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Editor's Notes 

Eli Guinnee,

Rural Libraries Well Represented at Advocacy Day

Rural libraries worked hard in Albany to make sure their representatives heard them loud and clear: our rural communities need strong libraries!  Thank you to all the rural library supporters that wrote letters and visited legislators, in Albany or at their local offices.  If we're out of sight, we're out of mind.  

Final budget negotiations are happening now! Please see an important message from NYLA at the bottom of this page.  And follow this link to send a NEW message to your legislators NOW!  
Headed to the ARSL conference this year? Program proposals are due March 15! 
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Mystery Link of the Day

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Rural Libraries Making their Presence Felt

Just a couple examples of rural libraries making their presence felt in newspapers across NY (click to read):

Representing at Advocacy Day:

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This Week's Question: 
This is the first year our library is hosting a Teen Summer Program.  I am looking for some ideas to keep them interested.  What has worked for you? --No name given

Answer this question now!
Last Week's Question: 
My board asked me to look into purchasing accounting software. I need something simple and easy to use. What do you use? -- I.M.
We use QuickBooks.  We qualified as a non-profit organization with Tech soup and purchased it for a very reasonable price.  Then we decided it should go on its own laptop which increased the cost of using the program!!  --JP

We use quickbooks  --Carol

The new American Health Care Act: Yea or Nay?
Yea, it's great
Nay, Obamacare needs replaced but this doesn't go nearly far enough
Nay, keep Obamacare but fix the problems
Nay, leave Obamacare alone
Last Issue: How would you describe your library's Facebook presence?

Needs Improvement --41.2%
Decent --35.3%
Excellent! --23.5%
Nonexistent --0%

Freedom is the Best! 

Tips for supporting Social Justice in your library

Shout it out with a button or two... or twenty

These young ladies were giving out buttons in Albany.  

Click to download a printable button template

Click to download a printable NYLA Libraries are for Everyone poster here. 

More printable Libraries are for Everyone graphics courtesy of Rebecca McCorkindale can be found here.

The Best!

"Adulting" in Libraries

Tom Vitale
Outreach Coordinator, CCLS

South Bend Public Library advertises an Adulting series

Numerous public libraries across the U.S. are offering “adulting” classes and programs. Many secondary and college aged students, as well as individuals heading off to trade school, the armed forces and the work force right out of school are stating that they have not learned many tasks associated with being an independent adult. As public libraries are educational facilities, why not help bridge this gap and see if we can have a little fun while doing it!  

Possible program/class ideas:
- Budgeting
- Cooking/ Meal Planning/ Grocery Shopping/ Couponing
- Dressing for Success
- Caring for your first pet
- Soft Skills Set-up: (Phone, Email, In person language, social networking)
- Etiquette
- Ballroom Dancing
- Simple auto and home repair

Links for programs/resources happening across the U.S.: - *This is a best-selling book that can be ordered for your library to go hand in hand with programming.


March 22, 10-11am: Certifiably Sustainable - A Clear Path Forward For Your Library (info and register)
May 1-2: National Advocacy Day (link)
September 6-9: Association of Rural and Small Libraries Conference in St. George (link)
November 8-11: NYLA 2017 in Saratoga Springs (link)



NYLA Sustainability News:

Certifiably Sustainable - A Clear Path Forward For Your Library

A webinar from the New York Library Association Sustainability Initiative 

with Jill Davis, Director, Hendrick Hudson Free Library & Dani Glaser,creator and Co-Director of Westchester Green Business

Facilitator: Rebekkah Smith Aldrich, co-chair, New York Library Association Sustainability Initiative Committee & Coordinator for Library Sustainability for the Mid-Hudson Library System

When: Wednesday, March 22, 2017 @10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.
Where: Online

What: Join us to learn about an exciting and challenging new opportunity for the public libraries of New York State to embark on journey to be a more sustainable library.

Thanks to a collaboration between the New York Library Association and Westchester Green Business (WGB) any public library in New York State can work with the WGB program to achieve a reduction in energy waste, water, and transportation costs as well as land use and purchasing.

The program, Green Business Certification, provides a turnkey system to successfully integrate sustainable practices into library operations. Library leaders will learn exactly where resources are being wasted and identify opportunities to increase efficiency and save money. Proprietary performance tools are used to calculate the economic and environmental impacts of energy, travel, waste, water, and refrigerants in a library, while staff surveys gauge behavioral impacts.

With funding awarded through Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s Cleaner, Greener Communities (CGC) Program, Westchester Green Business has opened access for all public libraries in New York State to this groundbreaking program. It has helped dozens of businesses, nonprofits, and the award-winning Hendrick Hudson Free Library make operational decisions that result in a more sustainable, resilient future for themselves and their communities. This collaboration helps bring to life the Resolution on the Importance of Sustainable Libraries unanimously passed in 2014 by the Council of the New York Library Association.

Register online:
NYLA Final Push for Funding! 

 Greetings NYLA Members,
Both the NYS Senate and NYS Assembly have released their one house budget bills, which signals the final stretch before adoption of the state budget:
  • State Library Aid:                           +$8M over Governor’s Executive Budget ($99.6M total)
  • State Library Construction Aid:   +$15M ($29M total)
  • State Library Aid:                           +$4M ($95.6M total)
  • State Library Construction Aid:   +$11M ($25M total)
These adds are a testament to the hard work and commitment of New York’s library advocates. Thanks to your efforts, we currently have support in each house heading into final negotiations with the Governor. But, remember these numbers are mere proposals, and nothing is assured. Unless we convince the legislature to dig in and defend library funding, we still face Governor Cuomo’s funding cuts!
WE NEED YOUR HELP TO DEFEND LIBRARY FUNDING - NOW IS THE TIME TO ACT! We are counting on you to ensure the legislature fights for libraries as negotiations take shape.

TAKE ACTION NOW! Use our pre-drafted letter to voice your support for fully funding NYS Library Aid in the FY 2017-2018 Budget.
Even if you have already written to your representative, please follow this link to send this NEW message to your legislators that library funding is NOT NEGOTIABLE!
After you submit your name and address you will have the opportunity to view and EDIT our pre-drafted letter.  Our system determines your elected representatives based on your address, and submits your message directly to their inbox. Cp[ies are also sent to key members of the Legislature.
SHARE this information widely – this is our last chance to be heard!



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