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F3 Raleigh Newsletter

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What Are You Reading?

Ever wonder what spawned F3, what a SadClown is, and the meaning of lexicon gems like MeanMeanStride, Dolphin, and Fern?  F3 co-founders Dredd (David Redding) and OBT (Tim Whitmire) are co-authors of Freed To Lead: F3 and the Unshackling of the Modern-day Warrior.  Have you read it?  If not, here are two ways to get yours hands on a copy of this quick read full of TruthNuggets.  

Step One:  Request one of four copies from Tony Robbins @F3TonyRobbins using the hashtag #FreedToLead.  After reading, sign your F3 name and Twitter handle on the inside cover. Then tweet that you've read it and are passing it along for another member of the PAX to enjoy using the hashtag #FreedToLead. Hand it off at your next post. New reader continues step one, repeat. 
Step Two:  Purchase a copy from Read and follow step one.  

What's New
  • SIgn up is live for the Fall Mud Run - Takes place on Saturday, October 4 - This is the 'Super Bowl of F3' - expecting 750 Pax from across the F3 Nation this time around - sign up here  - Just sign up - #nimblepanda
  • First 500 reached Saturday (#FreedtoLead reference).  This past week we reached 500 posts, a first for F3 Raleigh.  In the Spring of 2013, we were hovering around 100 per week.
1st F
  • LOTS of new workout have come on line - check out revised schedule below and map page here:
2nd F - CSAUP
  • 8/31 - Shenandoah Mountain 100
  • 9/4 - Blue Ridge Relay 
    Three teams have signed up with this 208 mile relay September 4-5. Consider signing up for this in 2015.
  • 10/4 - MUD RUN FALL 2014 
    Registration is still open. Sign up.
  • 10/25 - The MULE (an F3 Raleigh Original)
    Click on the link above to sign up for this event.  If you don't plan to attend the event, we have a need to 10 people to support The Mule (e.g. Support vehicles, photographers, etc.) We also need five large coolers.)  The Mule Sign Up
2nd F - Social
  • Coffeeteria - Saturdays - Cup A Joe (Mission Valley) - Immediately Following Pullen
  • Coffeeteria - Saturdays - Mad Hatter (Durham) - Immediately following The Inferno
  • Coffeeteria - Saturdays - Panera (N. Hills) - Immediately Following Catalyst
  • Rotating Happy Hours - tune in to @F3Raleigh on Twitter to find out more
  • 8/14/14 F3 Raleigh Bowling - The Alley - Competition. 8/14/14 from 7:00 - 9:00 PM. 2512 Hillsborough Street, Raleigh. $10 per person for bowling, appetizers provided. Team sign up via the link above. 

3rd F
  • Thirsty Soul Thursday - 2nd and 4th Thursdays - Bible Based Discussion Group - noon to 1pm - 4600 Marriott Drive, Ste. 150 - Bring your lunch - Site Qs are Orwell, Larry David and Caddie

Current (1st F) Workout Schedule:
Location Workout Title Day of Week Start Time Workout Style Site Qs
North Hills Park North Hills Monday 545 Boot Camp Elsinore/Ron Burgundy
Jaycee Park Zero Hour Monday 545 Boot Camp TARP
Williams Park The Crucible Monday 545 Boot Camp Wilson/ManRam
Pullen Park The Forge Tuesday 545 Boot Camp Epoxy/Mr. Rogers
Shelley Lake (park at base of dam) True Grit Tuesday 545 Boot Camp Zima/MacGruber
Martin Middle School Hi-Fidelity Tuesday 545 Run Specific Enron
Fletcher Park THE BLITZ Wednesday 530 Kettlebell Bob Vila
Fletcher Park Ball Bearings Wednesday 615 Boot Camp King David
Williams Park Ethanol Wednesday 545 Boot Camp Cornholio/Cherie Berry
Moore Square Metamorphasis Wednesday 545 Boot Camp Cinderella
Brier Creek Community Center The Crick Wednesday 600 Boot Camp Coach Doherty
N Hills Parking Lot Urban Jungle Wednesday 545 Boot Camp Gnobby/Deliverance
Laurel Hills Park Dawn Patrol Thursday 545 Boot Camp Johnny Utah
Roanoke Park Heavy Metal Thursday 600 Gear Fungo
10 Oval Drive (Parking lots) Wolf Run Friday 600 Run Lamp
Fallon Park Late Night Friday 600 Boot Camp Wendell Gee/Linda
Crabtree Valley Mall Flood Zone Friday 0515/0530 Boot Camp Yo-Yo
Baileywick Park Juggernaut Friday 545 Boot Camp Les Nessman/Grady
Pullen Park Raleigh Saturday 700 Boot Camp Au Pair
The Healing Place The Arena Saturday 0700/0715 Boot Camp Duff/Countrywide
Carroll Middle School Catalyst Saturday 700 Boot Camp Friar Tuck/Rain Man
Brier Creek Community Center Weekend Crick Saturday 700 Boot Camp Kanye
Duke University Medical Center – VA lot Top Shelf Tuesday 500 Boot Camp Riggs/Doogie/Floyd
Herndon Park Tobacco Road Thursday 530 Boot Camp Doogie
Old Chapel Hill Park Thin Blue Line Saturday 700 Boot Camp Riggs/Adolphus
Fetzer Field Fetzer Monday 545 Boot Camp Shooter
Cedar Falls Park The Vortex Tuesday 545 Boot Camp Adolphus
UNC OEC Rameses Wednesday 545 Boot Camp Rodeo
Southern Community Park Bastille Friday 545 Boot Camp Adolphus
Old Chapel Hill Park Thin Blue Line Saturday 700 Boot Camp Riggs/Adolphus
Umstead State Park Endorphin Thursday 545 Trail Run CK/Enron
Corner Waldo & Walker Bradford's Ordinary (B.O.) Thursday 600 Boot Camp Wonk
North Cary Park Danger Zone Friday 600 Boot Camp Burt/Cee Lo
Honeycutt Park Mutiny Monday 545 Boot Camp Howard
Action Park Fuquay Wednesday 545 Boot Camp Howard
Womble Park Cletus Friday 545 Boot Camp Peak Week
SEBTS Agoge Monday 600 Boot Camp Floppy Disk
Talk to the Site Q if you want to get worked into the QIC schedule.  Check the lexicon link below to find out what a 'QIC' is.
The Usual
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  • How To Count. Doing cadence properly and efficiently.

  • Lexicon: a scattershot listing of lingo, sayings, expressions, acronyms, etc.

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