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November 14, 2016

The Best! Notes 
Eli Guinnee, Editor, 

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Regardless of how you voted

Can we all agree that one of the clear losers in this election was objective information and the value of truth?  The good news: Rural Libraries have just become more important!  

You are the place that community members can go to get out of their social media bubble. You are the place that values intellectual freedom. You are the place that is an equality safe zone. Freedom and democracy are NOT a partisan issue, they're what we exist for!

Time to reinforce the social equity leg of the sustainability stool!  To help you, we're introducing a new "Freedom is The Best!" feature below.  This will have handy tools and creative ideas to help you build up a culture of freedom and equality in your library.  

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Does your Library provide ballot information to the community?

Not yet but maybe we will--74%
We tell patrons what will be on the ballot AND have further resources-- 13.5%
No, this is not an important role of the library--12.5%
We have a display or poster that tells what will be on the ballot-- 0%

Freedom is The Best! 

Build a culture of Freedom, Diversity, and Equality inYour Library

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NYLA Scholarship Winner's Report (and photos)
Kathy Stempel

Assistant Librarian / Youth Services
Berne Public Library

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I am very grateful for being the recipient of the 2016 RLRT scholarship. I try my best not miss the yearly NYLA conference. The scholarship money helped immensely to get me to Saratoga. I recommend anyone in the library business to go to the conference at least once in their career.  That is all it took for me to get hooked. Some of the best experiences happens at NYLA events. I enjoy hanging out with the most intense people that love their work. The library crowd are always trying to improve on their improvements. This annual event is full of great opportunities to learn from informational workshops and hear knowledgeable people talk about up-to-date library trends.
There was no nodding off when Garry Golden, Futurist, was speaking. His lively talk included what kind service you may need to provide at your library in the future. He gave the audience a hard look at what baby boomers, millenniums and other age groups might be looking for from their library. NYLA has provided conference goers with many passionate presenters, which includes their talented members.
I was impressed at how smoothly the RLRT meeting was conducted. Thank you Margo for staying on target with the issues and how easy you formed teams to work together. The last workshop I attended was the most informative, titled "The Small Crew Library." This workshop, presented by Rebecaa Donnely, another NYLA/RLRT member, had the most useful content. When I got back to work I used her suggestion of getting  a head start on the digital media, scheduling, and library development jobs out of the way before the day begins. Through her presentation I have learn more about some marketing strategies. Ms. Donnelly mentioned handing out place mats with library information to local eateries or in my case to firehouse dinners. RLRT members have some great marketing skills.
Marketing skills were used at the RLRT booth. The short hour I worked at the booth people were lined up at the table filling out a vote/survey and buying memberships. It is amazing the number of people who were not from rural libraries receiving memberships. Working in the booth also gave me the chance to see old friends and make new ones.
I am already starting to save my money for next years conference. It is time for others to apply for the all important RLRT scholarship. All you need to do is show your passion in words and sent it in. 
Thanks again RLRT members.

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Today's Question: My program coordinator serves wine at many of our adult events.  I should probably make her stop, right?  --Dontwanttogo Tojail

The Best! Disclaimer: Advice offered in this column is for entertainment purposes only. Please assume that The Best! readers are not lawyers, and while all The Best! readers are super intelligent geniuses with many years of experience, please nonetheless consult your lawyer or library system on legal issues, HR snafus, policy questions, and other areas in which anonymous comments from strangers might normally be treated with caution. Disagree with any of the advice above?  Add your two cents here.


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November 16: NY State Library Five Year Plan Input Survey Due
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November 18: RLRT Absentee Ballot Due 
December 1: Updates to the Fair Labor Standards Act go into effect
January 1, 2017: Minimum Wage increases to $9.70
January 20-24, 2017-- Ala Midwinter Atlanta
Registration Open
March 1, 2017: Advocacy Day in Albany

Sustainability at North Canton Public Library

Submitted by Megan Coder

The North Canton Public Library is a very busy, exciting, and forward-thinking public library located in Northeast Ohio. They receive 260,000 visitors each year, which equates to 21,000 each month, and 700 each day! They recognize that public libraries are one of the “last truly public places”, and that “we have a responsibility to help...because WE CAN.”  ...Read on Here

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