Grand Reopening is this November.New Classes, New Teachers, New Learning Experiences. Registration is open. And as always, "Parents Learn Free"!
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We've Got the Keys!

If anyone is in the area and would like to help this Sunday (10-19-14) we're moving the school from storage (just north of New Braunsfel) to the school. I'll be getting a uHaul. One trip.

eMail me if you'd be interested at


visit for class descriptions, schedule, and registration.

Parents Learn for FREE?

In a lot of our recent demo's I've been getting really inquisitive looks, or maybe they just think we're crazy, about our Parents Learn Free policy in teen classes. People just don't seem to understand the logic on why we'd just give away so much.

So I thought I'd try to briefly explain our reasoning. In my seven years of teaching High School I came to a big realization. Most kids never learn 'how' to learn. Think about it, from kindergarden forward their only models for learning are their peers. Kids in the same situation they are in. So you end up with the uneducated teaching the uneducated. Sure they had teachers, heroes, and such all telling them that learning is important and giving 'pointers'. But who do they observe actually learning, who do they model? By the time the students reached me in High School you had clicks of students who learned the same way, with the same quirks and faults. 

Woodworking, especially the hand tool techniques we emphasize, is completely foreign to most adults. So when an adult student walks into our school they are at the same knowledge level, at the same 'un'skilled level, with all the same apprehension, excitement, and nervousness as their teens. Thus providing an optimal setting for us to give parents the chance to model 'learning' to their own kids. Seriously, where else is there a learning environment set up where the parent and teen are truly on equal footing?

And who better is there to teach how to ask questions, how to persevere thru and overcome frustrations/mistakes, how to adapt to different teaching/learning styles, how to interact with fellow students, how to recognize that not knowing doesn't equate stupidity, how to see that improvement comes from learning and practice, and how learning is just plain fun.

Who better than the main influence in a kids life. The person standing right next to them at the workbench learning right along side them. The person they'll most model in their life.

Parents (or Guardians) learn free at wortheffort because I deem it important enough to sacrifice a huge amount of income for the school to help the next generation learn a lifelong skill as soon as possible.

We have lots of classes open to teens coming up. Some examples are:

  • Build a Side Table
  • Introduction to Woodworking, The Xylaphone class
  • Saw Bench
  • Mandrel Turning
  • Mantel Clock
  • Trestle Table
  • and many more...

And remember, here at wortheffort... PARENTS LEARN FREE! Tell your friends!

You can visit the "Parents Learn Free" page at wortheffort for all the details.

Women-N-Woodworking November Class

With 50% of voting it has been decided that our first monthly Women-n-Woodworking class we will be building a floating top hall table. We'll vote for the December project in our next newsletter.

So the class will meet that first night and as a group we'll work out the design details. On a project like this we'll  all decide on joinery and such but dimensions will be up to you, within reason. So have in mind where you might want the finished piece to live beforehand. Afterwards we'll learn and practice the joinery techniques we'll use in the project.

I'm working on a collaboration with a hardwood dealer close by so that on the second class we can meet there and walk thru the process of buying truly quality material and then each of us can choose what to make the project out of. I can tell you I'll likely be making mine of pine but if you want to choose cherry or maple to match decor... or choose a frame to be painted and top to be highlighted... Afterwards we'll head back to the school and begin dimensioning.

Weeks 3 & 4 will be the actual build. You might have a little homework.

This is a collaborative class, the individual group will determine class dynamics, as the teacher will be there in a supporting role. 

Class size is limited, so tell your friends and make it a month long party!

visit for class descriptions, schedule, and registration.

WW'r Support Group:

The weekly WW'r Support Group (Mondays from 6:30-10) begins in November! People have been asking for open lab time and this is it. Plus you'll have access to the knowledge of your fellow woodworkers and teachers.

Bring a project, or something you want to learn, plus your lumber. You're welcome to use the shops hand tools (power tools will be off limits) or bring your own to tune up. Space is limited.
After Lunch Bunch:

Yes, the hooligans have a place and time to woodwork again. This FREE weekly meetup is just time to come in, work on a project, utilize the shops facilities, socialize with peers, have a little fun, and make some sawdust.

I started this free meetup in San Marcos so retirees who might not have a shop of their own anymore could come in and get a little work done among their woodworking peers. It also proved popular for college students, home-schoolers, and fellow woodworkers who just wanted some comradery. 

This is not a class, as I'll be working on my own personal projects during the time too. But it is a perfect time to learn thru osmosis under the watchful eyes of more experienced. This doesn't mean you can't ask your fellow 'bunchians' for advice.

Bring your own materials, though you're welcome to the schools hand tools.
First Fridays:

Our monthly FREE class for the community returns in November. So if you're wanting to check out the school, enjoy an evening with the kiddos, take advantage of a cool free date idea, or just learn something new then come on by.

Normally I have no clue what the project will be until the day of the event but for our first one I think we'll bring back the popular Roubo Cell Phone Stand (just a small version of the book stand).

I'll guarantee you this. You'll laugh, have fun, realize this ain't to serious and likely learn a little to boot.


Indiegogo Campaign Perks are on their way:

We did a massive shipment of all completed "Save the School" Indiegogo campaign 'perks'. We are still working on the planes, saws, and just a few art pieces. The art pieces will be finished within the next week or so then we're scheduled to start in on the planes. I've moved the coping and bow saws to last in the production run because those are made one at a time by hand so I can complete them in between classes. But everything should be in your hands in November and December. 

"The BoxMasters" Series:

The first in a new series of classes for the more experienced woodworker begins this November. On the "Second Sunday" of every month we'll meet in a collaborative class from 6-10pm (yes, if possible I'll have the game on in the background). While the goal each month will be to build a box we'll also be incorporating some more advanced techniques to learn or practice.

The first meeting we'll be working on full blind mitered dovetails which are wonderful structural joints in modern furniture. This is a collaborative class with a little instruction on this meetings lesson but with peer support to push yourself and try new things. Obviously how you integrate the joint into your box is up to you. We'll also vote in this class on the next classes topic. For $20 you really can't get a better crash/refresher course.

Enrollment is limited. Bring your own lumber.
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