Czech Folk Music 
SPIRITUAL QUINTET - a 7-piece Folk Band - imported from the Czech Republic
courtesy of the Czech Embassy in South Africa.
Sunday, 11 November 15:00

Brooklyn Theatre is proud to present a special concert featuring the oldest and most famous Folk Music group from the Czech Republic, as part of the country’s 2018 centennial Independence Celebrations. 

The Folk group, Spiritual Quintet, as the very first Czech folk group, was founded in 1960 and for 58 years of their existence recorded more than twenty albums.The strong tradition of folk music-making in Eastern Europe has a strong following all over the world. People are charmed by Russian Folk music, Klezmer, Gypsy and other music of this kind. Appropriate adjectives to describe this art form, are exotic, earthy, rousing, nostalgic and comfortably accessible to boot. 

This oldest Czech folk Group has prepared the following programme for their SA visit: Folk music from Renaissance Prague (17th century), Czech and Moravian folk ballads, songs from the national revival period (19th century), other world-famous song repertoire, as well as their own compositions. The cordial collaboration with the Embassy of the Czech Republic in March 2018, in the form of an All- Dvorak concert with the GPO, featuring the brilliant Czech cellist, Jan Pech, as well as the conductor, Jan Stvan, remains firmly and pleasantly in our memories and we look forward to this wonderful venture, to showcase some more fine Czech culture, in Brooklyn Theatre.

The Musicians: Veronika Součková - (alto), Zdenka Tichotová - (mezzo-soprano) & small drums, Jiří Holoubek - (2nd tenor), twelve-stringed guitar & flute, Pavel Peroutka - (tenor) & double bass, Dušan Vančura - (baritone) & small drums, Jiří Cerha - (bass) & harmonica, small drums, Jiří Tichota - Voice, Spanish guitar Artistic Director

Maletiempu Italia
Saturday 24 November 18:00

Rachele Andrioli and Rocco Nigro, two young Italian authors and interpreters, propose a new approach by mingling traditional refrains from the Salento region with a personal, more current musical dimension. The voyage begins with traditional music from Puglia region, crosses the Italian popular repertoire such as Gabriella Ferri, Domenico Modugno, and continues towards the shores of Edith Piaf, Amalia Rodriguez and Chavela Vargas. Rachele delivers warmth and emotion with her powerful voice perfectly accompanied by the agility and virtuosity of Rocco’s accordion.

The duo’s first album « Maliè » was released in 2014 and the second album “Maldimè” in 2015 on Italian record label Dodicilune. Their third album is Maletiempu, out in March 2018. 

“The duet Rachele Andrioli e Rocco Nigro plunges us in a galaxy constellated with clearly-obscure, D-imagined traditional survivals. Their music is refined – accordion, voice, tambourine – and exploits the depths of breath, the flights vibrating and the deaf ruptures. One hears the Puglia region in the deep south of Italy, the traditional dances there, but also of the emanations of fado or sounds of Eastern Europe, songs out of age and of time, carried by a grain of voice magnetic and melodies which cherish the heart. Or even tear it.” Vanessa Fara – La Terrasse magazine (France) 

Gauteng Philharmonic Orchestra
25 Nov 15:00 / 27 Nov 19:00 / 
29 Nov 19:00 / 1 Dec 18:00 / 2 Dec 15:00

Jolene McClelland (Mezzo)
Thomas Mohlamme (Bass) 
Studio Chorale 
Betsie Schaap (Organ) 
Eddie Clayton (Conductor)

With a colourful history comprising 23 years, Salon Music prides itself on having entertained thousands of Gauteng classical music lovers with accessible, festive and stylish annual Christmas Concerts. 
The star studded line-up for the 2018 Christmas Concert includes Studio Chorale, our brand new choir, which made a highly acclaimed debut in the opera Norma (Bellini).

The soloists are - Jolene McCleland (mezzo) & Thomas Mohlamme (bass). McCleland, recently charmed audiences with her delightful voice and charismatic stage personality, in the Johann Strauss Gala concerts at Brooklyn Theatre. Mohlamme has now made a substantial name for himself after a brilliant Sarastro in the Magic Flute (Mozart) and Oroveso in Norma (Bellini). 

The GPO is fortunate to have Eddie Clayton back after the hugely succesful Christmas Concert (2016) which he conducted. Artistic Director of the GPO, Willem Vogel, has once again compiled an outstanding programme of well loved music for this festive time of year. 


The Best of Operetta                                          
7 December - 19:00                                    
9 December - 15:00

Marina Botha-Spies (soprano)
Deirdré van Schalkwyk - (soprano)
Tinus Spies - (tenor)
Douwe Bijkersma (baritone)

Brooklyn Theatre Salon Ensemble
Compilation, Direction and Arrangements - Willem Vogel

Are you starving for some charming operetta music? You can always depend on Salon Music to help you out with stylish compilations of the best music from this genre. For 25 years, we have been the only company, consistently presenting Operetta Galas and fully staged operettas in South Africa. 

This time round, the programme will feature a great team of excellent young SA opera singers with much experience in this field. Willem Vogel’s excellent arrangements for the Brooklyn Theatre Salon Ensemble, will form the backbone of the production, providing accompaniment and instrumental delights, to contrast the vocal numbers. 

Highlights from Viennese, French, English and American Operetta will be performed in this production. It opens with the famous “Cancan”, from the Merry Widow (Léhar), after which you will be treated to arias, duets, trios and quartets from The Gypsy Baron and Die Fledermaus (Strauss), “The New Moon” and “Maytime” (Romberg) “The Dancing Years” (Ivor Novello) “I’ll see you again” from Bitter Sweet (Noel Coward), “Paganini” (Léhar), “La vie Parisienne” (Offenbach) and more. 

The four soloists, Marina Botha-Spies (soprano), Deirdré van Schalkwyk (soprano), Tinus Spies (tenor) and Douwe Bijkersma (baritone) have all sung major operetta roles for Salon Music over the years. 
This is high class live entertainment for the whole family.


Vivaldi Four Seasons, performed
World Café Trio.
Monday 31 December 22:00 

World Café Trio is a unique trio consisting of 3 of the top South African musicians. Violin, Accordion & Bass GuitarWhat makes them unique is not so much the instruments that they play but the choice of repertoire, which is usually well-known Classical compositions arranged for this trio.

Vivaldi’s 4 Seasons is probably one of the best loved Classical masterpieces of all time, enjoyed by old and young across the whole spectrum of music lovers. The original score was written for a string orchestra, church organ and violin soloist. These days the organ is replaced mostly by a harpsichord.Because of the size of this instrumentation it is very difficult for people to hear it on their doorstep since an orchestra is costly affair.

This group of four violin concerti was composed in 1723 and published in 1725 in Amsterdam. It is to this day one of Antonio Vivaldi’s most famous works. He wrote poems and set them to music to portray his experiences of each of the four seasons of the year.

This is one of the earliest examples of program music – which in essence, is music with a narrative element. With this rendition of Four Seasons, listeners hear the familiar piece of music in a format not heard before in South Africa. Picture these various violin parts performed with 3 instruments only – a violin, an accordion and a bass guitar.

18 - 27 January 2019

An opera in two acts by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
presented by Salon Music
Conductor - Jaco van Staden

Brooklyn Theatre Salon Ensemble
Stage direction & design - Willem Vogel
Don Giovanni - Lukas Johan
Don Ottavio - Filippo Adami
Donna Anna - Deirdré van Schalkwyk
Donna Elvira - Linelle Wimbles
Leporello - Thabang Senekal
Zerlina - Ailyn Nienaber
Masetto - Christopher Vale
Commendatore - Thomas Mohlamme

Salon Music is proud to present a new production of Don Giovanni. This opera will be part of the Youth Programme on offer at Brooklyn Theatre for 2019.. Since 2013, this programme has included annual productions of The Magic Flute (Mozart) the prescribed work for Matric Music in all government schools.

This is the first year when the prescribed opera for the Independent Schools Association of Southern Africa, will be featured - namely Don Giovanni. This endeavour assures pupils’ experiencing ‘live opera’ on stage. The Salon Music production of Don Giovanni will be fully staged with ndécor, traditional costumes and English subtitles. 

A real scoop for this particular production is the two international singers in the cast. The Italian tenor, Filippo Adami’s brilliant performances in La Traviata and Norma at Brooklyn Theatre, has established his reputation in SA firmly. Thanks to assistance from the Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Filippo returns again from Florence to sing Don Ottavio. A newcomer to Brooklyn Theatre is the Viennese baritone, Lukas Johan. Lukas will now be singing Don Giovanni for the third time in his operatic career. 

Deirdré van Schalkwyk was heard singing a fine Zerlina in the 2017 production of Don Giovanni. She now takes on the daunting role of Donna Anna. Linelle Wimbles sang a formidable Donna Elvira in 2017 and we are delighted that she has consented to return in this role. Thomas Mohlamme takes on the role of the Commendatore, after his outstanding performances in Norma and The Magic Flute at Brooklyn Theatre in 2018. Another two young SA singers will be part of this production of Don Giovanni: Ailyn Nienaber, as Zerlina and Christopher Vale as Masetto. 

Don Giovanni  is an
opera in two acts with music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Italian libretto by Lorenzo Da Ponte. It is based on the legends of Don Juan, a fictional libertine and seducer. It was premiered by the Prague Italian opera at the Teatro di Praga (now called the Estates Theatre) on 29 October 1787. Da Ponte's libretto was billed, like many of its time, as dramma giocoso, a term that denotes a mixing of serious and comic action. Mozart entered the work into his catalogue as an opera buffa. Although sometimes classified as comic, it blends comedy, melodrama and supernatural elements. A staple of the standard operatic repertoire, Don Giovanni is currently tenth on the Operabase list of the most-performed operas worldwide.

18 - 27 January
Valentine’s Concert

Thursday 14 February 19:00

A Valentine’s treat with 80 fingers on 4 grand pianos. A truly classy evening of entertainment for you and that special person in your life. The charm of brilliant piano playing is always welcome on any musical menu! Some Salon Music patrons were fortunate enough to experience the live RSG broadcast of the 2014 Piano Extravaganza in November 2014.

Compliments for this highly successful venture kept streaming in and we had no choice but to consider staging it again.
This spectacular programme can now be seen again on the Brooklyn Theatre stage. The programme was specially designed by Willem Vogel to start with two hands on 1 piano and build gradually to 16 hands on 4 pianos.A quite delectable line-up of popular piano works make for an inspiring experience as 8 fine SA pianists combine their special talents.

The programme for the 2019 Extravaganza contains old favourites as well as brand new repertoire and spectacular arrangements of well liked works by the old masters and new one’s alike. Your ticket includes a glass of champagne. 

2 extra grand pianos are proudly sponsored by WS Pianos. Piano Repairs, Tuning, Transport, Valuations. Werner Stolze Pianos. The Piano Whisperer. 082-780-5632Email:

Ticket sales:Thursday 14 February 19:00
Block A (Adult) - R310        Block B (Adult) - R260
Block A (Senior) - R260        Block B (Senior)- R210
Block C - R180

Saturday 16 February 18:00
Sunday 17 February 15:00

The charm of brilliant piano playing is always welcome on any musical menu! Some Salon Music patrons were fortunate enough to experience the live RSG broadcast of the 2014 Piano Extravaganza in November 2014. Compliments for this highly successful venture kept streaming in and we had no choice but to consider staging it again.

This spectacular programme can now be seen again on the Brooklyn Theatre stage. The programme was specially designed by Willem Vogel to start with two hands on 1 piano and build gradually to 16 hands on 4 pianos.A quite delectable line-up of popular piano works make for an inspiring experience as 8 fine SA pianists combine their special talents.

The programme for the 2019 Extravaganza contains old favourites as well as brand new repertoire and spectacular arrangements of well liked works by the old masters and new one’s alike. 

2 extra grand pianos are proudly sponsored by WS Pianos. Piano Repairs, Tuning, Transport, Valuations. Werner Stolze Pianos. The Piano Whisperer. 082-780-5632Email:

Ticket sales:
Sat. 16 February 18:00; Sun. 17 February 15:00
Block A (Adult) - R260        Block B (Adult) - R210
Block A (Senior) - R210      Block B (Senior)- R160
Block C - R180

Tuesday, 26 February 19:00
In this talk Prof Nola Dippenaar will give insight and understanding about the crucial role played by the gastro-intestinal tract (GIT) in our health – in effect the “petrol tank” of the body. An integral part of its functioning is the presence of 2 kg of bacteria, also known as the microbiome. Most pathologies (medical conditions) arise from disturbances in gut function. 
Surrounding the gut we find the large enteric nervous system, known as the “second” brain. There is a tremendous flow of communication, continuously, between our second brain and our first brain situated in the skull. 
The saying "You are what you eat" will get a whole new meaning during this talk.
Discussions in 2019:
26 Feb. 19:00 Understanding the human gut, the microbiome and our second brain
09 Apr. 19:00 Know your numbers
14 May 19:00 The latest insights into Cholesterol
23 Jul. 19:00 Cancer risk reduction
08 Oct. 19:00 Healthy ways to lose weight, reduce waist circumference and keep it off
05 Nov. 19:00 Brain health

Karnaval van die Diere
Gauteng Filharmoniese Orkes

Dinsdag 12 Maart 09:00 (Uitverkoop) - Afrikaans
Dinsdag 12 Maart 12:00 (Uitverkoop) - Afrikaans
Wednesday 13 March 09:00 (English)
Woensdag 13 Maart 12:00 (Afrikaans)

Saint-Saëns se musikaal komiese uitbeelding van die diereryk is ’n werk vir twee klaviere en orkes, geskryf in 1886. In hierdie bekende suite gebruik die komponis briljante instrumentale effekte om die musikale prentjies te skets. Philip de Vos se treffende versies vir hierdie werk, word deur die RSG Radiopersoonlikheid, Christelle Webb-Joubert, voorgelees.Om die program aan te vul, is van die wêreld se grootste klassieke musiek treffers gekies om leerders opgewonde te maak. Om hierdie treffende en tydlose musiek van die meesters in lewende lywe te ervaar, beloof om vir enige kind ’n besonderse ervaring te wees.Program van 60 minute:Karnaval van die Diere – Saint-Saens.

Simfonie no. 40 – 1ste deel – Mozart
Eine kleine Nachtmusik – 1ste deel – Mozart
On the track – Xilofoon & Orkes – Graham Proctor
Prince of Denmark’s March – Jeremiah Clarke
Prelude – Holberg Suite – Grieg
Pizzicato Polka – Johann Strauss
Morning Mood – Peer Gynt Suite – Grieg
Hornpipe – from the Water Music – Handel

Studio Chorale
Community Choir of Brooklyn Theatre
Project line-up: 
Nov             Gauteng Philharmonic Christmas Concert
Jan               Don Giovanni (Mozart) 
Jean-Pierre Verster
# Voluntary basis
# Rehearsal every Tuesday 18:30 - 21:00 
# Opera & Concert Schedules will be provided 

 Arts & Crafts @ Greenlyn Village

We want to be part of the growth of this market in order to establish a high-quality arts and crafts market to attract top products.

This we believe will be instrumental in attracting more clients to our markets. Quality art and craft products (preferably handmade) are needed to reach this goal.

Order, discipline and well-presented stalls is of utmost importance. In consultation with Centre Management and Salon Productions we have decided to update the current rules according to the image we want this market to portray in future.

A goal of this market is to create an opportunity for community upliftment in various formats. Upcoming artists get an opportunity to market their products. Projects where new crafts are taught to previous disadvantaged people will be assisted in getting space to exhibit their products in an environment that will be to their advantage.

Embassy’s with outreach programs will be contacted and given space in our market as part of their outreach program.   

Yours sincerely
Kobie & Alex Grobler


Our winning stall of the week is: 

JEN-TIL TOUCH: Sister Jenny's JEN-TIL Creams

Sister Jenny, the owner of the stall says that she was mixing creams for family use since the age of 3 years!! She started her business in 2000. This unique range of Natural Healing and Beauty creams, repairs and regenerates skin tissue, scars, wounds, burns etc. 

She won the Margaret Hirsch Business Women of the year in Gauteng award last week. Sister Jenny and her creams have become a household name in South Africa and internationally. Congratulations! We are proud that you chose Greenlyn Market to sell your creams that are influencing the lives of people all over the world!

Visit Tshwane - Pretoria and greater Tshwane city and surroundsTshwane Social Events City of Tshwane | Official (Page) Tshwane Arts Hub Tshwane University of Technology Fedhealth Medical Aid

The Arts and Crafts Market at Greenlyn – the Rainbow Country at its best!
Written by Prof. Piet Meiring

If you want to know a country and meet its people as they really are, go and find a street market in London, Amsterdam, Berlin or New York.  You will see it all, right before your eyes! It happens in South Africa as well.  Do you want to experience the Rainbow Country and its people, at their most festive and charming, make your way to the Arts and Crafts Market at Greenlyn, in Pretoria.

Entering the gates on a typical Saturday morning, you find yourself walking into a food market with stalls catering to every conceivable taste and thirst. The real treat, however, is wandering through the arts and crafts market, together with thousands of visitors, local as well as from overseas, discovering the beauty and the colours of South Africa.  Walking up and down the lanes – Pepper Lane, Willow Lane, Acacia Lane or Garden Route Lane – you may browse at more than seventy stalls. And the kids? Mom and Dad may drop them of at Piccolo Lane with its many games and famous water fountain - guaranteed to keep them out of trouble. 

A wide variety of crafts from all over South Africa as well as from other African countries is on offer. While admiring the multi-coloured paintings and elegant sculptures, you may be able to talk to the artists themselves, who will gladly discuss their works with you. For the ladies and the girls there are gold jewellery to admire, together with colourful beadwork, copper bracelets, beautifully painted cloth, as well as hand crafted porcelain. And for the men and the boys there is a variety of home-made wooden guns and slings, leather work and exquisite, soft, Nguni-skin carpets. And, if you have to send a letter to your mother in law, paper made from elephant dung may come in handy! For the health-conscious, a number of stalls are devoted to herbs and medicines and creams, for every taste and every ill.

The heart of the market is the Brooklyn Theatre, where local as well as international artists regularly perform. The theatre and its productions are lauded by many as an important contributor the weekly South African musical calendar. Often on a Saturday morning visitors to the market are invited to a Limelight Concert, where budding artists and youth choirs demonstrate their skills during 20-40 minute programmes. The iSalon Music Shop, part of the theatre complex, boasts the largest selection of classical, popular-classical as well as Jazz CDs and DVDs. And if you are searching for sheet music or for instruments, from a simple recorder to a grand piano, this is the address you want.

The Arts and Crafts Market at Greenlyn is at the corner of Edison Street and Mc Kenzie Street in Brooklyn, in easy access from the main traffic arteries in Pretoria. The market is wheel chair-friendly and dogs (on leash) are welcome. Market hours are Saturdays from 08:00 till 14:00. Once every quarter an evening market is held as well.

For more information, please contact us by phone 083 788 4124 or by e-mail

Café Artiste

The new meeting place in the Brooklyn Theatre foyer.
A chic French atmosphere with excellent service, where artists and patrons mingle.

With our experience and vast knowledge of functions we have the capacity to run VIP functions and provide event bar services for any number of guests at any venue. It is all done with flair, professionalism and service excellence. 

Should you require any further information or assistance please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

Bookings can be made by contacting
Toll free 0861 777807


Music Academy for children - 6 months to 6 years
 under tutelage of Magdaleen Lamey.



Mondays to Fridays: 09:00 - 17:00
Saturdays: 09:00 - 14:00
Sundays: 10:00 - 18:00 - (when a performance is taking place in the theatre)


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