School Closing wt hopes of reopening in Austin - New products for Sale - Excess Work Benches for Sale - Shannon 'The Renaissance Woodworker' Rogers is coming to present a free talk..
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The Free Series - 'An Evening With'

Presents Shannon "The Renaissance Woodworker' Rogers
June 14, 2014 7:00pm

Guess who's coming to town. Yep, "The Renaissance Woodworker" himself. And after his class on June 14th, he'll be featured in a free 'talk'. 

Shannon has been one of the most prolific online woodworking publishers, bloggers & podcasters of the past five years. As a third of the Wood Talk Crew we've listened to his participation in the weekly show and all the little rabbit holes of this hobby he's fallen into. Plus he has a true online school in the form of "The Hand Tool School" that is going on it's 6th season. And you know he's a great orator due to his work at The Stepping Stone Museum and training as an Opera Singer (ya... that's right... big voice!)

So this is your chance to meet the man, hear some fun stories, ask questions and just socialize with a great group of woodworkers. Needless to say, you don't want to miss this. Please help spread the word.

And remember... It's Free! So mark your calendars.

Also, there is one spot left in his "Hand Tool Boot Camp" that weekend so if you're interested in the best value in Hill Country Woodworking Education then you'd better act like a frog and jump quick!

Workbenches 4 Sale

Heavy Duty Roubo/Holtzapffel style workbench with leg vise, twin screw, and hold-fasts.

Available for delivery late June. See more information on our online store at
Coming Next Week:

The first in a series of custom bespoke woodworking tools from 'wortheffort'. Grooving planes either in solid curly maple or infilled in brass. Look for an infomercial on our YouTube Channel shortly.
Bowls 'The Graham Way'

We are finally getting to the point where we can start merchandising our finished bowls again. The perfect wedding or event gift. Made from locally harvested wood.

See more at our store!
wortheffort is closing.

We will not be renewing the lease on the school. June will be the last month we will be open in San Marcos. But the concept isn't being totally abandoned and we can use your help in our next steps.

I hope that over the past year you've witnessed what we've done here at wortheffort and seen the value such a venture could provide a community and society. Over these past 10 months we've worked hard to help k
ids learn and inspire adults to dream. The craft has grown and we've been doing the recruiting. Unfortunately blood, sweat and tears from hard work doesn't pay the bills.

They say the three most important things in starting a business is location, location, location. In setting up this little start-up in quaint San Marcos, TX I wagered that we could draw a small percentage of the larger regional population because people would be willing to commute the short distance to this suburb of San Antonio, New Braunsfels, and Austin. Unfortunately that was a wager I lost. 

San Marcos is too far away from the target home school, after school, and adult students. Especially newbies just wanting a 'taste' and 'casuals'. Psychologically one town over is a monstrous distance.

So I'm going to attempt, and I do mean attempt, to relocate the school to Austin because I do believe the concept and benefit to the community is valid and that is where most of my students have commuted from. The odds are against us but it's just something we've got to try.

This move also means restructuring the business to compensate for exponentially higher rents. Class sizes will be downsized to 6 while the number of courses will increase to compensate. Also long weekend project classes taught by celebrity instructors will be eliminated. We'll become totally dependent upon the local home school, after school, and adult education along with tool and art sales. Classes will also have to be streamlined onto 3 or 4 days a week so I can have time build items to sell and likely take on a 2nd/3rd job.

Luckily it will cost only about 20% of our original investment to relocate and start again. Unfortunately the bank account is dry and the lending environment for super small ventures like this is abysmal. So in the coming weeks and months we'll be trying to raise some capital in other ways. 

To just move, renovate, and keep afloat for three months we'd need to raise a high four figure number. But based upon experience this past year I don't feel confident just reopening in a better location will be enough. We've got to diversify subjects. So we're hoping to raise a mid-teen number so we can acquire lathes, carving supplies, scrolling, pyrography, and finishing equipment/supplies. We'll do that from asset sales (excess benches, new wortheffort built tools, artwork), possible sponsorship, and a maybe a micro-loan from the bank. 

To help I hope you'll consider purchasing some of the items we have made and are developing. This is wedding season, birthdays are ever present, and the holidays... well, their half a year away. Our artwork make great gifts, our tools will allow you to make even better gifts, and our benches will last you several lifetimes as you make those gifts.

Also, any Austinites out there that know of an affordable 1000 sq/ft or so, preferably live/work..., please send me an email.

Or if you know of someone hiring... graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelors in Multimedia Marketing, state certified K-12, Tech App/Tech Ed, 8 yrs teaching experience, over a decade of experience in sales/marketing, plus.... I and the school are wortheffort. 

Shawn Graham

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