Shouts of Desperation
The first Christmas Eve was filled with noise. Angels were heard over the fields. Shepherds went tearing through the streets singing praises. A mother's cry could be heard followed by a small child's. Certainly Joseph and the animals cried out as well. All of those noises on that first eve were all forms of adoration. 

Christmas does that to us, doesn't it? The "Spirit of Christmas" can reignite joy, peace, hope, and love in us. But for it to reignite, it must mean we've lost those things through the year. One song put it this way, 

"But Santa, dear, we're in a hurry, so climb down the chimney. It's been a long time since I've done something neighborly." And somehow, Santa and Christmas Spirit will bring it all back. But what if it doesn't?

Charlie Brown wasn't feeling very Christmas-y. There were decorations, plays, family, and even snow, but he just couldn't get into the festivities. Watching the Christmas special as an adult, I see the clear signs of seasonal depression and loneliness. The shouts he used to have faded away into desperation. His joy diminished into desolation. Finally, he bursts,
"Isn't there anyone out there who can tell me what Christmas is all about?" 
As Christians, we know what Christmas is about. We've heard the story. We know the shepherds, and angels, and mangers, and animals. But are we able to hold on to the meaning of Christmas?

I find myself looking for the feeling of Christmas. Looking for something deeper than tradition, or decoration, or commercialism. Sometimes I wanna just burst,
"Can't we all remember the real meaning of Christmas? Wasn't it meant to bring peace, comfort, and joy? Can't I find security in it?" 

And just like that, Linus' voice replays in my mind. The voice of a small child calmly reading from Luke 2. So it wasn't Santa, or decorations, or traditions that reignite the Spirit of Christmas in me, nor in Charlie Brown. It was the scriptures, pure and simple.

 So I invite you to reignite the Spirit of Christmas this year. Read again the Christmas story. Take time to look at it and experience the wonder. Rediscover the miracle of love. Journey along with the different characters in their steps of faith. And maybe, just maybe, our desperation will turn into adoration once more.
We invite you to join us for our services, which will be in-person or online on our YouTube channel. The 5 pm service will feature interactive elements perfect for families with kids of any age. The 7:30 and 11 pm services will both feature traditional elements that invite all to experience a worshipful connection with Christmas. All three services will end with a candlelighting and Silent Night. We hope to you will join us at one or more of the services! And whatever you do, we at Mt Moriah Church wish you all a very Merry Christmas!
Grace and Peace,
Natalie C.
Cell: 419.607.3140
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