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Suriyothai in Suphanburi

Harrow International School's Suriyothai House spent two days team building in Suphanburi on a house bonding trip. The group spent a day exploring the Buffalo Village and learning the intensive story of rice - from seed in the soil to grain in our mouth. Many also accepted the challenge to ride a buffalo! We did a variety of team building games with students from all year levels, working together to save the hostage, get the chicken, grain and fox to the other side of the river, and to fill the holes in the holey pipe. Thank you to the Sixth form students for hosting the evening activities with more games, musical entertainment and the invention of the new Suriyothai House handshake.


Suphanburi as a trip location offers students the chance to learn about local agriculture including rice farming and water chestnut harvesting. It is a province rich in history and a great place to learn about King Naresuan. Thai studies classes visit  Wat Pa Lelai Worawihan and Wat Kae made famous in Thai literature. The site also allows for village exploration including a community who generate income from water hyacinth. For further information click here

Global Citizen Summit II

In mid-September new Head of Barge Program, Stan, represented the team at the Global Citizen Summit held in Bangkok. The summit brought together many teachers and service providers to discuss what Global Citizens are, why we should teach Global Citizenship in schools, and how we can implement projects to promote Global Citizenship. The summit was held in open-space technology format, where participants attended the session of their choice, but could leave at any time. This style of 'unconference' allowed participants to take part and contribute to the things that interested them the most. The highlight of the event for Stan was hearing from teachers who already use our program - "I never worry about anything when we work with Barge Program, as you are always great at what you do," said one teacher.

Barge Staff Training

The Barge has welcomed three new interns and coordinating staff for this academic year. We took the opportunity to revisit sites and update risk assessments, revise activities and games and bring the whole team up to speed with our operating procedures. We are ready to welcome your students to barge and land trips. For more information about our staff click here.


First Aid

The end of August saw barge staff attend a First Aid refreshment course, hosted by BNH Hospital. The course was a quick-fire day-long event, teaching staff basic emergency skills. Later in the day, staff were also able to practice immobilization techniques – with broken limbs being strapped up and bodies carried and raced around the room. The course went out with a bang, when staff were faced with hypothetical situations we may well find ourselves in, such as war-zones and car crashes. Though basic common sense was used to not act at all and seek safety, after some coaxing from the examiner all staff were able to show effective team work to save patient’s lives. Let’s hope we do not find ourselves in war zones with students though.

The Three-Generation Barge Program’s Carbon Series

We all want to do the right thing for the planet, but what’s the real impact of each of the things we do and buy? We hear a lot about driving and flying, but what about sending a text message, buying a bottle of water or taking a shower? How do bananas compare to a block of cheese or a beef steak? And what about the big things? How much C02 is generated from a Football World Cup or even a volcanic eruption?

Welcome to the Three Generation Barge Program’s Carbon Series. This is the third email in a series that are designed to give you a sense of carbon, a ‘carbon instinct’ and this will allow you to make those simple changes to reduce your carbon footprint and actually make a difference!

How Bad is a Big Dairy Ice-Cream?

Q) How much C02 is released in the production of one big dairy ice-cream? 
A) 0.5 kg of CO2 each

Q) How many big dairy ice-creams are off-set in the CO2 storage of one tree per year?
A) 20 big dairy ice-creams per tree per year
(That's the same impact as 6.3 bananas!)
Teacher Introduction Day
11 October 2014. 8.30 - 15.30, from Nonthaburi pier. THB 350 per person. Contact for more information or visit our website
Groups who have visited since August 2014
Harrow International School, Bangkok, Year 6 - Year 12

Prem Tinsulanonda International School, Chiang Mai, Grade 8

Sor Sor Sor training in environmental education

Somerset College, Australia, Year 7
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Traidhos October Camp 11-24 October
Arts and drama camp with specialist Vincent Warren, Tennis Camp, English Camp
Come to Chiang Mai for a weekend and compete in the doubles tennis tournament
Age 16 - Adult, 29 November 2014
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