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International projects 

The Ganesh project (India)
Last June, we introduced a new CCI project to our readers, implemented in partnership with Engineers Without Borders and the Rescue Foundation. This project aims to expand a rehabilitation centre for young girls recently freed from sexual exploitation. Work began on 23 September 2015. As of today, the construction phase is already well ahead, the second floor is almost finished, and structural work should be completed by early December. Because of this effort, hundreds of girls will have access to better accommodations making it easier for them to rebuild their lives (e.g. more space, improved sanitary conditions, better cooking facilities …). Do not hesitate to support our partners and to follow the progress of their work on their Facebook page. Many photos are also available!
The Santikham centre (Thaïland)
In Thailand, CCI intervenes through its involvement with the Foundation for Child Development (FCD). This non-governmental organization manages the Santikham Centre, which aims to deliver workshops to illegal immigrant families coming mainly from Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar.  In the past months, a new component of this project was developed: its objective is to create and establish committees of young leaders. Their role is to pass on knowledge learned in the Centre to their communities (particularly on the rights of the child, the working world, health and the prevention of sexual diseases).  In addition, the Centre is opening a space dedicated to reading and leisure, where children can meet and just forget their daily lives by having fun and enjoying their childhood.
New socio-financing campaign (India)
For the past 12 years, CCI has been supporting boys and girls from communities made up of populations in fishing villages exploited by local moneylenders. By helping these young people opt out of this vicious circle, CCI makes it possible for them to consider a better future and become a source of inspiration for other families. So that they may have a solid life foundation and achieve their dreams, our project finances the education of these same children. For this reason, we now appeal to your generosity as we launch a new socio-financing campaign to this effect. Click here to support these children and help us to continue this project!

Projects in Canada

Amnesti International's Youth Congress
On November 7 last, Amnesty International held its annual meeting of young-adult militants.   This year’s theme was dedicated to freedom of expression.  It is within this framework that CCI’s founder, Roxana Robin, held a workshop on the exploitation of children around the world, and those who would thwart their freedom and rights.  This event was really successful as over 150 persons participated. To know more about conferences held in previous years, just access our website!
Québec days of international solidarity (Journées québécoises de la solidarité internationale - JQSI)
The Nineteenth edition of the above campaign was held from November 5 to 14.  During these ‘days’, Quebeckers are invited to join in many activities aimed at informing the public at large on present-day issues facing international solidarity. This year, JQSI’s theme dealt with women and the participatory approach. Once again, CCI was mandated to organize those events taking place in the Montérégie Region of the Province.  Said issues were addressed through conferences, a photo exhibit, documentary and animated film viewing, in school establishments and specialized centres. To learn more about JQSI days and  specifics on the organized events, click here!
Universal Children's Day
November 20 marks the anniversary of the Declaration of the Rights of the Child (1959). This day was proposed by the UN General Assembly to celebrate children and to highlight their rights. To take part in this event, CCI’s founder organized two conferences / debates to discuss with the participants the different forms of exploitation against children, but most especially the existing solutions to fight against this phenomenon. For more information on Universal Children’s Day, please do not hesitate to consult the United Nations website.
New project: Committees of young people dedicated and commited to the world's children
CCI is currently developing a new project to create and form committees of young people in secondary schools who are engaged and solidly committed to helping the world's children. These committees will propose concrete actions and activities to their student communities to raise awareness, promote human rights and fight against all forms of exploitation of children. This programme aims to involve young Quebeckers around the theme of children's rights, giving them the opportunity to suggest appropriate endeavours and tasks. This project is made possible through the financial support of the Quebec Association of Organizations working in International Cooperation (AQOCI).
Annual General Meeting
CCI’s next Annual General Meeting will be held on 15 December 2015, from 1:00pm to 3:00pm, in Room #201 of the Maison Gisèle Auprix Saint-Germain, 150, rue Grant, Longueuil, QC—home of CCI’s offices, and is  open only to members of the organization.  It will be an opportunity to review the past year’s milestones, and examine upcoming perspectives.  To ensure that your account is up to date or to join CCI, follow this link!
To contact and support us
As you may be aware, CCI’s telephone number has changed. Now you can join our team at (+1) 450-332-9799. Moreover, we are working to strengthen our presence on social networks. Feel free to visit our pages and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Finally, our website is updated regularly to give you all the information about our projects as well as those causes defended by our organization.
Become a member
Did you know that you can become a CCI member for only 5$? Becoming a CCI member means that you are joining and supporting an organisation whose priority is to improve the living conditions of children and families who are victims of exploitation. For more information please visit our website.
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