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April Newsletter

  • LICC Women's crafts for sale
  • Trauma Healing Workshop
  • ARC Chicken Feed Business
  • Nursery Project
  • Extra Prayers for May- it's going to be busy!
  • Prayers/Praises
Please prayerfully consider supporting the team at Hope in the Harvest. Your ongoing support of our missionaries and projects is necessary and will enable us to keep doing and sharing projects like the ones you read about below.

Women's Institute Selling Adorable Handmade Crafts! Pre-Order Yours Today!

What are we about? Watch our video and see!

The LICC Women's Resource Center is moving forward. We have a new line of handmade products. A website is our next big undertaking. Here is a short promotional video so you get a better idea of what we do. Thank you to Eleanor Kiamo who started this group and the United Liberian Inland Church Associates and Friends who provided the sewing machines. Here is the link to our order form or you can donate thru this website and indicate that your donation is for the Women's Resource Center in the comment area. Checks can also be mailed to Hope in the Harvest and indicate "Women's Resource Center" on the memo line . Please keeps us in your prayers. -Holly
You can contact: with any additional questions.

Trauma Healing Workshop

This past month we hosted a week of Trauma Healing training with our ARC staff under the leadership of our dear friend Frances Swaray. This has long been something that we've wanted to do with our staff as many of them, like most Liberians we know, have experienced deep levels of trauma and pain as a result of the war, Ebola crisis, poverty, and sometimes even the church and the culture in general. During the Trauma Healing workshop we studied topics such as:

-If God loves us, why do we suffer?
-How can the wounds of our hearts be healed?
-What happens when someone is grieving and why is it important?
-What does it mean to take our pain to the cross?
-How can we truly forgive others and how does that in turn free us?

Often times in this culture there is not a big emphasis placed on emotions and dealing with these emotions in a healthy way. Most times, these traumas and emotions are buried deep down for years and years. Additionally, there is a lot of false teaching as it relates to the prosperity gospel, making many people to truly believe that bad things only happen to people who disobey God and therefore there is a lot of shame and confusion surrounding trauma. During the workshop we were able to work through some of those misconceptions with an abundance of biblical truths found in the scriptures and our leader Frances was even able to provide us with some strategies and practices to help us process these emotions and thoughts in the future.

We thank God for the teaching and we pray that he would help us and our staff to remember the love that He has for us His children, especially when we are brokenhearted (Psalm 34:18). We pray this message is something that is spread into their churches and in and around Ganta, we pray for healing, forgiveness, freedom, understanding, and rich relationships among families, churches, communities, and most of all with our God <3

ARC Chicken Feed

ARC Feed Production
By Nathan Glenn
Normally the question goes “what came first the chicken or the egg”? In Liberia there’s an answer to this question that’s growing in popularity amongst agriculturalists…but it may not be what you think. The answer is that the feed comes first. The Agriculture Research Center (ARC)  at the Liberia International Christian College (LICC) has embarked on a quest to breakdown the political and economical barriers to sustainable egg production. Of course, this will be a challenging mountain to climb.  The poultry production value chain--actually any livestock production value chain for that matter--is broken because quality feed sources are too expensive. In a tropical climate where crops can be grown year-round, that just shouldn’t be the case. However, poor local production of quality feed sources drives cost up, and importation of low cost eggs from India and the Ukraine drives prices and revenues down. It’s a sustainable cycle of dependency on imported product. It’s a forceful status quo.
However, on the other side of this mountain of challenges there are profits and security for Liberia. There are jobs that, if managed properly won’t go away; there is financial stability for the small 100-chicken farmer as well as the large 10,000-chicken farmer; there are eggs that put money in the people's pocket all the while putting protein in the small children's belly. In the midst of overwhelming odds sometimes it’s easy to say “it’s impossible” or “someone else can do it”. At the ARC, the promises that God has made to us are always worth our sacrifice, even if the odds are overwhelming and the mountain of challenges rough. That’s the drive behind the poultry feed business project.

This month, the ARC’s layer feed production team--Christian Guah, Emmanuel Dolo, and Joshua Wikadeh--set out to reach the goal of producing 3000 kg of poultry feed. The ARC’s chickens consume 1,500 kg, but the rest is for sale. Already our Lutheran Mission brothers have bought 1,000 kg from us in March and 1,000 kg more from us this month. They are one of the organizations climbing this mountain with us. They have about 210 layers currently laying around 190 eggs each day, an incredible production rate for Liberia. Some of their eggs are used in their school’s lunch program, and the others are sold. However, feed prices are too high for them to breakeven. The ARC’s layer feed production team is determined to help change that. We are working hard to improve businesses production efficiency, supplier relations, and marketing. As we work, we don’t know what kind of rough mountainous terrain this business will take us through, but we do know that we’re stepping into this challenge knowing God’s promise to equip us to do His Will.


Nursery Project

In our research and development at the ARC, palm oil has been identified as a profitable crop in Liberia for both local use and for export.   It is produced from the fruit of the palm nut tree.  We have started nearly 1,300 hybrid seedlings in a nursery.  If all goes well, we plan to increase this project on a regular basis.  The cost to produce is $1.25 each.  The market value is $2.50 - $5.00.

62 trees are planted on one acre of land and in three years, can produce $1,000.00 of oil.  By 5 years, it can be $1,500.00.  You can support this nursery project by donating to Hope in the Harvest Missions International.

Production- Not Importation!

Dry season (November to March) is also considered to be the best time for profitable business in Liberia.  Never the less, dry season is over and the Liberian currency is losing value rapidly.  It has lost 7.5% of its value compared to the US dollar in just one month.  A “Pro Poor” agenda continues to be implemented that features low cost imported food.  We can buy a whole frozen chicken for $1.95 and a 110 lb bag of sugar for $0.25 a pound.  A 50 lb bag of rice for under $13, is Liberia's food of choice.  Without producing something in Liberia, no deal is a good deal.  For Liberia, land is plenty and laborers are not few.  The challenge is getting the people, and especially, the Christians of Liberia, to become people of the soil, and no longer beggars.


As we continue to teach Farming God's Way, we have this discussion at every workshop.  There has never been any major disagreement on the agricultural solution to Liberia's physical well-being. Young, old, and everyone in between can be involved.   No one it too poor to contribute their effort, grow their own food and even profit from agriculture.  Even more, eyes are opened to see how God designed agriculture and uses it as a parable to teach his Word and the spiritual truths about God's power, sin, salvation, evangelism, fruitful and God pleasing living and the final judgment.  It brings hope to the poor and eternal life to the poor in spirit.

Extra Prayers for May, It's about to get busy!

  • Michael and Konah, two of our ARC staff leaders, are heading to South Africa for Farming God's Way Vegetable Training for 2 weeks...we and our other staff will need to help pick up the slack while they are gone and coordinate their travel
  • Bill and Holly's son-in-law is coming to visit as well as provide some electrical services to the ARC in areas where we need help
  • UILC Men's Conference- end of May
  • LICC Student Elections- beginning of May
  • ULICAF representative Rich Johnston visiting- end of May
  • Sebald family leaving to go home for the summer break- need to wrap up lose ends before heading out
  • Getting ready for visitors coming in June from: University of Maryland, a local Liberian University, Sagamore Institute, Peace Corps, and a HITH intern
This month we had 37 visitors to the ARC. 28 adults, 9 children
  • Prayers for the LICC Women's Group as it continues to grow and praise for all the work is already doing through Holly, Biawoe, and Nelly, our LICC Women's Group Leaders!
  • Praise for our Trauma Healing Workshop and prayers for continued growth among our community in this area
  • Praise for the poultry feed business and prayers that it can continue to grow and provide opportunities for livestock farmers in Liberia
  • Prayers for May, it's going to be a busy month!
  • Prayers for LICC, as they have not been able to pay teachers or ARC workers since Dec 2018. We are now going on 4 full months without pay and it is an incredible burden on our staff, let alone our university president. The school is doing what they can to provide, but this same situation is happening ALL OVER THE COUNTRY as the economic situation continues to deteriorate and we, like many other higher ed intuitions, rely on government subsidies in order to provide reasonably priced education to the students.
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