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Everyone Advocate!  Round 2...

Thanks for your advocacy efforts so far.  Here's the link to Round 2. EVERYONE, do it now before you forget.  NYLA makes it soooooo easy!


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A Rural Library Cafe 

Eli Guinnee

This week while waiting to give a presentation at the Dormann Library in Bath, I enjoyed a coffee at the lovely Chapters Cafe. I was helped by Ruth, who has been there for about 10 of the 10 1/2 years the cafe has been open. It is run by the library, serving as both a fundraiser as well as a great place for the community to enjoy a coffee and snack.  Local high school students supplement the permanent staff, and the library has been lucky to have excellent teenage workers.  The Village of Bath has a population of about 5700, proving that a small rural community can support a library cafe!  Thinking of adding a cafe?  I would encourage you to reach out to a library that's already doing it to learn from their experience. 

Libraries, Pigs and a Little Magic

Hope Decker
Member Library Liaison, Pioneer Library System

Integrating the old and the new at the Dansville Public Library

Sometimes magic happens when we connect with each other. Maybe it’s talk at the circ desk about a beloved book, or a child telling us about her new dog, or catching up with one another at meetings and conferences. In the world of libraries we are in the business of connecting with people. 

I visited the Dansville Public Library last week, and I toured the beautiful new building. It was bustling with activity; the community was connecting with learning, information, books and other people. I see this time after time when I get to visit small rural libraries. When I visited Clifton Springs a patron shared a sad personal story and a hug with Director Melissa Correia. In Caledonia a patron shared a laugh with Director Renate Goff while returning her son’s books that were 50 years overdue. In Castile young patrons shared the wonder of exploration and learning with Director Erin Robinson while playing with ozobots together. We are lucky we get to this library thing!
…but back to Dansville…and pigs. As part of my visit, Director Terry Dearing took me on a little adventure and we brought table scraps to some piglets. When I woke up that morning, I didn’t know that I would be walking through a barn, on a beautifully maintained farm in the hills surrounding Dansville. It was a magical setting, but the joy of sharing the experience with Terry was the best part. When you are in the business of connecting with people; a little bit of serendipity and magic happen from time to time.

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This Week's Question: 
I think we should protest having to do Annual Reports.  Who's with me?  --Drowning in Stats

Answer this question now!
Last Week's Question: 
I want to do more for families with babies and toddlers, but not sure how to get started.  Does anyone have experience starting an early literacy program who could give me some tips?  We are a small library and if we did baby story times I'd either have to do it myself (not totally comfortable with that) or get a volunteer.  --Not a Children's Librarian
Reach out to your friendly Public Library System Youth Services expert! That's what they're for.  --Admittedly Biased System Staff 

I started an informal meetup for for parents with young children.  It has been very popular and the parents coordinate their own activities. I know it's not a full storytime, but I think that's a good place to start when you have a limited staff.  -- Also Not a Children's Librarian

The Best! Disclaimer: Advice offered in this column is for entertainment purposes only. Please assume that The Best! readers are not lawyers, and while all The Best! readers are super intelligent geniuses with many years of experience, please nonetheless consult your lawyer or library system on legal issues, HR snafus, policy questions, and other areas in which anonymous comments from strangers might normally be treated with caution. 
Disagree with any of the advice above?  Add your two cents here.


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Present at ARSL!

Hope Decker

The Call for Proposals for the 2017 Association for Rural & Small Libraries
Conference is now open! Do you know of a great program or innovative
project that will help take libraries to the next level? Our theme for
this year’s conference is Libraries Elevated and we would love to see
topics that take libraries from ordinary to extraordinary.

Submissions for both 1 hour programs and Full/Half Day Preconference
workshops are being accepted. Proposals are due by March 15, 2017.

Please fill out this form to submit your proposal.


June 22-27: ALA Conference, Chicago (link)
March 1: Advocacy Day in Albany (link)
September 6-9: Association of Small and Rural Libraries Conference in St. George (link)
November 8-11: NYLA 2017 in Saratoga Springs (link)



NYLA Sustainability Roadmap App

The NYLA Sustainability Roadmap made its print and iOS app debut at the 2016 NYLA Annual Conference in Saratoga Springs. Designed by members of the NYLA Sustainability Initiative Committee and created by Capira Technologies, LLC the user friendly app guides users through the process of thinking about practices that are environmentally sound, economically feasible, and socially equitable.

“Working with Capira was an excellent experience. For all of us, this was our first foray into app development. Michael Berse was very patient with us in explaining the process and what was required. He was also very flexibile and receptive to our feedback.” Stephen Maher, Assistant Director of Content Management and Scholarly Communications, NYU Health Sciences.

Library Directors, trustees and staff at all levels, can use the Roadmap app to assist in establishing policies and practices, developing partnerships, and identifying resources that will be both relevant and financially stable into the future. To keep track of thoughts and ideas, there is a checklist and a notes feature that can be shared using email, messaging and other applications on your phone, so that everyone can be on the same page.

To get started, install the App and follow the map, working step-by-step toward the dual goals of a sustainable library and a sustainable community. There are many possible routes, and the roadmap will guide you. Feel free to explore, considering which path bests suits your library and community. Follow the links in depth, read the stories of sustainability accomplishments of other libraries. Examine your policies and those of others and then draft or update what you have in place. Incorporate sustainability into your budget and strategic planning, and set a long-term goal that your library will become a model of sustainability worthy of emulation and recognition in your community.

Take a few minutes a day, while waiting for a bus or for your coffee to brew, to consider new questions and to take one more step to take towards making your library sustainable.

You can download the NYLA Sustainability Road Map App for iOs devices! (Android App coming soon!) 

Print copies of the Roadmap booklet are available to order for $3 each. Contact to get your copy.

The Roadmap is available as a PDF for free when you sign up for the Sustainability Initiative mailing list. Click here to sign up for the mailing list and request a PDF of the Roadmap.

NYLA's Library Advocacy Day
Each year library advocates from across New York State converge on Albany to voice their support for funding and policies that benefit libraries. 
Together our efforts have resulted in over $11M in additional library aid since 2011.

Summary of Event

Most activities will take place in the Legislative Office Building (LOB). The LOB is most easily accessed from the Concourse, or through the Capitol Building.  Prepare for airport-like security while entering the building.  NYLA 'Base Camp' will be available in LOB120 beginning at 8:00AM for packet pick-up and sign-in.
Advocacy Day Packets: Materials are distributed to Library Advocacy Day attendees to use in their meetings with legislators and staff, and can be picked up in room 120 of the Legislative Office Building.
Click here for a map of the Empire State Plaza (PDF)
READ Posters
Members of the Legislature have been invited to have their photographs taken for READ posters between 8:30 AM – 2:00 PM.  (Invite your representative to have their photo taken for a READ poster!)
The Rally for Library Advocates 12:00 PM
Gather in the "Well" of the LOB at 12:00 PM for a Library Advocate's Rally!
Join fellow Library Advocates and plan to make your voices heard!
Legislative Office Visits
Meetings with individual Legislators (or their office) are coordinated by library systems, or regional coordinators.  NYLA will have a listing of all the legislative office visits that we have been made aware of at the NYLA Base Camp (LOB120).
Organizing a Group or meeting with a Legislator? Please fill out the Library Advocacy Day Contact Form
Please be sure to review the NYLA Legislative Priorities prior to your meetings.



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