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How deep the Father's love for us? How vast beyond all measure? That He would send his only son to make a wretch His treasure?!  - Selah "How Deep the Father's Love for Us"

Arise and See

Do you ever have those days, when you're already tired and just wanting to go home? A day when you get really close to finishing for the day and then something happens to set you back? That just happened to me. We finished up an awesome week of Vacation Bible School. I'm finishing this email, being the last thing I need to get done this week and the website that I use to make these emails glitches. It erases the last hour or so it took me to write the meditation.

Now, I bet this caused some sort of reaction. Maybe a sympathetic grunt in frustration from personal experience, or a shaking of the head in "why didn't you save your work sooner" or maybe an eyeroll at #first world problems. For me, this set back almost made me close my computer and quit for the day. I don't know who all opens these. I'm tired from being with kids all morning and week. I just don't want to write my meditation over. Instead, I'm not only writing it again, but its message has completely changed.

Romans 8:28 says, "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose." In having my work erased, I'm forced to look at the message anew. I'm not able to simply go with the first draft. I'm forced to question, "Was my original message something someone needed to hear or just my own ego in something to share?"

I agree that it's silly to be on the verge of tears over having work erased, but that's how it felt in the moment. It's a hurdle, a bump, a test from the Enemy.

I debated for several minutes what I was going to do. Once I got over my initial frustration and defeat, I thought that last part. This is a temptation. This is an attack from the Enemy. Once I thought that, I knew I still needed to write. I knew that something I write needs to be heard. This isn't a millennial's arrogant self-importance. This certainty comes from a convicted heart doing her best to chase after Jesus.

So here is my prayer and cheer for you: When things get erased, or a child's behavior regresses, or you get delayed on the road after you're already late, remember Romans 8:28. God has got you. God has a plan for you. God creates opportunities out of opposition. Don't lose heart, for He has overcome the world (John 16:33). He is sitting at the right hand of God and will use these moments of grief will become his footstool (Psalm 110:1).

Grace and Peace,
Natalie C.
Cell: 419.607.3140

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