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November 14, 2018

There was a minor error in Call to Convention I sent out on November 11th. The geographical distribution chart we'll use for the Executive Committee election at the County Convention on November 26th had a column labeled "2018 Votes for Whitmer/Gilchrist". It should have been labeled "2018 Votes for Jocelyn Benson". The votes in the Secretary of State race are used for determining the proportional voting. Also, the votes for Ann Arbor City, Ward 3 were off by 4 votes. Here is the correct chart (click the image for a Word document version):

NOTE: The typo on the Ann Arbor Ward 3 votes does not impact the allocation of Executive Committee spots.

The procedure we will use is, as I have said, based on geography and is covered under the MDP Rules HERE (see Section 6.5.4). Here is how it works:

People will split up into groups based the region they live in (based on the chart above.) The people in that group will run as slates of one or more people (up to the number of spots allocated for that group). The slots will then be awarded proportionally based on how many votes each slate gets.
For example, if there are 3 spots allocated for that group and 2 slates and the vote is 10 votes for Slate 1 and 8 votes for Slate 2, Slate one would get (10/18) x 3 = 1.67 spots and Slate 2 would get (8/18) x 3 = 1.33 spots. Rounding appropriately, Slate 1 would get 2 spots and Slate 2 would get 1 spot. The slates should have the people numbered and the people on the bottom get dropped off.
If you want to be on the Executive Committee, you need to attend the meeting or have someone put your name in on your behalf. You can run as a one-person slate or join with others for a larger slate; that is up to you. Again, the maximum number of people on a slate is the number of people allocated for that region based on the chart above. Whether you run for a position on the Executive Committee or not, you may still vote within the group you’re assigned to so long as you meet the criteria set out in the Call to Convention.

If you are unsure of your MDP membership status, feel free to drop me a line and I can check for you.

Thank you to all WCDP volunteers, those of you deep in committee work and those who came in to assist with critical election related events. We’re having two post election meetings for new volunteers, and if you’d like to keep volunteering through WCDP, we’d love to see you there.

Some of you are receiving this because you reached out to volunteer and may have (according to records we’ve recently gotten) never been contacted. Jan and Ericka have taken on the work of correcting that, and we hope you’ll give us another chance to make a positive connection.

Who is invited?

>> YOU if you started volunteering with WCDP in the last 2 months
>> YOU if you’ve never volunteered with WCDP or haven’t for years but would like to

When are we meeting - choose one that works for you:

Thursday November 15 - 6:30pm
Saturday November 17 - 1 pm

WCDP Headquarters
418 W. Michigan Ave.
Ypsilanti MI

A Tiny To Do List

  1. If you’d like to join us, RSVP by replying to this email and telling us which day you prefer
  2. If you want to volunteer more often with WCDP (whether or not you can attend) and are looking for some help getting the best fit, please fill out the form here
  3. Find a postcard or a piece of paper and write down some thoughts about why you chose to volunteer in the past or hope to in the future - we would love for you to share at the meeting.
In late January or February, there will be a big Thank You shindig for all the WCDP volunteers. This is not that:-) This is for people who are new or occasional volunteers who are interested in becoming more involved.

Washtenaw Dems released a statement earlier in the week, and we’ll sign off by sharing it here:
The general election this week was a good day for Democrats and those with progressive values in Michigan. We probably all have a lot of feelings right now, joy, relief, and cautious optimism among them. Many of us worked hard to make this possible, others have been too afraid and we hope that this brings you enough comfort to join us in the even more challenging election cycle ahead.

Things don’t always go as hoped for in our state or country, but we’ve shown that they can go as planned when we work together. Our success depends on our well-being, on the care we accept and give to one another.

We go forward in solidarity.

Chris Savage, WCDP Chair
Nov 26 - WCDP November County Convention. 6 p.m. at the Washtenaw County Learning Resource Center (4135 Washtenaw Ave.)
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