Digital Storyteller Kimberly Knight leads our webinar on November 17 ... and read on for how the discussions at last month's Open Forum may shape the webinars we bring you next Spring.
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Strategies for Digital Storytellers

with Kimberly Knight
Tuesday Nov. 17 2pm ET


Social media is not about technology, it is about people. As church leaders, our digital efforts should be invested in connecting with community not marketing church. Writing for the web is not like writing a sermon, not like writing a research paper and most certainly not like writing a report for a church council. If everything we write, post or tweet echoes with our own voices, it can help build and strengthen relationships with the many different people who make up our communities.

In this session Kimberly Knight will explore authentic and engaging writing styles for blog posts, email newsletters and social media posts. She will also share digital strategies that have been the guiding light for her digital footprint.

Kimberly Knight is the Director of Digital Strategy at Agnes Scott College, the Minister of Digital Communities for Extravagance UCC and a popular blogger with Knight’s article “Sacred Space in Cyber Space” which first appeared in Reflections, a journal of Yale Divinity School, was quoted extensively in Church in The Inventive Age by Doug Pagitt. A graduate of Candler School of Theology, Knight is a social media coach, marketing consultant, online organizer and technology specialist with a passion and deep commitment to online ministry.

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Open Forum Discussions on October 20, 2015

Thank you to all who joined us for the October 20 ALLLM Open Forum. It was an opportunity to talk about ways in which Lifelong Learning Programming is changing, and to do some initial brainstorming about how the ALLLM webinar series could be helpful to our work.

Highlights from the conversation:

We observed that continuing education programming is more frequently sponsored by judicatories these days, in ways that didn’t happen a generation ago.
  • Pros – focus on practical needs for church leaders; responsive to denominational priorities
  • Concerns – how do educational institutions connect? Does this make lifelong learning too parochial?
  • Query – what’s the difference between “education” and “training?” What’s our role as educators in developing and offering these kinds of opportunities? How can ALLLM support the work of judicatory educators?
We pondered the current and developing needs of church leaders, and how the programming our ALLLM members can support emerging concerns
  • Recent seminary graduates continue to find that they weren’t “trained” for all the issues they face in the pastorate, and ALLLM members need to continue to offer programs that help fill the gap.
  • Clergy and church leaders today look for programs that have an obvious practical application to the issues they face. We need to offer programs to help “expand their tool box” of skills.
How could ALLLM, and specifically future ALLLM webinars, be helpful to providers of Life Long Learning programs?
  • We wondered whether the webinar series might evolve into an opportunity to expose ALLLM members to potential teachers in their programs. We could offer webinars that would offer “A Taste” of someone’s work – so that we could all experience both the content and the presentation style of teachers we might consider hiring to lead workshops or teach classes within our programs. The advantage for ALLLM members – that we’d see teachers in action before we invite them to lead a workshop in our own institution. The advantage for speakers on the “lecture circuit” – they’d have a chance to connect with several of us at the same time.

The ALLLM Leadership Team would welcome feedback on this idea right away! We currently need to plan webinars for March and beyond, and would love to know
  • would you sign up for webinars like this?
  • what topics would pique your interest?
  • what leaders would you like to hear from?
  • what leaders have you seen who deserve a wider audience?
Send your responses to these questions to newsletter editor Stephen Fetter. Click HERE


The next ALLLM Open Forum will be in February 2016. Stay tuned!

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