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"It takes twoI thought one was enough, it's not true: It takes two of us. You came through. When the journey was rough, it took you. It took two of us...If I dare, it's because I'm becoming aware of us, as a pair of us, each accepting a share of what's there." - Into the Woods, "It Takes Two"

It takes two...

One of my all time favorite musicals is Into the Woods by Stephen Sondheim. The musical weaves together several of the well-known fairytales and one original story about a childless Baker and his wife. The Baker is convinced that he must go face the challenges and undo curses all by himself. But somewhere in the middle he changes and embraces the help his wife offers. The end result: they are able to undo the curse, have a son, and grow closer to one another. 

Sometimes we are just like the Baker. In our faith, we are convinced that we can do it alone. We compare our struggles and think, "mine aren't as bad, so I'll struggle through it." But the Enemy is cunning and wants to continue separating us, or cutting us off from one another. Our God is a communal god, meaning he works together in tandem with the Father, Son, and Spirit. The Enemy also works together with demons to trick and divide us. Like the Baker, we bravely (and a little recklessly) charge into the dark and scary woods. Fortunately, God is just like the Baker's wife and chases after us.

Paul understood the importance of helping and being helped. 
"Built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Christ Jesus himself being the cornerstone, in whom the whole structure, being joined together, grows into a holy temple in the Lord." (Eph 2:20-21)
We are being built up and joined together. Not only as brothers and sisters today, but also being joined with the apostles, and prophets, and Jesus Christ. 

At the Baker's turning point, he and his wife sing a duet. My favorite line is, "I suppose it will take two of us to have this child." Its humorous because we know that it is impossible for a man to create a child without the help of a woman, and yet that is exactly what he was trying to do. Likewise, it is ridiculous to think that you can have and grow your faith alone. I encourage you to embrace the help that the church, the apostles and prophets, and Jesus offers. 

Grace and Peace,
Natalie Claytor
Cell: 419.607.3140
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