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January 2021
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President's Message
Programs and Events
        ICF Toronto AGM & Chapter Meeting - January  27, 2021
        ICF Toronto Chapter PD Meeting - February 10, 2021
        ICF Toronto Chapter PD Meeting - March 10, 2021
News and Announcements
        ICF Toronto 2021 Annual Awards Program
        Membership and Engagement
Member Notices

President's Message
Barb Rosen Shreiber pictureHappy New Year on behalf of our ICF Toronto Board of Directors. We are entering this year with renewed hope for health, joy and growth.
The challenges of 2020 pushed us to switch gears in many different ways, bringing new awareness, capability and confidence in our ability and capacity for change (although we all did need some down time during the holidays). To those of you who have been active participants in our virtual programs and events, thank you for being so engaged in keeping our community vibrant. I also look forward to seeing many new faces in our upcoming programs scheduled for the first quarter of the year. 

You might have noticed that ICF has launched new branding over the last several days. We hope you are as excited about the new look and feel as we are. A special thanks to the many individuals who worked hard and dedicated countless hours and fresh creativity to this initiative. ICF Toronto platforms will be updated to reflect the new brand over the next few months. Stay tuned as we update our logo and brand at the local level.
Your Vote Counts! Just another reminder to join us on January 27th for the ICF Toronto Chapter's Annual General Meeting (AGM) to hear about our Chapter strategies and upcoming initiatives for 2021, and to vote for our 2021/2023 Board Slate of Directors. You don’t have to wait until January 27th to vote. Click here and vote now. By voting via this online poll, you are authorizing the ICF Toronto Board Secretary (proxy holder) to vote your interests at the AGM and be counted toward the AGM quorum. 
I’m excited to let you know that the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion committee had its first meeting on January 14th to begin the creation of an ICF Toronto EDI strategy.  A special thank you to Project Co-Leads - Leslie Shank and Wendy Thompson, Project Liaison - Shahab Anari, Project Sponsor - Jane Graydon, and Project Team - Ann Fogolin, Brenda Van Rossum, Daisy Wright, Gisela Smith, Komal Smriti, Lisa MacVicar, Sarah Thompson, Jill Kirson, Julia Bubrin, and Eileen Bonetti.
We have plans for 2021 that focus on deepening our sense of community, enhancing marketplace awareness of professional coaching, bringing you robust programming for your own professional development, and expanding opportunities for you to volunteer and get involved. If you have questions or are interested in learning more, use the link below in Bonnie’s update to contact any of us.  We are here for YOU.   


Barb Rosen Schreiber, PCC
President, ICF-Toronto Chapter

Programs and Events
Annual General Meeting &
How to Build an Authentic and Prosperous Coaching Business

with Jenn Lofgren, MCC

AGM - This is an opportunity for members to hear about what we've been doing this past year, and a chance to look ahead to what is upcoming for 2021. We will also be voting in our new Board of Directors, who take office March 1, 2021.

Chapter Meeting - In this presentation, Jenn Lofgren, MCC, will cover important topics such as:

•  Letting go of the perfect niche
•  Building credibility as an expert
•  Creating long-term relationships that lead to referrals
•  The importance of community with your clients
•  Courage to take bold steps

Jenn Lofgren, Founder of Incito Executive and Leadership Development is a Master Certified Coach and Chartered Professional in Human Resources, passionate about helping smart professionals, leaders and executives become bold, inspiring, and magnetic leaders.

Continuing Coach Education (CCE) units for this event: TBC

Date: January 27, 2021
Time: 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm EST

More Details and Register
ICF Toronto Chapter Professional Development Meeting
Coaching for Prosilience 

with Kirk Fox, PCC

We have been inundated with information, webinars and blogs about ‘resilience’ this past year in particular. And it’s certainly been useful and applicable with the state of our communities and the larger world right now. As coaches, it’s more than likely this has been a recurring theme in our practice. It certainly has been with my clients! The challenge is, by the time we’re coaching a client to build resilience, we are reacting to the changes they are in the midst of.
Prosilience is about intentionally building the capability to deal with a range of challenges that may come our way. It’s about being proactive with this work so that we are better equipped to be more resilient when the disruptive changes actually happen. It is about holding the belief that our clients have the seeds of resilience within and can learn to build and strengthen their ‘change muscles’ so they are able to thrive in a turbulent world.

Continuing Coach Education (CCE) units for this event: TBC

Date: February 10, 2021
Time: 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm EST

More Details and Register
ICF Toronto Chapter Professional Development Meeting
Trends in Coaching  

with Thom Wright, PCC

Save the date - March 10, 2021! Details to come.

About Thom Wright

As an ICF-certified Professional Executive & Leadership Coach, Team Coach and Learning Facilitator, Thom works with clients to clarify their desires, identify and remove barriers, and leverage their strengths to reach their goals. Through coaching and facilitation, Thom's clients transform themselves into more inspiring leaders and build cohesive, highly-effective and resilient teams.

Thom works with clients of all types and levels to grow their leadership skills, increase their confidence, and translate their vision into reality -- to unleash themselves, think bigger and lead better.

How does Thom measure success? By hearing from clients how they’ve made a difference in their lives and careers through our coaching and facilitation engagements, and the powerful results they've achieved along the way.

Continuing Coach Education (CCE) units for this event: TBC

Date: March 10, 2021
Time: 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm EST

More Details and Register
News and Announcements
ICF Toronto PRISM and Awards logos

ICF Toronto 2021 Annual Awards Program

Hurry! Time is running out! Submit your nominations for our 2021 Toronto Chapter Annual Awards, which close JANUARY 31ST 2021, midnight EST.
Have you partnered with an organization or a non-profit to deliver transformational change through coaching over the last 12 months?  Submit your nomination for our Annual PRISM Award!  
Do you have questions about PRISM? Want to learn tips for filling out the nomination form? New this year, we have a PRISM Advisory Team comprised of past PRISM winning coaches and judges, including: Dominic Scaffidi, MCC, HR Possibilities Inc.; Janet Emmett, PCC, Essential Impact; and David Graham, PCC, EDGE3. Simply email anyone on the Advisory Team and they will be happy to answer your questions!  
Don’t delay, visit our ICF Toronto website to find more information, resources and nomination forms.
REMINDER!! We have the Lifetime Achievement Award and the Outstanding Individual Contribution Award too!!
Check out the accomplishments of our Outstanding Individual Contributor Award winner from 2020, Ann Fogolin, MCC.  Who do you know that deserves to be recognized in 2021? 
Take a look at the accomplishments of our Lifetime Achievement Award winner from 2020, Karen Wright! Who do you think should be recognized for 2021?

More Details

Alicia Saint, Director of Corp. Outreach and Awards

Alicia Saint
Director of Corporate Outreach & Annual Awards Program
ICF Toronto Chapter

Membership and Engagement 

A year of Hope and Inspiration - floral imageAs we begin our New Year 2021, there is hope for a better year. I hope 2021 finds you well and that you are taking care of yourself and your loved ones.

With all the events occurring around us, medically, politically and culturally, you may have been reflecting upon 2020 -- with the things that went well or your biggest lessons. Personally, I have been inspired by all those I have connected with that have brought such calm to their lives, enjoying some time at home to de-stress, connect, or explore their creative side. It reminds me a book I read a few years ago called Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert.  The book offers insights into the mysterious nature of inspiration and creativity. If you are looking to explore and dive into your creativity – I recommend this book.
As we enter into another year, the ICF Toronto Chapter will also be reflecting on all of our learnings from 2020 to support our community.
What does our community need right now?  Personally, I have received an increase of curiosity from individuals specific to understanding the coaching profession, where it is headed, how to find a coaching program, getting started on credentials, finding ways to do more coaching and/or build a business. All of this identifies to me that we are about to embark on an amazing year of learning and increased awareness in the coaching profession for 2021.

To help kick-start your learning – here is a link to the video series of updated ICF Core Competencies for 2021:

In my own reflection, my 2020 best hopes for the ICF Toronto Chapter was to implement our new Membership model resulting in increased collaboration and engagement. I am thrilled to report that through the efforts of our entire Board and members, our virtual collaboration increased, as well as our Membership, by 112 members. How truly rewarding and amazing during such as difficult year.
The Membership Committee welcomes you to continue to collaborate and learn by participating in our Membership Chats. To sign up, click here
The ICF Toronto Chapter board and committee members are here to support you, and with that I am pleased to update you on an addition to our website - a contact list of individuals at the ICF Toronto Chapter. Here is the direct link ICF-Toronto Chapter - Contact List.
Be safe everyone and continue to stay connected and grow with the ICF.
Bonnie Grogan, Director of Membership Engagement

Bonnie Grogan, ACC
Director of Membership Engagement, ICF Toronto Chapter

Member Notices

Community Events brings you the latest news about upcoming community events, including professional peers.  Please see our Submission Guidelines.

Our monthly e-development opportunities and upcoming conferences and events, brought to you by local coaches and bulletin is published on the 15th of each month (or the next business day, if the 15th is on a weekend). Deadlines for ad submissions are before 5:00 pm. For 2021 newsletter deadlines, visit:


Community Events and Member Submissions - January 2021

Group Mentor Coaching with Cathy Shaughnessy, MCC
Submitted by: Cathy Shaughnessy

Submitted by: Cinnie Noble

Submitted by: Rita McDowall

Happy New Year! All things Emotional Intelligence by EI Advantage
Submitted by: Janice Gair

MasterClass - Focusing on the People Side of Change
Submitted by: Naila Qazi

Business Coaching Advantage – Parts 1 & 2 starting in March
Submitted by: Dorothy Greenaway


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IPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching) ad. Links to their website to learn more.   Business Coaching Advantage ad. Links to their website to register.

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