Starting Saturday the 12th, immediately after the store closes, we will begin the move to our new location into unit I, next door. We should have things 80-90% completed by Monday morning when we re-open. Please excuse the few details that will still be in the works. You will be impressed with the new plank wood laminate floors, colors and layout. We will still be working on installing a huge 20'X14' walk-in cooler during that week. The cooler will have 6 reach-in doors for a much nicer display of all our yeasts and hops. We look forward to your feedback and hope everyone enjoys our new digs.
Highlighted and New Products.


ABOUT: Matthew Peetz, aka the Yeast Whisperer, has been propagating yeast before it was the cool thing to do. Like many brewers, it all started with a homebrew kit that Matthew received at this college graduation. Years later, Matthew with a partner founded Inland Island Yeast Laboratories, getting the company started in a spare bathroom filled with homemade propagation equipment. Things at Inland Island started taking off and by 2017 Matthew had grown the company from his bathroom to a 6,000 square foot production facility.
        Wanting to get back to the root of his passion, working with yeast and the craft brewing community, Matthew decided to do something radical, downscale. Matthew wanted to create a company that focuses on providing the highest quality, freshest, and consistent yeast to his customers. He wants to be the one who opens the door and shakes the hand of every customer that walks in the door. He wants to return to his dual passions of beer and yeast. For that reason, Matthew created Propagate Lab. A company that focuses on personal relationships with local customers.
      Having known Matthew for several years, we wanted to jump on board immediately and offer this GREAT NEW LOCAL YEAST to our customers. Our first order will be on the shelves this week. Feel free to check out his library of over 100 yeasts. We will carry some of the favorites and can special order any you may need or want. Please allow a 7 day lead time on special orders as they are as fresh as possible. These are 200 billion cell count pitches.

New Cryo Hop Varieties
Cryo Hops® represents the most innovative hop product technology available. Utilizing
industry-leading, cryogenic processing, whole-leaf hops are separated into lupulin and
bract at extremely low temperatures. LupuLN2® is the concentrated lupulin glands of
whole hop cones containing sensitive resins and aromatic oils. LupuLN2® hop pellets
offer twice the resin content of traditional T90 pellets and should be dosed at half the
weight - the perfect addition for any juicy and resinous hop-forward recipe.

#2230A Cryo Hops® LupuLN2® Pellets Centennial 1 oz.

#2232A Cryo Hops® LupuLN2® Pellets Amarillo 1 oz.



BEER PUZZLES are selling quickly. Stop in and get yours today, These are beautiful, challenging and fun to work on. Will be order additional puzzles soon.

  • Colorado Beer----Temporarily sold out. More coming soon.
  • 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall
  • Beer Bottle Caps
  • For The Love Of Beer
  • For The Love Of Wine
  • Wine Bottles
  • I Love Colorado
  • Gas Pumps      ( I thought this was was very cool and fitting for the 6 & 40 gas station themed brewery we are building)

Extract Kit of the Month

**Irish Stout**

This classic dry ale is medium-full bodied. Roasted and black barley malt adds a dark color and roasty flavor. Malto-Dextrin contributes the thicker mouthfeel characteristic of this style. The included yeast will yield a fermentation that leaves a slightly sweet character.

  • Approx. Original Gravity: 1.049
  • Approx. Final Gravity: 1.012
  • Estimated Alcohol by Vol: 4.8%
  • Bitterness: 36 IBUs
  • Calories: 163 kcal/12oz
  • Approx. Color: 35.8 SRM

Estimated Brew Day time: 3 hrs (including cleanup) Total Time from Grain to Glass: At least 3 weeks

Contents of Kit:

12 oz Crystal 60L Malt
4 oz British Black Malt
4 oz Roasted Barley
2 lbs Dark Dry Malt Extract (DME)
4 lbs Dark Liquid Malt Extract (LME) 1 oz Perle Hops

1 oz Northern Brewer Hops
8 oz Malto-Dextrin
1 pkg Danstar Nottingham Dry Yeast
5 oz Priming Sugar
55 Bottle Caps
28” Mesh Bag for steeping grains

Tips and Tricks:

a) Keep the milled grains loose inside the mesh bag to extract the most flavor and color

b) Pay careful attention to not let your steeping water exceed 170°F which extracts tannins and stops the enzymes from extracting the sugars from the grain.

c) Make sure that the malt extract does not accumulate and caramelize on the bottom of the kettle. Keep it stirred.

d) Hops can cause malignant hyperthermia when consumed by dogs, with sometimes fatal results. Don’t let Spot eat your hops.

Classes Available
 Starting this month classes will be offered by scheduling a session with our staff. Rather than posting generic classes as we have in the past, you will now be able to ask for a class to match your needs and interest. The range of topics will go beyond the standard, Beginner, Mash or All Grain offerings. Feel free to discuss with our crew what you feel you would like to cover. We will then plan a personalized session for you and schedule the class when it works best for you and your instructor. These can be arranged for one on one, or a group. 
          Call us at 303-232-5347 (kegs), email us at or stop by and we will help you create a class that fits. Private classes will have a minimum fee of $50.00 per person. 


A Work in Progress, but actually moving now! 

Tom's Brew Shop's New Space!

      January was a busy and messy month. The first week of January we turned in our architectural drawings to Lakewood's Permit department, expecting the process to take 2-3 weeks or longer, especially after being red tagged back in November. Imagine our shock when they told us to come back in AN HOUR!!! Fee's paid, fine/penalty waived, and we were back in business. This renewed our optimism and faith in Lakewood. Later that day we dived into construction. Old rotten carpets removed, glue scraped and the concrete floor ground, leveled and cleaned, ready for the nice new wood laminate flooring. By the 31st, we had the floors completed, walls moved, electrical completed and our new updated ADA compliant bathroom will be finished this week. The bathroom that we thought might have been simple has proven to be the most work. We had to rip out the new ceramic tile we had installed in order to move the toilet 1/2" farther away from the wall. That required jackhammering the concrete floor moving the connection, re-pouring the concrete and replacing the ceramic floor tiles. In addition we also had to move one wall 13" over which was to accommodate the sink being moved the same distance as well. The explanation for the sink made perfect sense allowing room between the sink and toilet for a wheelchair to maneuver. The half inch additional distance for the toilet to the wall made a lot less sense. Can't say I've heard of anyone rubbing their elbow raw by having a 1/2" less room. I think everyone has had a few cramped experiences in bathrooms. Now that this is completed, we also purchased and are installing a changing station, automated soap and towel dispensers as well as updated toilet paper dispensers. This should be one heck of a bathroom when ready.  
      Next Weekend the 12th, we will move the store into Unit I, next door. This will allow the end Unit J, to be completely empty in order to get the construction fired up for the 6 & 40 Brewery/Taproom. First project will be the installation of our large shared walk-in cooler, which will straddle both units. This allows for room for our beer and serving tanks, as well as display and storage of our hops and yeast on the store side. As soon as the walk-in is completed, the cutting of the concrete floors for the drains will begin. This will handle the trench drains, floor sinks, a catch basin as well as a sampling port for the sanitation district to check and test our effluent discharge from the brewing operations. Also our electrical contractor will be upgrading our panels and increasing the amperage to handle the demands of the brewhouse and taproom. Once these items are completed we will begin the installation of the brewhouse and setting up the fermentors and serving tanks in their places. Final will be the plumbing of all the chiller lines to the fermenters from our new 3 ton chiller we had built by G&D Chillers out of Oregon. I'll try to start posting some pictures of the progress for you to see as things move forward.



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