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February Newsletter
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"My crew and I are enjoying Brewing, Family, Friends and Free Time. We hope you are also".
What's New?

This is the first product to actively protect glass fermenters and their users. For customers of beer, wine, mead and cider.
  • Compatible with all glass carboys, demijohns, and bubblers of all shapes and sizes

  • Compatible with all existing carboy accessories already on the market

Each kit contains 6 pads made from specially formulated shock absorbing material and a 3M adhesive to provide unrivaled carboy protection from bumps, knocks, and hard landings.

We expect these in by mid February

USED/Reconditioned Ball Lock Corny Kegs
In Stock Now: 3,000 Corny Ball Lock Kegs taken out of service only weeks ago. Cleaned, Flushed and tested under pressure. These are some of the nicest kegs we have seen in quite a while. All ready to use. Grab yours now. Lowest prices in Colorado. Save now and avoid shipping costs                       .   
  • $73.50 for 1keg
  • $69.85 for 2-5 kegs
  • $66.35 for 6-10 kegs
  • $63.05 for more than 10 kegs
 No monthly coupons or AHA discounts are offered on these.

Clear 500ml Flip/Swing top bottles:
     These are perfect for Meads. These quality glass bottles eliminate the time-hogging hassles of traditional bottling. Each flip top bottle is made of clear glass, features a 500 mL capacity, and utilizes a swing cap design that inserts into the top of your bottle to create an instant airtight seal.

Lemondrop™ Hops:
       Equipped with the elusive true lemon character, Lemondrop boasts fantastic lemony-citrus aroma for late kettle additions or dry hopping. With a unique combination of fruity, herbal notes and power of Super Cascadian aroma, Lemondrop hops are homebrewers’ Next Big Thing.
Originally released by HopSteiner in 2012 as Experimental #01210, ideal for IPAs, Pale Ales and Saisons.

Intertap™ Faucets:
The patented Stainless Steel Intertap Faucet is a forward sealing faucet similar to the Perlicks. The threaded spout easily unscrews from the faucet and can be replaced by a growler filler or stout spout quickly and easily. Pour a pint and then fill a growler in no time at all.

Stainless Steel construction.

~ Stout Spout ~   

~ Growler Filler ~  

~ Ball Lock Post Spout ~  

 Intertap™ allows you to simply unscrew the standard spout and attach a range of different spout options to suit your beer style.  Eliminate the need to ever replace your beer taps again and simply just purchase the spouts that you need.

Spiced Apple Cider: Back in stock, Cider House, Spiced Apple Cider is the perfect drink for these cold days of winter. The nice part is, these do no take months of fermenting to make. 

Bottle Caps:     We carry 15 colors and designs so you can make your bottled brews easy to identify and show your style. All caps are Oxygen Barrier type.

Supplier Links:
We are retailers for these great companies. These links will allow you to browse their websites, and then ask us for quotes on the items you are looking for. These companies are all wholesale only and will not quote or show prices for any of their products. Feel free to look at these great products and send us a list for a quote. Be sure to list the part numbers to help us quote the correct items. By supplying these links, we will be better able to help you find exactly what you need.

Foxx Equipment:  or click on the righthand side for their complete pdf catalog.
Blichmann Engineering:
Ruby Street Brewing:
LD Carlson:  click on their PUBLIC CATALOG
BrewCraft USA:
All specials are, "While Supply Lasts".

USED Cobalt Blue 750ml Swing/Flip Top bottles. These were previously filled with Mead. Perfect for your bottling needs. Only $3.50 each. Buy 6 for only $18.00.      

USED 15 Gallon Blue LME Barrels. Empty LME Barrels are perfect for
many uses. Water storage, rain collection, fermentation for 15 Gal brews. Only $15.00 each. We usually have 3-6 on hand. (Supply dependent on  when LME has been emptied out of the barrels.)

25' & 50" Wort Chillers:  3/8" Copper tubing with fittings. We build these in house now. Better prices for you. Was $69.99, now only 59.99 for 25' and only $77.50 for a 50'. 

February Class
All Grain Class: Using standard Home-Brewing equipment with a Decoction Step Mash
Saturday, Feb. 11th, Starts @ 10:30am, runs until 1pm.
  • Reminder to our White Wine makers. Bottling is coming soon and we have Shrink Capsules in 14 colors to make your wine creations stand out. Stop by today to pick the perfect colored capsules for your wine.
  • Notice from RAHR:  Coming Soon the following malts will be packaged in 55 lb /25k sacks. This will be slowly transitioned starting Feb 27th from the original 50 lb bags. This effects the following grain:

Extract Kit of the Month
10% Off


This classic dry ale is medium-full bodied. Roasted and black barley malt adds a dark color and roasty flavor. Malto-Dextrin contributes the thicker mouthfeel characteristic of this style. The included yeast will yield a fermentation that leaves a slightly sweet character.

Approx. Original Gravity: 1.049
Approx. Final Gravity: 1.012
Estimated Alcohol by Vol: 4.8%
Bitterness: 36 IBUs
Calories: 163 kcal/12oz
Approx. Color: 35.8 SRM

Estimated Brew Day time: 3 hrs (including cleanup) Total Time from Grain to Glass: At least 3 weeks

Tom's Musings
    January was interesting, to say the least, with our newest leader now in office. Already providing much in the way of daily news and things to think about. While I do not pretend to know much about running a country, I do know how to run my companies and how to treat my customers. The crew and I often discuss ways to make your experience in our store as pleasant as possible. Each of our crew has the authority to fix any problem or warranty any product if you have any issue's that need addressing. As always, feel free to contact me directly if you have any concerns, questions or comments. I had a wonderful call recently to let me know what stellar service Arianne had provided to a customer over the weekend. It was truly appreciated that this customer took time out of his day to call and let me know about his experience. 
    We have our new warehouse setup and operational now. Really nice to have over 5,000 sq ft now. We filled it with 3,000 excellent condition ball lock corny kegs, bringing in 3 trailer loads with 120 pallets full. We are offering them at several price levels depending on volume purchased. You will not find anyone in Colorado or surrounding states with this volume of Ball Lock Kegs available. Save on shipping costs and pickup yours today.
     The plans for the brewery/taproom are progressing and we have been working on a floor plan for both the store and brewery. Also we are planning to have an outdoor seating area. Our building owner has been very helpful. While the process is not fast, it is fun designing and making plans for this project. 
      The first month of the year was amazing, we had over 500 sales and surpassed all expectations. This February should be another great month of brewing, tasting and enjoying the camaraderie of like minded friends and family. Mike and I will, once again, participate at the Dredhop beer judging in Boulder. I will Stewart, and Mike will Judge this year. We always have a great time and these events are a great way to learn so much more about styles and tastes. If you ever have a chance, be sure to get involved with a local club.
Thanks again for all the support and have a great month!!
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