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March Newsletter
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"My crew and I are enjoying Brewing, Family, Friends and Free Time. We hope you are also".
What's New?
Now carrying the GRAINFATHER!!

The Grainfather, is your all in one brewing system, to make beer from grain. The sleek look, user friendly, intuitive design, and innovative features, make this your perfect brewing companion for both experienced and beginner all grain brewers.

 It is made from high quality 304 grade stainless steel with a 30 L capacity, designed to make up to 23 L of beer from one brew. 

7 Gallon Stainless Steel Fermenter:
Ferment with stainless steel like the pros! 

  • 25L capacity Fermenter 
  • High grade #304, scratch resistant, stainless steel body 
  • Handles for easy lifting of the fermenter 
  • Seamless inside finish for easy cleaning to prevent contamination 
  • Litre measurement stamped on inside body of fermenter
  • Tap
  • Receives a #4 Bung

375ml Clear Punted Bottle Cork Finish:

These smaller bottles are perfect for bottling samples to give to friends or potential customers.
Clear bottles such as this are typically used for white wines, blush wines, fruit wines and meads.
Punted. Takes standard corks.
12 per case
Height: 9 & 5/16"
Base Diameter: 2 & 3/8"
Neck Length: 2 & 1/2"

NEW Cook Book "Hedonistic Hops"
As a recipe developer / cookbook author married to an enthusiastic hophead, Marie Porter has created many amazing recipes featuring the bitter flower. These recipes have been wildly popular not only with her friends and family, but on her food & lifestyle blog, Celebration Generation. Now, she has developed an entire cookbook of hop recipes – the first of its kind!

While hops may seem like a bizarre or exotic item to cook with, it’s the same as using other herbs and spices in your kitchen… you just have to know what to do with them! Sample Receipes below.

Hoppy Citrus IPA Glazed Wings, Hoppy Citrus French Macarons, Hoppy IPA BBQ Sauce, Hoppy IPA Pickles

Auto Siphon Filter/Screen:
One of the better ways to clean up your beer other than time, temperature or using a filter system is to prevent solids from transferring upon moving your beer.  This can be accomplished by putting your siphon or hose into a fine nylon bag, but eventually these bags start to look pretty nasty.  That's why a filter was created to stick your siphon into in order to prevent solids from transferring.  By doing this, you also avoid getting these same solids stuck in your siphon.  You can use this filter to put your auto siphon into to transfer out of, or you can put the hose into the filter in the vessel into which you are transferring. 

Passionfruit Puree from Vintners Harvest:
Fruit puree prepared made from ripened yellow passionfruit. Product contains no preservatives and no additives.
Physical Properties: 
 pH: 2.8 – 3.3 
 Brix: 11.0 – 14.0° 
 Specific Gravity: 1.044 – 1.057 
 Color: Bright yellow

Now Carrying these LME's (Liquid Malt Extracts) in Stock:
Porter, Goldpils Vienna and Sorghum
Goldpils® Vienna Malt is a superb example of this classic malt. Less sweet than Pale Ale Malt, it is a rich base malt that offers complexity and depth with a toasted note at the finish for your classic Vienna, Oktoberfest and Marzen beers.
3.3 LB Jar
Porter LME is 100% pure malted barley extract made from a blend of 100% malt and water. 3.3 LB Jar
White Sorghum Syrup 45DE High Maltose is a concentrated wort made from 100% white sorghum grain produced in a state-of-the-art, five-vessel brewhouse using an all natural, enzyme-based brewing process. 
3.3 Lb Jar.


This is the first product to actively protect glass fermenters and their users. For customers of beer, wine, mead and cider.
  • Compatible with all glass carboys, demijohns, and bubblers of all shapes and sizes

  • Compatible with all existing carboy accessories already on the market

Each kit contains 6 pads made from specially formulated shock absorbing material and a 3M adhesive to provide unrivaled carboy protection from bumps, knocks, and hard landings.

USED/Reconditioned Ball Lock Corny Kegs
In Stock Now: 3,000 Corny Ball Lock Kegs taken out of service only weeks ago. Cleaned, Flushed and tested under pressure. These are some of the nicest kegs we have seen in quite a while. All ready to use. Grab yours now. Lowest prices in Colorado. Save now and avoid shipping costs                       .   
  • $73.50 for 1keg
  • $69.85 for 2-5 kegs
  • $66.35 for 6-10 kegs
  • $63.05 for more than 10 kegs
 No monthly coupons or AHA discounts are offered on these.

All specials are, "While Supply Lasts".

USED Cobalt Blue 750ml Swing/Flip Top bottles. These were previously filled with Mead. Perfect for your bottling needs. Only $3.50 each. Buy 6 for only $18.00.      

USED 15 Gallon Blue LME Barrels. Empty LME Barrels are perfect for
many uses. Water storage, rain collection, fermentation for 15 Gal brews. Only $15.00 each. We usually have 3-6 on hand. (Supply dependent on  when LME has been emptied out of the barrels.)

25' & 50" Wort Chillers:  3/8" Copper tubing with fittings. We build these in house now. Better prices for you. Was $69.99, now only 59.99 for 25' and only $77.50 for a 50'. 

March Class
Extract Beginners Class: Using standard Home-Brewing equipment 
Saturday, Mar. 18th, Starts @ 10:30am, runs until 1pm.
  • Reminder to our White Wine makers. Bottling is coming soon and we have Shrink Capsules in 14 colors to make your wine creations stand out. Stop by today to pick the perfect colored capsules for your wine.
  • Notice from RAHR:  Coming Soon the following malts will be packaged in 55 lb /25k sacks. This will be slowly transitioned starting Feb 27th from the original 50 lb bags. This effects the following grain:

Extract Kit of the Month
10% Off

American Pale Ale

Perhaps the most widely brewed American style ale. Moderately strong hop aroma and bitterness. Pale and Munich malt base provides deep gold, almost amber, color and medium-bodied mouthfeel, while crystal and honey malts add a touch of sweetness.

Approx. Original Gravity: 1.050 Approx. Final Gravity: 1.011 Estimated Alcohol by Vol: 5.0% Bitterness: 37 IBUs Calories: 166 kcal/12oz Approx. Color: 7 SRM

Estimated Brew Day time: 3 hrs (including cleanup) Total Time from Grain to Glass: At least 3 weeks

Tom's Musings
     February was another fabulous month with more than 500 sales again. We truly appreciate the wonderful loyalty of all our customers. A always we listen to many stories as well as requests for new products and ingredients. We will soon add some new hops to our selection. Summer from Australia, Wai iti from New Zealand, Eureka and Denali (aka nuggetzilla) both from Yakima, WA. These will be available within the next few weeks. 
     Couple weeks ago we received an email from Yelp telling us we now have a 5 star rating. They mailed us a little certificate to hang up and a sticker for our door. Always nice to see and have such nice comments from all of you. We also have a 5 star on Facebook and a 4.7 on Google. When I can remember how to login to these, I like to reply and thank everyone for taking time to give us such positive reviews. I think years ago starting out selling only Corny Kegs and slowly adding some draft equipment and then a few kettles and brewing equipment. Now we have over 3,000 part numbers and it continues to grow. Mike and I work daily on ways to keep our inventory fresh and with the best product mix we can offer. We do not feel that carrying every single brand or product line is what is needed or wanted. We look for products that fit homebrewers budgets. There are many Cadillac products out there that are great quality but not priced right for many. We are happy to order anything you need, want or gotta have. Every week, I receive dozens of emails and calls for new products. While some are interesting, others make little sense. Loading the store with products that sit and gather dust does no one any good. Quite often your suggestions for new products are the ones that sell the best. That's why we take the time to chat and learn from all of you. The business of being a shopkeeper/peddler is to listen and learn from his customers. We have found this to be the perfect formula for success and all around enjoyment of what we do daily. All the hops mentioned above are being added thanks to a customers request. 
     Have a great March and we look forward to seeing you in the store.
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