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May Newsletter

  • Prayers for Unification
  • Electrical Blessings
  • Wisdom Wednesdays
  • Back to School- FGW Vegetable Training
  • Turning the Hearts of the Fathers to their Children
  • Sebalds Headed Home for Furlough
  • Prayers/Praises
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Liberia Unification Day 2019
Reflections by Pastor Bill Sebald
This past month Liberia celebrated "National Unification Day," a holiday that began in 1960 in an effort to unite the indigenous tribal groups of Liberia and the settlers (freed slaves from America, also known as the Congo). The right to vote was granted and segregation ended in 1944, but the holiday is a reminder of the ongoing need to unite as a nation.
This year, the need is as great as ever as tensions are again rising. The economy is failing and inflation is rising. Party lines, tribal lines, and economic inequality lines are in danger of being drawn and conflict breaking out. Protests are planned for June 7th and onward.
What good can come out of such protests? What is the risk? It can quickly escalate into physical conflict, rioting, violence, murder, and war. One of the great prophecies of the gospel of Jesus and the kingdom of God is in Isaiah 2. Verse 4 prophecies: “He will judge between the nations and settle disputes for many peoples. They will beat their swords into plowshares and spears into pruning hooks.” May God transform Liberia from a land of conflict and war into a land flowing with milk and honey. Let the peace of Christ rule our hearts by faith and let the agro-revolution begin!

Electrical Blessings

By Holly Sebald

If you've ever wondered what God meant when He said, “For we are God's handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” Ephesians 2:10,   here is one example.  Electricity in Ganta comes from Ivory Coast via a local power company or often, a 5,500 watt diesel generator when the power is down.  When initially built, wiring at the ARC was incorrect and inadequate and with larger chocolate making equipment expected in a few months we knew we needed some updates.

Brandon Skiles, Bill and Holly's son-in-law, was eager to come on his first trip to Liberia.  He was concerned that we would not have enough for him to do.  After day one, he saw the need and started talking about his second trip!  Soon after his arrival our electric meter melted for the second time.  He's worked at Skiles Electric in Frankfort, Indiana for years and has just finished his junior year at Purdue in Electrical Engineering.  He has solved a number of problems.  We can even turn on the bathroom light barefoot, without receiving a 220 v jolt haha...

 Our generator can supply twice the power it did before because of the upgrades.  Thanks to his hard work and knowledge, we now have 100 amp 3 phase power coming into the Agricultural Research Center! New wire, new meter, new conduit, and a new panel in the generator house and the first floor have all been added to complete the upgrade.

All we can say is "thank you, Brandon!"  All of this work was needed and completed without even putting much planning into it, but God knew our needs the entire time. Thank you Jesus for blessing us so richly

Your generous gift to HITHMI can help complete the wiring and outlets needed in the ARC for the anticipated chocolate making equipment.  This project is an important step in development for Liberia and a tremendous demonstration of value added agriculture.

Wisdom Wednesdays

Colossians 2:2-3: “My goal is that they may be encouraged in heart and united in love, so that they may have the full riches of complete understanding, in order that they may know the mystery of God, namely Christ, in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.”


Wednesdays at the Agriculture Research Center (ARC) are affectionately called Wisdom Wednesdays for the professional development sessions that are done with the staff in the last hour of the day. Topics this year have ranged from productivity and efficiency, to business math and Farming God’s Way for the staff’s home gardens. This month Bill has been leading the staff in activities that will help them to become better marketers and salesmen. Each of our technicians can and should be extensions of the ARC, its message, and its products. Pictured is Meshach and Christian acting in a skit in which Christian is practicing selling ARC poultry feed to Meshach, the customer. Whether its spiritual wisdom or physical wisdom, Wednesdays at the ARC unite us in love so that we may find our treasure in Jesus.

Back to School- FGW Vegetable Training

 Konah Drobay is the Liberian director of the ARC and Michael Dahn is the cheif field technician.  They have both been trained in Farming God's Way and both have taught portions of FGW workshops.  Konah teaches biblical and management keys and Michael demonstrates the practical and how to lay out and plant a well-watered garden.  They were both sponsored by friends of Hope in the Harvest to receive intensive management training in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, by Grant Dreyden himself, together with his local team of instructors.


They returned invigorated, energized and eager to put into practice what they learned and saw.  Maybe the greatest change in both of them that took place was the conversion of their stomachs.  They now crave certain vegetables that most children avoid.  Besides being determined to grow broccoli, they have a greater commitment to following God's ways and proven management keys to transform Liberia from a destitute land of beggars into a garden of Eden of givers.  Farming God's Way training is truly discipleship that requires relationships and a number of years to see the desired results, but absolutely worth the time and effort.  When you support Hope in the Harvest Missions International, you support the efforts to spread this training across Liberia.

Turning the Hearts of the Fathers to their Children

"Turning the Hearts of the Fathers to Their Children"---this was the theme is this year's men's conference for the United Liberia Inland Church (ULIC), based on Malachi 6:4.  If you observed, you saw not just one, but many grown men cry, as God was breaking and changing hearts.  Older men purposed to invite their sons and younger men to attend a conference normally dominated by the over 50 generation.  Liberia's young men are often disconnected from their fathers and are at risk of being lost to the culture and preferring wild living to godliness.


Speakers helped men by instructing them to train sons and daughters to know and love Jesus, to worship and pray, to develop life skills, to love and serve others, to avoid temptation, and to lead the future families.  Practical time involved healthy competitions, preparing breakfasts together, and a service project filling nursery bags with soil.  Upon touring the demonstration farm, a number of men also purposed to lead their families in agricultural development.  

Sebalds on Furlough

The Sebalds are headed back to the US for a couple of months of rest, fundraising, working, and connecting back with family and friends. Please pray for their safe travels and a fruitful summer of ministry back in the states!
This month we had 347 visitors to the ARC. 275 adults, 72 children
  • Prayers for unity and peace in Liberia as the upcoming protests proceed. We are on our knees praying for God to bring about change in Liberia that will lead to positive growth in the future.
  • Praise God for all the electrical work done at the ARC these past few weeks, it has truly made such a visible difference and change in the day-to-day life! 
  • Praise God for our staff's continued desire to learn and pray that God would allow these teaching to penetrate their hearts and minds so we can progress in our businesses here at the ARC to provide sustainable income for our work and staff.
  • Praise God for our donors who allowed Michael and Konah to travel to South Africa for extra trainings, we pray especially that lessons on management really be taken to heart and put into practice here at the ARC so that the Liberian ownership and leadership will continue to grow.
  • Pray for the men who attended the Men's Conference this past month as they go back to their families and children. 
  • Prayers for LICC, as they have not been able to pay teachers or ARC workers since Dec 2018. We are now going on FIVE (5) full months without pay and it is an incredible burden on our staff, let alone our university president. The school is doing what they can to provide, but this same situation is happening ALL OVER THE COUNTRY as the economic situation continues to deteriorate and we, like many other higher ed intuitions, rely on government subsidies in order to provide reasonably priced education to the students.
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