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December Newsletter
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HOLIDAY Store Hours
Mon-Fri 9am till 6pm
Sat 9am till 2pm
Sunday's Closed

"My crew and I are enjoying Brewing, Family, Friends and Free Time. We hope you are also".

We will be closed Monday December 26th to have an extra day to celebrate Christmas with our families. 

What's New?
What's New for December:
Party Pig: The Party Pig is a self contained beer packaging /dispensing system. It replaces bottles and/or kegging systems for finishing and serving beer. TheParty Pig uses an amber PET (BPA FREE) plastic bottle that holds 2.25 gallons (which is equivalent to one case of 24, 12 oz. containers) of beer and an attached valve for drawing it at your convenience.
Size: Two "Pigs" are just the right size to hold the contents of a 5 gallon fermenter.
Each is 9 inches in diameter and has an overall length of 15 inches. this means you do no have to remove shelves from your fridge or need a separate fridge at all.  

Counterflow Chillers:  This counterflow chiller consists of 25 feet of 3/8" copper refrigeration tubing, jacketed by USA high quality 5/8" hose, and 3 stainless steel mounting brackets. It is designed to chill your wort from boiling to under 80 degrees in one pass. While this chiller can be gravity fed, a high-temp pump is recommended.  Item is fully assembled.
6" Tall, by 12" Inside Diameter, by 13.5" Outside Diameter

New Books:
  • Beer For All Seasons
  • The Beer Geek Handbook
  • Brewing Made Easy, 2nd Edition
  • Clone Brews, 2nd Edition
  • Homebrewer's Garden, 2nd Edition
Kent Systems Quick Couplers: Great selection of full flow and check valve couplers help make your brewing systems more efficient. 1/4 turn locks and unlocks these amazing couplers. We carry 1/4, 3/8 & 1/2" fittings to cover your needs.

The Catalyst Fermentation System: 

The Catalyst Fermentation System (6.5 Gallons) is an innovative piece of homebrewing equipment that simplifies the fermentation process, making it easier than ever to make great beer at home.

They've taken features seen only in high-end, professional brewing equipment and integrated them into a compact homebrewing system that is both functional and elegant.

With The Catalyst, they’ve not only solved issues of current homebrewing equipment, but they’ve also introduced innovative and practical features, making it a convenient tool for first-time brewers and experts alike.
We believe form and function are equally important. Which is why they not only focused on making a product that works, but one that looks good too. The Catalyst introduces elegant functionality and good design into the world of home brewing, so you have equipment worth showing off rather than being hidden in a closet.

PH Strips: We now carry 3 types of strips.
  • Beer 4.6-6.2 range
  • Wine 2.8-4.4 range
  • Universal 2.0-10.0 range

Welcome to the new generation of farming, where they infuse their love of the earth with modern agricultural technology to help you craft a better, tastier drink. Root Shoot’s family of farmers grow, harvest and malt the finest grains to give brewers and distillers high-quality taste in every glass.

Located on 1,500 acres of irrigated land in beautiful Loveland, Colorado they harvest alfalfa, wheat, corn and barley. From the ground to your glass, they serve the best of Colorado.

Root Shoot Malting is the only Malster in the United States with a Mälzungssystemen from Kaspar Schulz in Bamberg, Germany. They selected this system for its advanced technology that is composed of a steeping vessel and a germination-kilning combo drum.

With this technology, they are able to deliver the best of both worlds: incomparable local flavor and the promise of high-quality consistency.

  • Root Shoot (US) Chocolate/Crystal 29L
  • Root Shoot (US) Meredith Pale 2.8L
  • Root Shoot (US) Munich Genie 14L
  • Root Shoot (US) Pale Genie 3.1L
Brewers Best Cider Flavor Enhancers: If you like Orchards Edge™, Angry Orchard®'s innovative line of ciders flavored with spices and oak aged, then you'll love Cider House Select® Flavor Enhancers. They have crafted three exciting flavor enhancers that can be added easily to any Cider House Select® Kit during secondary fermentation for a truly unique flavor experience.
  • Ginger Jammer
  • Hopped Citrus Slam
  • Oaky D'Oaky
Supplier Links:
We are retailers for these great companies. These links will allow you to browse their websites, and then ask us for quotes on the items you are looking for. These companies are all wholesale only and will not quote or show prices for any of their products. Feel free to look at these great products and send us a list for a quote. Be sure and list the part numbers to help us quote the correct items. By supplying these links we will be better able to help you find exactly what you need.

Foxx Equipment:  or click on the righthand side for their complete pdf catalog.
Blichmann Engineering:
Ruby Street Brewing:
LD Carlson:  click on their PUBLIC CATALOG
BrewCraft USA:
December Specials!!
All specials are, "While Supply Lasts".
  • Spiegelau Beer Glasses: These are the finest German made beer glasses made. We have the custom IPA, Beer Tulip & Stout Glasses on hand. There are 2 glasses in each box. Now Only $16.95 per 2-pack. No better price in stores or online.
  • MegaPot 1.2: 10 Gallon MegPot w/spigot, now only $184.99 save $25.00, 15 Gallon MegaPot w/spigot, now only $224.99, save $35.00. This is an in-house price only. 
  • Island Mist Wine Kits: Coconut Yuzu Pinot Gris, Limeade & Lemonade, Now only $44.95, Save $17.00.
  • Yeast Wrangler Kits: Backyard Yeast Wrangler Kit now only $44.99, save $15.00.
  • Malt, French Pilsen: 55lb Bag of Franco-Belges (France) now only $52.10, Save $10.00 per bag.
  • FastFerment Accessories: Accessories for the Conical Fermenter, Collection Bulb now only $14.99, save $5.00, Nylon Carrying Strap, now only $9.99, save $5.00, 2.5" Themometer, now only $14.99, save $5.00, Conical Metal Stand, now only $29.99, save $5.00.
  • Elderberry Wine Base: 1 Gallon Fruit WIne Base, now only 29.95, save $15.00.
Holiday Gift Ideas:
  • Gift Certificates- That special person gets to pick something special.
  • 1 Gallon Wine Making Kits- Great for learning. Easy & fun.
  • Beer Extract Kits- 50 to choose from. Impress your friends!!
  • Cider Kits- Many flavors, Perfect for the cold evenings ahead.
  • All Natural Soda Kits- Local company's soda's, your family will love. 
  • Yeast Wrangler Kits- By Bootleg Biology. Get your game on with these.
  • Tom's Brew Shop Pint Glasses- A must have for your home brews.
  • 3 & 5 Gallon Draft Kits- Get started on a bottle free tap system.
  • Tap Towers & Faucets- Large selection keeps your beer flowing.
  • Beer & Wine Equipment Starter Kits- Help a new brewer get going.
  • HydroFlasks- Best known name in portable drink ware. Keep Hydrated!
  • Books- Help your crafty family & friends learn even more.
  • Beer Soap & Candles- Perfect scent for any occasion. The soaps and candles smell great.
December Classes
Beginners Brewing Class: Saturday, Dec. 17th, Starts 10:30am, runs until 1PM.
Kegging Made Easy: Wednesday, Dec. 28th, Starts 5:30pm, runs until 7pm.

December's Extract Kit of the Month
10% Off

Cascadian Dark Ale (Black IPA)

This Cascadian Dark Ale (aka Black IPA or India Black Ale) derives dark color from Midnight Wheat, a black, huskless grain which yields all the dark color without the harsh bitterness usually associated with roasted or black grains. Five different hops lend their flavor and aroma to this brew, leaving a well-balanced bitterness and citrus-like flavor to complement the malty backbone.

Approx. Original Gravity: 1.067
Approx. Final Gravity: 1.017
Estimated Alcohol by Vol: 6.6%
Bitterness: 64 IBUs
Calories: 228 kcal/12oz
Approx. Color: 41 SRM

Tom's Musings
     We are ending yet another fabulous year of doing business with friends, staff, customers and family. As we look back over the year, we have a lot of memories and thoughts about the future. Myself, I like to look at the future as a positive place in which we continue to succeed and grow in our business and with our customers. We have now been open for over 6 years, having started fairly humbly in selling reconditioned corny kegs and staying the course to grow into a nice, well stocked full service home brewing supply store. I have always considered myself a simple peddler of fine wares. Like generations of Peddlers and Merchants, over thousands of years, we have a place in the lives of many. Our goal is to make sure we supply the products and ingredients needed by our customers, as well as, answering your questions and supplying educational sessions to bring as much information to you as possible.
     Something we have all noticed is the difficulty in keeping all the varieties of hops in stock. One of our suppliers dropped all but one type of leaf hops. Many pellet hops have become either rare or no longer available. The demand for hops has grown at a pace that farms supplying the industry can no longer keep up. New farms, more acreage, upgraded machinery and processes are helpful, but barely scratching the surface. We now search up to a dozen or more suppliers to keep our shelves stocked. One has to realized the commitment a farmer must make to grow hops. It takes 2-3 years for the best results and harvest to result. That means that hops that are not the most popular are being dropped for the ones that are in the highest demand. The fact that you or I cannot get what we may want for a certain hop profile means very little to the person spending their time and money in the fields growing hops. Supply and demand are the economic factor in any growers mind. With an average of two new breweries opening in this country per day, year round, the chances that hops being grown will catch up any time soon, is not likely. One thing we are starting to notice is the extremely high hopped IPA's are starting to slow down. The charge for the highest hopped brews seem to have mellowed out. I am seeing moves to more styles that are easy drinking and have huge amount of flavor. Nitro's have grown rapidly and you can hardly go in any brewery and not find a Gose which 12 to 15 months ago was very rare.
     A note about the European hops that are imported. We get a lot of questions as to why the ALPHA ACIDS are lower in most if not all these imports. According to an article in Brewing Techniques, the same hops grown in Oregon will have higher alpha acids than those grown in Europe. This relates to the natural minerals and chemicals in the soils in the vastly different regions of the world. While both areas have great growing conditions for the hops, the soil and climate differences cause the levels of bitterness to be different.

I hope you all have a Wonderful Christmas and Holiday season with your families and friends.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

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