mantel Clock
  • Wall Clock
February -
  • 'Every Month' classes plus
  • Moravian Style Stool
  • Dovetail Box
  • Traditional Side Table
  • Kitchen Stool
Have an idea for a class? Send us an email.
Shop Local:

This holiday season I can't encourage you enough to shop local. Not only are you keeping your income local but many times you will be getting better deals, better quality, and something unique.

We have some fantastic heirloom quality gifts that will be cherished and passed down for generations. Since everything is made by hand and unique to the wood we acquire (much of it local) there are limited supplies in our art gallery.

If you'd like to support the school and get a gift that only you could find we'd appreciate your business here at wortheffort woodworking. You can find us at area art markets or our ever expanding gallery here at the school.
Dear Central Texas,

We're at the point at 'wortheffort' where we've got to be able to at least cover rent to keep the doors open so any help you can offer spreading the word of the school is much appreciated. Word of mouth, our weekly demonstrations at local markets, this newsletter, and our social media effort is all the advertising we can afford at the moment and marketing is everything when you are developing a new base for a unique product. Remember there are only a handful of schools like this across the country so as strange as it sounds, woodworking education is a new product!

You'll notice in our schedule we are having to cut back on day classes during the week for the home-school, after-school, and retirement community due to my need to find work to pay both the schools and personal bills. So if any of you know of work that'll at least let me keep the school open at night until we are self sufficient please let me know.

In 2015 we'll start taking commissions for custom work, introduce new products to sell, and if time allows begin producing video lessons that supports other academia for the teen market (and their parents trying to teach them). Basically a series of lessons you should have had in middle and high school woodshop.


Shawn Graham
If you are an experienced woodworking who'd like to utilize the school to teach a class, lead a boy/girl scout event, organize a homeschool group, or host a business event give us a call and lets see if we can work something out to better utilize this school and it's assets.
Indiegogo Supporters:

For the next few weeks we are working on completing all 'perks' exclusively during our free time so you should expect all by the end of the year. Thanks for all your support.
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