First Friday is FREE! at wortheffort woodworking school. Come make a squirrel feeder and check out the school.
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Ever wanted a workbench?

A workbench is the absolute best clamp you'll ever own. Making it easy to stabilize your work thus safer, faster and more precise. The best kinds of workbench is one that you never have to think about because it just fits into your workflow seamlessly. Finding one that hasn't been compromised by required manufacturing processes or the need to ship means either building one yourself or commissioning one from an expert.

That is until now.

We are offering two of our schools workbenches for sale at rock bottom prices. Designed for both left and right handed people with leg vises that can either be moved to any (or all) of the four corners. These are definitely benches you'll be passing down thru the generations.

Visit our online store for more details.


Big Mediums - West Austin Studio Tour:
One of the biggest marketing opportunities in Austin for artists and studios/schools are the studio tours. Basically these are self guided tours of area studios that people from all over the state come to see. And this year it's going to be a monster! The largest number of participants ever! Should rival the East Tour which includes over 7000 printed high quality catalogs available to the expected 10-12,000 tour-goers for free.

This is going to be especially important for us as a new school because advertising is incredibly expensive so we haven't been able to just tell people we exist. Yet being a participate in this tour means we will be introduced to the exact target audience we hope to serve.

And since we have lots of extra space we offered to host some other Austin area artists who were located just outside the designated area. Below are the cool people who'll be showing their work and answering questions during the tour in addition to the items produced by us here at wortheffort. So if you haven't been by the school before these two weekends would be an excellent opportunity
Craig Timmerman

In my work I try to highlight the hidden beauty of th ewood I work with. The lathe is my primary tool for forming my pieces, but many works, including most of my wall pieces, are created from multiple thin strips of wood which are then glued, bent, and joined together. I have a rather eclectic style, ranging from the traditional to the contemporary: from utilitarian to impractical. 
Leslie Webb

Leslie Webb Design is a furniture design and build studio based in the Austin area. She sees furniture not only as solutions to everyday problems but also as objects whose beauty and grace enrich our daily lives. Though her aesthetic is modern, her methods have deep traditional roots.
Khiem Nguyen

A7K Woodworking and Design is a small business founded in 2013 by Amanda McKeever and Khiem Nguyen. A7K is dedicated to the craft of fine woodworking and handmade goods. The couple’s work combines their love of mid-century modern shapes with the clean lines of Japanese design. They are always working on their own lines of furniture as well as doing fully custom pieces for clients.


A new semester of our popular 'TnT' series starts in April with classes on: chiselssawswoodplanes. These are twelve totally independent classes that repeat every season that are a wonder foundation to any woodworker getting into the hobby or wishing to refine their skills.

Most ONLY $40 (materials included)

Absolutely one of the best values in WW'n education.


If you get a chance check out the May Issue of Austin Monthly Magazine. A little birdie told me you might find someone familiar in the "Fun Things to do in Austin" section.

If you'd like to take a free class and check out the school just send me an email so I'll know how many to prepare for. We have lots of room.

Warning - You'll have to endure lame jokes, sometimes strange music (who knows whats in the playlist), and a generally light hearted atmosphere. But you will learn and have fun.
Dear Central Texas,

Our immediate future at wortheffort is still in a state of flux. We have real hope that the marketing buzz from our participation in the West Austin Studio tour and write up in Austin Monthly Magazine in May will be a catalyst to broaden our student base. But I also must face the fact that there is a very large chasm from where wortheffort is now and where it needs to be. So I'm tentatively setting a July date to take off the rose colored glasses and recognize the reality whether we are making progress towards self-sufficiency (defined as $4000 in gross sales which would cover our 3k+ in monthly overhead but not any personal inco).

So we are beginning the last big push towards the July Litmus test. I’m looking at what has worked and what hasn’t in terms of marketing, classes, and the school. The two things that have done best have been our Tools & Techniques series and online videos. The weekly live demonstrations we’ve done have gotten lots of awareness of the school and brought in a lot of folks to our weekly free classes but I can’t say they’ve resulted in many enrollments. Our adult ‘TnT’ series has proven very popular with a number of people going thru the entire series . In my mind these classes are a semesters worth of curriculum that you might find as an elective in university, minus a big end project. Also our long form educational video’s have done really well on YouTube as marketing even though haven’t earned a cent themselves.

In April I’m going to start digitizing my classes in the form of YouTube videos. The first season will be the teen version of our TnT class which nobody ever signed up for but I feel important enough to archive before we have to shut the school down. If I start in April I should be able to complete the 12 class series by July given I can squeeze in an extra 40 hrs to an average workweek. The first 4 episodes will be free but I reserve the right to put the rest behind a subscription page. I don’t expect to make a living doing videos but even a few hundred a month would get us closer to our financial minimums. Also, they may help set me apart from other applicants in the currently competitive teaching job market if that option needs be pursued.

I want to thank everyone who has supported us with both the launch in San Marcos and relocation to Austin. The next three months are critical. We’re working hard so I hope you'll help us spread the word.

Shawn Graham
If you are an experienced woodworking who'd like to utilize the school to teach a class, lead a boy/girl scout event, organize a homeschool group, or host a business event give us a call and lets see if we can work something out to better utilize this school and it's assets.
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