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December 2 , 2016

The Best! Notes 
Eli Guinnee, Editor, 

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It's time to start thinking about ideas for next year's conference.  
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Injunction Postpones Overtime Exemption Change

In case you missed it, a federal judge has postponed the December 1 overtime rule change that was going to make all employees paid less than $47,476/yr eligible for overtime pay. Some think that the postponement may be permanent.  Stay tuned for updates.   

Photo of the Week

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The Best! Poll 

Why do Teens visit your library?

Fun Activities
Great YA books
To Volunteer
A comfortable place to hang out
They don't


Last Week: 

What's the best?

Pumpkin Pie--76.5%
Pecan Pie--23.5%

(One write-in vote for Sweet Potato)

Freedom is The Best! 

Build a culture of Freedom, Diversity, and Equality in Your Library

Host a diversity book club!

Book Clubs are right in our wheelhouse. Make your library the place for multiple perspectives to come together on local issues.  Check out the goodreads diversity page for book ideas. 
Click above to learn more about the book club that Fort Collins, CO, Mayor Doug Hutchinson led.  


The Best Search Tips 


Google "Search by Image"

What:  Use a photo you already have to find similar photos, different qualities of the same photo, where on the web the photo exists, or more information about the location.  

1. Go to
2. Upload your photo, or paste in the URL, or drag and drop it
3. Google will guess what it's a photo of, give you more info on whatever it is, and give you similar photos to explore.
4. If you're online, right click and select Search Google for Image

Why?  It's a research tool, but it can also be used to find different views of the same thing, to see how that thing has changed over time, or find a better quality version of the same image.

Example: Below is a mystery picture.  Can you figure out where this super funky children's library is?  (Answer at bottom of page)


The Best! NewsNews


A Big Day for Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Libraries

Thursday, December 1, 2016, is the day that Cattaraugus Free Library goes live with the CCLS online catalog, meaning that every CCLS library is now in the same online catalog for the first time! Congratulations to Cattaraugus, great work!  


Clinton-Essex-Franklin Libraries Encourage the Gift of eBooks


Where are these libraries? Click to locate featured libraries and find contact info.

The Best Advice!

Ask for Advice | Give Advice

Question: A grouchy patron has donated a subscription to Free Inquiry. This isn’t the kind of periodical I would normally collect for the library – it’s sensationalist and I don’t feel it is a credible news source. What do I do? I don’t want to confront the donor, I don’t want him harassing the staff when he comes in and finds I’ve gotten rid of the past issues. How do I handle this?  --Not a Quibbler Reader

Last Week: What's the one thing you wish you knew when you began as a director/library manager?  -Erica

A: That I was expected to be good at a million different things.  Accounting, Story Time, Cataloging, Employment Law, Grant Writing...  Ha!  I wish I would have known that I wasn't a failure for not being great at everything. --Still Working on It

A: When I started I did not realize how central the library was to the community, even though I had lived in it for several years.  I had to learn how to come out of my shell and talk to people around town about the library programs.  I imagined that being a librarian would mean checking out books and shelving books, but I mostly have clerks for that.  Most of my job is about talking to people, young and old (and even some in between) and finding ways to help them with whatever they need.  I never know what is going to happen every day, which is interesting.  -- Anonymous

The Best! Disclaimer: Advice offered in this column is for entertainment purposes only. Please assume that The Best! readers are not lawyers, and while all The Best! readers are super intelligent geniuses with many years of experience, please nonetheless consult your lawyer or library system on legal issues, HR snafus, policy questions, and other areas in which anonymous comments from strangers might normally be treated with caution. Disagree with any of the advice above?  Add your two cents here.


*New Opportunities in Red

January 1, 2017: Minimum Wage increases to $9.70
January 20-24, 2017-- Ala Midwinter Atlanta
Registration Open
March 1, 2017: Advocacy Day in Albany
May 1-2, 2017: National Legislative Day in DC
    More info here.

Libraries Step Up to Westchester Green Business Challenge

Librarians from all over the Hudson Valley gathered at the Hendrick Hudson Free Library in Montrose, NY for the Westchester Green Business Challenge Library Forum. The session explored how libraries can use the WGBC's measurement tools and support to incorporate environmentally sustainable practices into their operations to achieve certification as a Westchester Green Business, and inspire and promote sustainable practices among other businesses in their community and industry peers.

Jill Davis, Library Director at HHFL, described her library's ..Read on Here

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