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When was the last time you made something that'll be of benefit to family and friends for centuries to come?

In the modern world we spend most of our life in temporary activities. Filing reports, writing papers, customer service, editing media, mowing the lawn, watching TV... all necessary activities that contribute to a quality life but... a decade from now will people still be noticing that effort.

Now contemplate the idea that an activity you'd do for enjoyment, as a stress release at the end of the day, something that could be accomplished almost absently while listening to 'the game' or the news in the background. An activity you could do with a son or daughter, niece or nephew, neighbor or friend. An activity that a hundred years from now people will still recognize as yours, respect for it's artwork, design and execution. That's woodworking. Seriously, when was the last time someone disposed of a quality build table, chair or cabinet. When built right, with the care that comes from knowledge and pride, that kind of stuff will last centuries.

Woodworking is an activity that anyone can understand and do. An activity that allows for artistic expression, analytic design, reverence of history, and infinite possibilities. It's easy to become proficient at yet someone could spend a challenging lifetime mastering. It's an activity that can help bond you to family in friends while instilling a sense of self worth. It's also an activity that if properly educated doesn't require a fortune to get into or years to become proficient. It's also one of the crafts that really emphasizes function in form so the end result isn't just a bunch of 'stuff'.

"wortheffort" is one of a handful of woodworking schools in this country and it happens to be located right here in San Marcos. While during the week we strive to focus on the teen crowd with afterschool and homeschool classes designed to reinforce academia we also offer classes for Adults. These range from project based classes such as our Shaker Side Table course or dovetail stepstool course to the simple, non-committal "Tools & Techniques" series that provides a solid foundation to build upon.

If you are interested in getting just a taste of this hobby please try any one of our free events such as 'First Friday' or our weekly free class that focuses on tools and sharpening. Or jump in with a Tools and Techniques class of your choosing.

Since we are just starting out as a business you could help us out immensely by forwarding this newsletter on to parents of teens, retirees, or anyone you believe might be interested in beginning to advanced level courses in woodworking.


Shawn Graham - teacher
P.S. - An Open Letter to Parents

First Friday's at 'wortheffort'

1st Friday's

Free!!!: Every month 'wortheffort' will be holding a free educational woodworking event on the "First Friday". Perfect for people interested in a taste of the school, couples looking for a fun date, or parents looking for something to do with their kids, In the past we've made book stands, boxes, charging stations, etc... The projects might blow up, be a total disaster or turn out perfect, but I guarantee you'll have fun and learn. 
Teen Woodworking Classes

Teen Classes

Education to reinforce academia: Our afternoon classes go much farther than simple woodworking lessons. Coming from 7 years of High School teaching I firmly plan on using this fun, engaging activity to reinforce academia in biology, science, math, social studies and even history.

We offer 'pay as you go' classes that meet at 10am or 3:00pm and also project based classes such as building a xylophone.

Shaker Side Table Class in September

TnT Classes $36

No Commitment Learning: This series of 12 classes covering basic tools and techniques in woodworking is designed to provide a very solid foundation in woodworking with practical education and exercises. No registration. No commitment. Skip as you need. Pick and choose. Pilfer as much distilled knowledge as you can, at your own pace. Perfect for those just getting into the hobby.
Christopher Schwarz teaching a Dutch Tool Chest class at wortheffort.

1st Notice! Mastering Dovetails

Graham Blackburn will be teaching a 3 day, intensive, dovetailing class January 10-12, 2014. Online newsletter subscribers are the first to hear about it and the first to have a chance to enroll. This is only $150 for each intensive day, materials included. There are a limited number of spots so if you're interested. Jump fast! If history is correct this class will fill in just a few weeks.

More in-depth description at

FREE! 11-2-2013: 7-9pm

An Evening wt Christopher Schwarz 
Chris will be hosting a free evening talk on Nov. 2nd. He was the longtime editor of Popular Woodworking Magazine and launched his own publishing company focusing on hand tool woodworking and traditional forms of furniture in Lost Art Press. This is one of the only chances to meet the personable "Schwarz", in TX as he gives a free talk on any manner of interesting subjects answering questions along the way. Who knows what'll happen afterwards at this college party town.

Learn more at

FREE! 1-11-2014: 7-9pm

An Evening wt Graham Blackburn: Currently one of the most sought after and well respected woodworking teachers today in addition to being a prolific writer for magazines such as Fine Woodworking, Popular Woodworking and Woodwork (which he was editor and chief). Graham Blackburn was also the creator and host of "Woodworking in Action", a video series that was the predecessor of many of our current woodworking video shows. These series involved interviews and seminars from the likes of Frank Klausz, Allan Breed, Thomas Lie-Nielsen and many others. With his vast resource of contacts, history, knowledge and skill this is going to be a truly memorable evening if you can make it.

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