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October 27, 2016

The Best! Notes 
Eli Guinnee, Editor, 


Make Your Library an Election Information Center!

Your library is the perfect place for the community to find out what's going to be on the ballot before they vote!  If you haven't yet, get a sample ballot with candidates and any referendum questions that your patrons will encounter on November 8.  Better yet, give them resources to research information from objective sources.

Information to display might include:
  • Newspaper articles covering local candidates
  • A handout with biographies of candidates and stances on key issues
  • A computer set up with quick links to videos of debates (For example)
  • Instruction on how to submit an absentee ballot 
  • Maps of the local districts
  • Books from your politics and biography sections for an eye catching display
Good resources include:   

Final NYLA Conference Reminders

-Click here to view the the booth schedule and to-do list.
-Don't forget to bring baskets to raffle! 
-See you for the RLRT meeting Friday, 8:30 am -9:45 am) in the Whitney Room
-Full NYLA info below...

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RLRT @ NYLA 2016 

Our sponsored session is:
The Small Crew Library with Rebecca Donnelly of Norwood Public Library
(Program Session #8, Saturday, 11:00 am - 12:15 pm)
~Volunteer to help!  Add your name to the schedule: RLRT Booth Signup Form
~The booth will include a new banner and posters to highlight rural libraries.
~A laptop will be set up for new members to join. 
~A voting booth will let RLRT Members weigh in on various subjects, and members will get a button after they vote.  
~We need baskets for a raffle fundraiser.  Let us know what you are bringing here
~Setup is 4pm Wednesday and Tear Down is Noon Friday if you want to help!
~An updated tri-fold will highlight what RLRT is all about
RLRT Meeting
~We will meet during Program Slot #3 (Friday, 8:30 am -9:45 am) in the Whitney Room
~Primary Agenda Item will be the RLRT Plan. We will revisit our plan and long term goals at the face to face meeting in November.

The Best! Poll 


Does your Library provide ballot information to the community?

We have a display or poster that tells what will be on the ballot
We tell patrons what will be on the ballot AND have further resources to help them research the issue/candidate
Not yet but maybe we will
No, this is not an important role of the library



Last Week: 


Does Your Library Have a Maker Space and/or Maker Programming?

No, we are mostly sitting out the Maker movement--38.5%
We have Maker activities available for patrons--30.8%
We offer regular Maker programs--23.1%
Yes, we have a dedicated space for Making and Maker programs--7.7%

The Best! 

This week's stat is: 


Number of pages of NYC directories being digitized by the NYPL.  Read about the project here

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Q: I'm attending NYLA for the first time.  Should I sign up for all the "extras" or will I want as much downtime as possible? --First timer

A: There are two schools of thought. 1. There is no sleeping at the NYLA conference - go non-stop and take in EVERYTHING. 2. Be selective and avoid conference burn-out. I tend toward option 1 - the conference only comes around once a year, and only lasts a few days - soak in as much content and experiences as you can. Remember you don't need to attend a program during every session - spending time networking is a legitimate use of your conference time. --No-Sleep-At-NYLA

A: Sign up for as much as you (or your employer) can afford your first year. Do it all this year, then next year you can be more selective.  --No Regrets
The Best! Disclaimer: Advice offered in this column is for entertainment purposes only. Please assume that The Best! readers are not lawyers, and while all The Best! readers are super intelligent geniuses with many years of experience, please nonetheless consult your lawyer or library system on legal issues, HR snafus, policy questions, and other areas in which anonymous comments from strangers might normally be treated with caution. Disagree with any of the advice above?  Add your two cents here.


*New Opportunities in Red

October 27-29 @ Fargo, North DakotaARSL Conference 
     The Association for Rural Small Libraries Annual Conference 
November 2-5 @ SaratogaNYLA Annual Conference (Details here)  
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January 20-24-- Ala Midwinter Atlanta
     Registration Open

Programming in Practice at Olin Library

Submitted by Maggie Foster

The sky is blue and as the breeze carries the sounds of a Saturday football game in progress, the bell tower above chimes the noon hour. You rush in through the heavy glass doors of Olin Library, greeted with hushed tones and packed tables, but that’s okay, because you were only coming in to grab something off the “New and Noteworthy” shelf, just past the Reference Desk. When you return later in the week, it will be ... Read on here

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