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November 2013 Newsletter

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CCI will soon launch its new sponsorship programme! 

CCI will soon launch a new sponsorship programme. Those interested in participating will be able to access photos and all pertinent information on 50 young people in India, in elementary school all the way to college, whose deepest wish is to continue studying! Many of them are very close to achieving their dream job: engineer, nurse or even designer!

Help them get out of poverty, and find decent and sustainable employment at the end of their studies by helping us finance their studies, because this is the only way for them to fashion a future that they deserve.

All this information will soon be included on our website.

CCI’s first four students - Yerramma, Devi, Thotamma and Dhana - who are now in college.  Two of them are studying to be nurses, and the other two, engineers.

News from India 

The Hope School: children who are now on the right track! 

In the slums of Chittababu, you will find 350 families barely surviving, living in extreme poverty. Consequently, many children do not attend school and must work to help their parents: they pick up waste in landfills for resale, or sell brooms and household chemicals.

Thanks to our partner Kidpower India, the Hope School opened its doors just a few months ago and is already a great success. Indeed, more than 30 children attend this school regularly!

The Hope School aims to be a transitional school, a remedial programme: children learn the fundamentals, in academic instruction and social skills, and then they can reintegrate an appropriate regular school adapted to the child’s needs. To achieve this, social workers do preliminary outreach work with families to bring home how important it is for their children to go to school.
Meet two regular pupils of the Hope School:
Usha Turubilli is a young 7 year-old girl who never went to school before now.  Her family situation is complicated so Usha lives with her aunt in the slums of Chittababu.  This year, Usha learned the alphabet, to read and to count. Tiny Usha learns quickly and will soon move to the next level.  For now, her family cannot afford to pay her tuition fees; this is why CCI and the Kidpower Foundation fully fund her education.

Manohar Raula is now 10 years old.  He is part of a family of six, together with his 12-year-old brother (who also attends the Hope School) and two younger brothers.  Two of the boys previously attended a state public school until they had to drop out in order to work and help their families. In fact, their father is an alcoholic, spending the little money their mother makes. So the boys worked in a landfill, recovering and reselling waste materials before the Hope School opened its doors. Today, Manohar is a regular student at the Hope School, and shows much interest in his studies. He is a good student and dreams of becoming an engineer.
Microcredit, a system that works! The story of Towdamma, mother of Laxmanrao
A few years ago, Towdamma’s husband had a serious accident preventing him from ever working again. The family was then 30,000 rupees in debt ($470), and Towdamma was forced to borrow money every month to buy food.  On August 30, 2011, CCI lent her 3,000 rupees (about $50), to buy a machine that makes bread and cakes.

Since then, every Saturday and on holidays, Towdamma rents the machine to several women in the neighborhood so that they can prepare several kinds of Indian patties.  In addition to being a seamstress, Towdamma therefore receives additional income by renting out this machine, and so manages to feed her family without having to borrow money.

She has managed to pay back 10,000 out of the 30,000 rupees she owes, and the family’s living conditions have considerably improved:  now they no longer live in a hut, but are renting a three-room house.

News from Thailand

The Santikham Mathieu Lafond Centre increases its capacity and visibility!

This rehabilitation and boarding centre in Thailand for immigrant children who are victims of exploitation, can now accommodate over 200 children who regularly attend its daily programmes. It provides them with food, care (psychological, physical and legal), protection and education, so that they can get themselves back together again, and reintegrate society for good.

Today, the Santikham Mathieu Lafond Centre is increasingly recognised as a model in the region as well as a reliable partner not only by government agencies and non-governmental organisations, but also by universities. Indeed, several training programmes have been established between the Centre and three Thai universities, as well as the University of San Diego in the United States.

See what’s happening at the Santikham Mathieu Lafond Centre by clicking here.
Activities in Canada
World Day against Child Labour (last June 12), was a great success! 

Several new interested persons were on hand during the June 12 event (World Day against Child Labour).  Among them, Monique Bastien, former Deputy Mayor of Longueuil, and Marie-Christine Lalode Fiset, House of Commons Political Attaché for Brossard.

To commemorate World Day against Child Labour on June 12, CCI organised--with funding from CIDA and in collaboration with AQOCI--an evening photo exhibit and screening of the documentary DOWN! Beyond the Red Light on the sexual exploitation of young girls in the brothels of Mumbai.

The evening went well thanks to our volunteers, and our sponsors: IDB Communications, Renaud-Bray, the city of Longueuil, Starbucks Canada, La Brûlerie des Andes, André Jacob and the International Labour Organization (ILO). We thank them for their monetary and time donations.

CCI cannot function without the help of its volunteers who keep the organisation alive. Thank you to Solène Bunel, Hélène Masson, Marianne Lefebvre Sigouin, Mélissa Embriaco, Sophie Péloquin, Dana Cotnar, Pasquale Cazabon, Pierre Bouchard and Marie-Sophie Aubut, without whom the evening of June 12 would not have taken place.

Click here to see photos taken during the event!

We thank all those present on that day. For this occasion, AQOCI also made ​​a video about Roxana Robin, CCI's founder and director, and CCI’s two-pronged mission.
To see this video, click here!
This year, persons from France and even Chad participated in CCI’s writing contest!

As happens each year, our literary competition has attracted people from around the world.  This year, our bilingual contest attracted many Anglophones, moreover we received entries from France and Chad.
Congratulations to the winners of CCI’s fifth literary contest, namely:
- In the "children" category:  Léonie Laurin, Jennie Guay and Anne-Catherine Forcier
- In the "teens" category:  Nicole Waldie
- In the "adult" category:  Marie Brodeur Gélinas and Salma Khalil Alio.

Thank you to everyone who participated! See you next year!
An interview given by our founder during a trip to Germany   

To read the article in its original German form, or translated into French, click here. Unfortunately, there is no English version at this time.  
CCI Conferences: It is not too late to reserve a seat! 

CCI’s conference schedule is filling up rapidly, thanks to its new conferences on female trafficking, on issues of international solidarity as well as the microcredit programme. In fact, CCI would like to thank all the students and teachers involved since early January for their participation!

It is not too late to book your spot. Click here for details on the four lectures offered by the CCI.
A quick glance at …

2013 U.S. State Department Report on Human Trafficking (TIP report)

On June 19, the U.S. State Department issued its 2013 report on human trafficking. This annual report summarises the responses of most countries to the trafficking of persons, and their compliance with the standards of the Department. Although the report notes Canada's compliance with these standards, it urges it to improve on the following:

  • Services provided to persons who have been trafficked
  • Efforts in prevention and education
  • Collaboration and coordination among stakeholders.
To see the Full 2013 report on human trafficking (in English) see:
The selling of Indigenous women in Thunder Bay

An American study reveals that Aboriginal women from Thunder Bay are being sold on board ships in the port of Duluth in the United States. Christine Stark, a graduate student of the University of Minnesota, says that the port is well-known by First Nations as a hub for human trafficking. Ms. Stark explains that the results of this study are troubling; it would appear that this female trafficking has been going on for several years.

This new study echoes a first report on prostitution in Minnesota, produced in 2007 in collaboration with the Minnesota Indian Women’s Sexual Assault Coalition.  One hundred and five (105) victims of human trafficking were interviewed as part of this first report on the subject.

To read the report (in English):
source : CATHII

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